Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#4

Hots Logs MMR wipe, Tychus cigar drama and more! Fourth edition of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      Hots Logs won’t wipe MMR!

Explanation has been posted on Reddit by Ben Barret(HL creator) on the topic of the MMR data wipe.
Ben says that after long consideration he decided not to wipe MMR.
Instead the replay parsing speed was increased, in addition to this all the replays that are more than 2 month old from the last HL update won’t be calculated.
If you haven’t tried this awesome statistic tool yet, now is the perfect time.
You can download Hots Logs replay uploader as well as get more info on the topic by the links below.
HL replay uploader – https://www.hotslogs.com/Account/Upload 
Source –

      Leave Britney Tychus alone!

Reddit drama revolved around Tychus cigar disappearance with the recent Hots update.
Users where unsatisfied with the change to his in game 3d portrait and demanded the return of cigar.
Developers stated that the issue is more complicated that it seems at first glance. Problem lies in Heroes being a multi-region game. Different regions have different ratings and restrictions. So developers had few options how to proceed with the issue and in the end they decided to solve it in a more efficient way in terms of resource management and just remove the cigar.
You can embrace the soap drama in more detailed way by the link bellow.

      Blog of the Storm created funny quiz!

Are you a specialist ? Maybe you are pushing the lane in your dreams ?
Behold the ultimate quiz that will make you understand whom are you destined to be!

      You require more minerals MOAR, MOAR Stimpacks!

Recently developers introduced nice update to Starter Bundle – everyone who buys SB receives a free 7-Day Stimpack!
As the change is retroactive today it was announced that players that bought SB before update was active will start receiving Stimpacks on May 26.
Source – http://www.heroesnexus.com/blue-tracker/topic/13634-starter-bundle-retroactive-stimpacks

      Where to watch Heroes of the Storm launch event?

Blizzard just posted info about launch event gatherings!
If you can’t be at the event in person you can attend those gatherings or watch the official live stream.
More info about the event –



Source – http://eu.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/19332819/gather-for-the-heroes-launch-event-22-05-2015

      Third part of World’s first butterfly has been posted by Blizzard!

In this part Vaeflare will cover the final steps needed to complete the sculpture creation.
If you are not familiar with a whole story or want to refresh it feel free to read previous chapters linked below.
Part 1 – http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/14665105/
Part 2 – http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/15371654/
Source –

      E-Sports weekend just started!

Today is the day of Zotac Cup and Enter the Storm Qualifiers.
If you are not familiar with these two events than you should know that they both attract semi-professional and professional teams to compete for prizes.
Zotac cup offers cash prize and points while ETS Qualifier allows to participate in largest to date EU tournament with 5000$ prize pool and opportunity to compete with best EU teams.
Zotac Cup starts at 15:00 CET.
Enter the Storm Qualifier starts at 16:00 CET.
For more info use links provided below.
Zotac Cup – http://heroes.zotac-cup.com/
Enter The Storm – http://heroes.gosucup.com/

      Daily Quest#19 by SolidJakeGG

Daily Quest is a series of hero video guides made by @SolidJakeGG.
In this episode author will guide you through the process of playing Kael’thas.
Video starts with the description of Sun King’s lore followed up by talents and abilities overview.
Then Jake proceeds with Try Me mode demonstration of abilities and talents as well as torturing Arthas.
After satisfaction with death of the Lick King author will explain you variety of talent choices on different tiers, shown in talent calculator.
And lastly gameplay footage with commentary and gorgeous Kael skin is shown.

      Anub’arak “beetle” build gameplay by HeroesForecast

This gameplay footage will show you how to win a Hero League match on Garden of Terror with a triple specialist composition versus a popular meta-composition of two tanks .


      Heroes Academy presents its first episode! 

This quick video guide by @Squadron is done with very engaging, funny and amazing approach.
How Team Experience works ? Who gives more XP ? How to efficiently gather experience ?
In 2 minutes time this video will grant you all the knowledge you need to answer those questions.

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