Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate Revealed

Square Enix revealed a new patch for Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate debuted during the Final Fantasy XIV Letter From The Producer Live Part XIII.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate Revealed
During Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV Letter From The Producer Live Part XXXIII they revealed a new patch coming to Final Fantasy XIV called Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate.

Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate Part 1 will be available in January while Part 2 will be March as they work on building up the story in preparation for the upcoming expansion Stormblood which will be available in Summer 2017 for the Playstation 4, and PC.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate will contain a new Main Scenario, Warring Triad, new side quests, new dungeons an Alliance 24-man Raid, and a new trial.

Along with this there will be a new character Zhloe Aliapoh. Players can gain access to new content by raising the satisfaction level of specific NPCs. This is achieved by gathering / crafting items the NPCs request. 3.5 and 3.55 will focus on Zhloe Aliapoh, with other NPCs scheduled to be added in the future. This content will also have glamour elements added to it.

There will also be new exploratory missions, and pre-existing exploratory missions have been heavily updated, including hunting and gathering mission. Players will earn equipment by completing duty requirements. Gatherers can complete duties by gathering. The missions also include boss battles requiring four parties.

Now you will be able to recruit players from other worlds on the same data center as well. Players will also be able to view others, limit their recruitment to one world and chat with each other regardless their world in the data center. Cross World Party Finder is only available for content that uses Duty or Raid Finder. Due to increasing amount of recruiting parties, a party finder filter will be added.

Players will have the option of being matched without Grand Company requirements in Frontlines. At the same time, you can still choose to be part of Adders, Flames or Maelstrom if you want to!

Gear level can be now item synced to 150ilv or the host’s item level. Abilities will also restart from now on.

New maps will be added, including a preview map located in Gridania. Chat will be disabled during battles, but the team is adding targeting commands and new auto-translate options. These commands will be implemented as PvP actions and can be added to hotbars.

Duty Finder can be used while your chocobo companion is present. Starting at 3.5, it will be appearing in the party list in the same way as summoner’s pets. This means that a full party can now contain eight players and eight chocobos, making it easier to handle those fate and relic grinding or hunting farm parties in Party Finder! Players have to target other players’ chocobos to see their HP.

The outwards appearance of Garuda, Titan and Ifrit-egi can now be altered by completing the relevant quest that unlocks this feature. Egi’s appearance can be changed by using text commands and others will see the new look as well. Starting at 3.5, players can change their egi into red Carbuncle. More glamours will be added in later patches.

Players will be now asked to confirm if they want to join in Novice Network. After 45 days of inactivity, the returning players can set their online status to “Returning Player”, use Novice Network and gain extra EXP by forming a party with a mentor.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PC.

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