Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 “The Far Edge of Fate” Out Now

Adventurers rejoice, The Far Edge of Fate update for Final Fantasy XIV is now live, bringing with it a massive load of new content for both new and seasoned players of the fan favourite RPG from Square Enix studios. Take on new dungeons, raids, and bosses with your friends or alone, or revel in the wealth of other new content added with this massive update!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.5 "The Far Edge of Fate" Available Now
Final Fantasy XIV is already a massive game. Offering hundreds of quests and side quests, raids, dungeons etc, the much-adored game already brings a massive amount of content to the table. Even now, over three years after its release, developers Square Enix are constantly adding to the already impressive title.

Their latest addition is the "The Far Edge of Fate" update, which brings a massive variety of content guaranteed to satisfy any player. Lets take a look at some of the main features of this update.

Main Scenario Quest

The main scenario quest of this update is The Far Edge of Fate, in which the Scions of the Seventh Dawn set their feet upon fate's path for their next adventures following the eradication of the Warriors of Darkness. This questline promises unexpected reunions and another deep, interesting story for players to follow.

New Alliance Raid

Dun Scaith is the location of a brand new 24 player alliance raid, following up The Weeping City of Mhach. With the level requirement of a Level 60 Disciple of War or Magic, this difficult raid continues the hunt for the Diablos into a haven for the voidsent.

Dun Scaith is the scene for the next Alliance Raid

containment bay z1t9

Containment Bay Z1T9 contains the legendary demon Zurvan, the final pillar of the Warring Triad. This boss can be fought on both normal and extreme difficulties, and will be a great challenge to even the most seasoned of players.

New high level dungeons

The Far Edge of Fate introduces two new dungeons to challenge adventurers. The towering Baelsar's Wall separates Ala Mhigo from the rest of Eorzea, and will pose an intimidating challenge to players. Adventurers can also re-visit the sacred Sohm Al (Hard), which has now been thrown into chaos following the previous defeat of Nidhogg. Both raids require a Disciple of War or Magic at level 60, with Sohm Al requiring the 'Heavensward' main scenario quest completed.

Baelsar's Wall will prove an intimidating frontier for your next dungeon adventure

new side quests

The Far Edge of Fate brings new side quests too, namely more Hildibrand adventures and Saint Endalim's Scholasticate. Return the son of House Manderville to his father and ensure the future of his family, and enter into the Scholasticate with Inspector Briardien to uncover the culprit behind the chaos causing the misfortunate of the student body in these respective quests.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 3.5 - The Far Edge of Fate

This update also brings more, smaller offerings to the table. New PvP Gear and Mounts are available based on the popular Japanese TV show Garo, as well as changes to PvP allowing players to duel opponents with synced item levels, as well as being able to participate in massive Frontline battles without being restricted by their Grand Company's existing allegiances. Adventurers can now also join forces with others using the Party Finder system, which has been expanded. The system can also now be used to create parties, which people can only join with a password, allowing you and your friends to play privately without risk of intrusion. Other changes include appearance changes to various summoners after completion of a new quest, housing updates, new hairstyles, minions, emotes, and the usual bug fixes that come with any patch.

This isn't the last we're going to hear from Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIV. Further updates are planed following this one, including an entirely revamped version of The Diadem exploratory missions, a new map for Feast PvP and more. Part 2 of Patch 3.5 is scheduled for March, though this date is not set in stone, and will bring about the finale of the Heavensward main scenario story.

Keep up with further developments on Final Fantasy XIV updates on the official Twitter page.

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