Heroes of the Storm – Hot(S) NEWS#6

Beach Babes, Forest Frolics and more in sixth edition of Hot(S) NEWS highlights!

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      New weekly sale is announced!

And what bugs me in this sale is Anub’arak skin. Skin is of epic quality and alters the appearance of his Q(Impale) and trait(Scarab Host). The name of the skin is Love Bug Anub’arak and he has three lovely tints. Originally skin was themed for February 14th and was released in February patch. Patch had a video featuring Anub and Zagara making love crushing enemies together with Crypt Lord being “love bugged”.
Next skin features Nova as hit girl Roller Derby Nova. “Kate “Supernova” Dennings doesn’t take any crap from her rivals on the track. Why should the Nexus be any different?” – is a description of this epic quality skin that offers altered voice-over and changed movement animation. However, the ability animations and texture remain the same as they are in the origin skin.

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      New free hero rotation!

This week hero rotation features –
Arthas (The Lich King) – Protégé of Uther the Lightbringer, will listen your commands no matter how much times you killed him in the try mode.
Illidan Stormrage (The Betrayer) “Is anyone else miss chaos damage ?” (available at level 15 of account)
Malfurion Stormrage (Archdruid) – got famous by imprisoning his brother for 10000 years.
Stitches (Pudge Terror of Darkshire) – Likes to hook heroes. Especially tasty ones.
Tyrande (High Priestess of Elune) – “You know for 10000 years old Tyrande still looks pretty good” – Illidan Stormrage
Valla (2nd Demon Hunter) – “My training never prepared me for all this poking”
Zagara (Broodmother of the Swarm)(available at level 12 of account) –
Loves Anub’arak. At least it what this video “says”:


According to Blizzard, previously announced free Stimpack distribution for everyone who bought Starter Bundle should be live now! Keep in mind that once granted, Stimpack will be activated immediately, independent of the next time you log in!

      Kael began to weigh 33% less in gold! 

Still the same price for real money though. It’s been two weeks since patch release so Sun King got cheaper and now costs 10k gold down from 15k. For everyone who is not familiar with “two week rule” here it is – every hero costs 15k gold on release and after two weeks of time developers reduce his price down to 10k. Further reduction of price can happen but takes a lot of time to commence. For example long, long ago Anub’arak cost was 15k, then his price dropped to 10k and then to 7k and recently to 4k gold.

      Training now grants you gold!

That’s right! If you complete all the training missions, you will be awarded 1k gold in total. This works even if you’ve completed training in the past in closed beta or technical alpha or whatever.

      Design a hero contest is ending!

Hurry! Blog of the Storm just announced that contest ends today. If you have nice hero ideas don’t hesitate to share them – Hots community is very friendly and encouraging. You can find more info on the rules and where to submit by the link below.

      Final edition of new player live stream announced!

5th and final episode of “new player live stream” will guide through all the game modes game has.
Stream will start today at 14:30 CET here and is hosted by @ZPsTV.
This event is a very good opportunity to increase your game knowledge and basics understanding.
During the broadcast host will be answering questions and providing live gameplay footage with commentary.

      Heroes of the Storm launch event!

Starting at 21:30 CET on June the 1st , launch event feels like mini Blizzcon. Judge by yourselves – developers interviews and insights to introduce fans to the upcoming content and have some feedback, amazing casters and live performances to keep up the hype, artistic show and cosplay contest winners – all this are sings of the superb Blizzcon-like event.
Event will be streamed live on http://www.nexuscalling.com/ 
More info here – http://eu.battle.net/heroes/en/blog/19499854/blizzard-developers-music-exclusive-content-and-more-at-the-heroes-of-the-storm-launch-event-27-05-2015 

      Nexus Weekly#4 by GGnet

Fourth edition of “Nexus Weekly” by @hexagrams will highlight free hero rotation of this week, tell you the difference between “Beach Babes” and “Forest Frolics” and will introduce you to Raynor we never knew!

      "Free week tutorial" for Malfurion by SchAmToo

Video guide features game on Garden of Terror. During the game author will discuss viable talent choices as hero progresses through the game. At the same time you will be provided with insights on why he chose particular talent and what are the benefits. Apart from talent discussion you’ll get to know how to position with Malf in fights and what to prioritize on this big map. Video is filled up with useful tips and tricks regarding enemy and ally hero comps and laning, night phases of the game.
As always awesome content from @SchAmToo and is definitely the guide to watch.

      Kael'thas guide by C9Fan

Oh man! Sun King been getting so much attention lately. Tons of good guides where done on topic of how to play him and this guide is no exception. C9Fan – professional NA Hots player will introduce you to this awesome belf assassin. Video covers the game on the Dragon Shire, map that I think favors Kael a lot due to narrow spaces and tremendous amount of health globes he can collect. But let’s return to the guide. In the beginning author will explain cons and pros of the hero followed up by build explanation step by step. Then Fan will crack laning phase and provide awesome tips on how to dish out maximum amount of poking damage. Overall this video guide is very in-depth and provides useful info regarding various gameplay aspects. Would recommend to everyone who wants to excel their skill with Kael.

      “Top 5 plays” by Squadron

@MFPallytime from @TGNSquadron just posted another piece of amazing content, their crew been doing lately.
This one is none other than montage of cool moments and epic plays submitted by different players called “Top 5 plays”.
How about Stitches landing a max range hook onto escaping Illidan, and Zagara wombo-comboing 4 players of enemy team or Sgt. Hammer killing Murky and his egg with only one spell? And if you not exited yet, take this – Tyrande kills Kerrigan, Sylvanas and spares Malfurion on Sky Temple.

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