Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#7

Release wipe, E-Sports Thursday and more in seventh episode of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      Hotfix Patch came out on EU servers!

      Hotfix Patch Notes


Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the Heroes client.
Resolved an issue which could cause machines using Intel HD 4600 graphics cards to experience framerate drops.

      Heroes and Talents


Fixed an issue that could cause Rehgar players to permanently lose control of their Hero after coming under the effects of Anub’arak’s Web Blast.


Sonya’s Whirlwind will no longer occasionally consume double the required Fury when spamming its Ability hotkey.


Kael’thas’ Chain Bomband IgniteTalents will no longer apply Living Bomb to enemies that are already affected by another Living Bomb. The tooltips for these Talents will be clarified in a future patch.

      User Interface

Fixed an issue that could cause the Heroes client to crash.
Fixed an issue that could allow the Allied Chat toggle message at the beginning of each game to remain clickable even after the text had faded off of the screen.
The font color for whisper messages has been changed back to fuchsia.
Fixed an issue that could cause text with diacritics to appear misaligned.

Changes to Kael’thas might seem like a big nerf to the damage, but that’s not true. Let’s take a precise look.
Before the hotfix there was a bug that revolved around picking level 13 talent named “Chain Bomb” and level 16 talent named “Ignite”. CB talent applies new instance of “W”(Living Bomb) upon the explosion to enemies that are surrounding target of the initial “W” cast. Ignite talent applies “W” to all enemy targets that were hit by “Q”(Flamestrike). Bug occurred only if both talents were picked. What it did is it indefinitely reapplied “W” and triggered explosions to enemy heroes, if they were in range and spells were casted in specific order. The order is, you have some number of enemy heroes standing nearby, you burn one of them with “W” and then use “Q” on them and BAM! In few seconds they are all dead due to “W” indefinitely reapplying itself on them and damaging them with over time damage as well as explosion damage. So you deal tons of damage due to this bug and of course it’s not intended and is the reason why we saw a lot of clips on YouTube showing Kael one-shooting whole enemy team even after being dead.
What happens now is this bug occurs no more and if you use sequence mentioned above there will be no more indefinite applications of dots and explosions from “W”.
More in-depth discussion of Kael changes can be found in Reddit thread regarding the Hotfix –


      Hero League Preseason results won’t be wiped with Heroes of the Storm
      release on the 2nd  of June!

Recently Dustin Browder(Hots game director) confirmed in his twitter that there will be no reset for HL.
From that day people in twitter are wondering whether HL means Hero Levels or Hero League.
In my opinion developers won’t wipe any progress that players achieved through testing phase.
My point of view is – they are probably not going to introduce season 1 of Hero League right after the launch of the game. There will be tremendous amount of new players and it will take some time for them to get accustomed to the game. Meantime you have players that started playing at some point of testing phase and if you wipe season on release what you’ll achieve will be minor portion of player base grinding their wiped achievements back, while the other portion of player base are playing Quick Matches and grinding all the needed requirements to play HL. So in my opinion it’s pointless for them to introduce new season right after launch or wipe testing phase achievement it will be like releasing large portion of the upcoming content prematurely with huge amount of your player base unable to play it.

      E-Sports Thursday!

Today is last play day of ESL Major League season 2. What that means is after today’s matches are played the Season phase will end and Playoff phase will start. And here some rivalry begins! As of now M-League has such Rankings :





Score .



Team Kinguin





















Team ASH





















SK Gaming







Team Acer HotS






As you can see there are four teams that have to play theirs last match today (time is CEST) :

Today, 28/05/15 19:00h 


SK Gaming



Today, 28/05/15 21:00h 

Team Kinguin




And it turns out that for all of them last play day is important.
If Fnatic wins over SK Gaming then they will have same amount of points as Team ASH has. Only four teams proceed to Playoff phase and for Fnatic it means that they might have a chance to play in the Playoffs if they manage to win over SK and then win tiebreaker match versus ASH.
Team Kinguin on the other hand don’t want to give up the first place in Rankings and the ability to choose opponents for Playoff stage.

      Master mounts upon reaching level 20!

Reddit user named Xinchy came up with a superb idea of awarding players with ability to buy Master mount upon reaching level 20 with a specific Hero, like they already awarded with ability to buy Master skin upon hitting level 10.
Xinchy also illustrated his idea with some examples of mounts for different heroes.
I think this is brilliant idea and it will be great if Blizzard will implement it somewhere is the soonTM future.
For more details, examples and discussion head on to the original post –

      Meta game tips by Solid_Hots

Recently nice and quick article regarding general meta game was posted on Reddit.
It has general description on what to do and how to play from early to late game. Author also describes map specifics and objectives. This quick guide is definitely the stuff to check out. Despite being general and not hero specific, it will provide a lot of insights from great Hots player.

      Kael’thas guide! Again!

Wow! Everyone is doing guides about the Sun King! I should probably make one as well. But let’s stick to the topic. This short guide will provide enough info to understand the hero and the way you can play him. Build described in this article differs from the commonly used “Ignite” build and definitely has potential. While the damage output won’t be so burst oriented you will excel in long fights. Also build offers much more survivability compared to other builds. The generally different approach compared to well know builds can catch opponents unprepared as well make gameplay less stressful due to increased survivability.
If you want to be introduced to hero in general or are looking for potential information that can diversify your skill with Kael this guide is for you.

      Basic guide to team fighting

Man! Reddit is on fire! So much useful discussions, suggestions and content! This guide is no exception! Article will focus on team fighting part of Hots gameplay. It will describe tips and overall idea of how to position yourself and what to do in different situations and for different roles. Guide is nice addition to the knowledgebase for new players and for players looking to increase their game understanding or skill.

      “Hottest Top 5 Plays of the Week” #31

HeroesForecast is back with another Hot(S) episode!
In this awesome edition of “Top 5 Plays” we get to know why Kerrigan and Malfurion are friends with Abathur, how to wombo-combo on Cursed Hollow, why Kael’thas was hotfixed recently and lastly why you pick Wintermule over Bolt of the Storm on level 20.

      The Lost Vikings gameplay by @DFxVader

Gameplay footage will show you how to win match with this micro intensive Hero on Cursed Hollow.
Author will go slightly different build variation and will show both ways of laning – with 3 Vikings being on one lane and 3 Vikings being split for 3 lane soaking. Good video to watch if you want to discover Vikings and see good example of their gameplay.

      Na’Vi vs. ATN Fancy – Grand Final of ESL GO4Heroes

This video brings fascinating bo3 series of GO4Heroes cup finals. Two great professional teams are clashing for grand final prize and ranking points. Look at them mind gaming and wombo-comboing each other on Dragon Shire, Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider Queen. Match is casted by @Khaldor, as always in very engaging, hyping and energizing manner – you won’t miss the action!

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