The Top 5 Most Powerful PVP Jobs In FFXIV Online

With such a large array of PvP jobs available in FFXIV Online, it's only natural to be unsure which one you want to use. Perhaps you're looking for something to help you rise through the ranks? Or maybe you're just trying to find your new favourite PvP job; either way, this list is a good place to start!

The Top 5 Most Powerful PvP Jobs In FFXIV Online

Sadly, PvP content has never really been all that popular in FFXIV Online, partly thanks to its old archaic and often outdated job system.

However, following the relatively recent 6.1 update, PVP has found its second wind, suddenly gaining a large influx of new and returning players looking to test their mettle against their fellow adventurers in the multiple game modes the MMORPG has to offer, like Crystalline Conflict, Rival Wings or even Duels. 

As someone who is a little too obsessed with PvP, I feel I’m more than qualified to give you a quick breakdown of some of the classes that I think entirely dominate the scene:

The Most Powerful PvP Job In FFXIV Online- Summoner

Just so you know, It was a close tie between Black Mage and Summoner for the number one spot.

Summoners are simply a force to be reckoned with. With their incredible damage, utility, and relatively low skill ceiling, this job has become extremely popular lately. 

Capable of both healing and dealing devastating damage, Summoners are a constant threat on the battlefield.

Capable of both healing and dealing devastating damage, Summoners are a constant threat on the battlefield.

Along with the bonus of being a ranged caster job, Summoners possess the power akin to a Black Mage and the utility of a Ninja. This allows them to fire off powerful AoE spells from afar and also support their team members. You’ll usually find them standing a few malms away from the action, so I always consider it a must to engage an enemy Summoner ASAP.

Thanks to its latest rework, Summoner has gained a slew of new abilities. As a result, it now has full access to its full arsenal of Primals, including Bahamut and Phoenix. Each Primal has different strengths ranging from dealing damage or healing and buffing team members. If that wasn’t enough, this job can also choose between two Limitbreak attacks, Bahamut’s devastating Megaflare or Phoenix’s regenerative Everlasting Flight.

Significant damage, sustainability and crowd control. Summoner is an easy top pick for any PvP game mode and is a boon for any team. 

Black Mage

Nothing is as scary as seeing a competent Black Mage on the enemy team. 

Similarly to their PvE counterpart, Black Mages are at their strongest when they sit completely still on the backline, firing off various AoE spells. Considering their ability to dictate an entire match completely, some strategies focus on keeping Black Mages well-guarded behind Tanks and accompanied by a ranged job to lower the chance of them being defeated and taken out of the action. 

Black Mages are no strangers to death and destruction.

Black Mages are no strangers to death and destruction.

Regarding how Black Mage plays in PvP, they excel at using single-target and AoE attacks. Their spells are scarily powerful, dealing significant damage and detrimental status effects to their foes. Like, Night Wing, which can put multiple enemies to sleep. 

But don’t be fooled; the Black Mage Limitbreak skill is the true monster of this job. It grants the user six stacks of Polyglot, allowing them to instantly cast deadly AoE spells like Flare and Freeze. Combined with the troublesome Superflare and lethal Foul spell, this LB  can completely erase an entire team from the battlefield. 

I’m a fan of how balanced Black Mage is in PvP. It can potentially wipe out entire teams with its damage alone, but only if you take the time to properly understand how to play it.


Honestly, I completely underestimated Dancers’ versatility and support in PvP.

At first, I saw them as just a ranged job with the power to constantly buff a single team member. But they are so much more than that.

Dancers thrive the most when surrounded by their teammates.

Don't be fooled; Dancers are more than just a pretty face!

Don’t be fooled; Dancers are more than just a pretty face!

They’re able to heal and increase their allies’ defence, on top of using their signature Dance Partner skill that allows a single team member to receive the full damage-boosting effects of their dances. 

Unlike other ranged jobs, Dancers tend to hover around wherever the majority of their team is; but since their skills don’t possess a cast time, they are almost always moving about, never staying in one place. 

Their Limitbreak attack is simple yet effective as it gives the Dancer and their team the chance to turn a game around in just a few mere moments. These chakram-wielding warriors can seduce every enemy in a relatively large range, making them slowly approach the user and prevent them from using any items or skills, even Guard or the Standard-issue Elixir. 

After seeing the devastating potential of Dancers in PvP, I had to give them a place on this list. I’m confident that they’re one of the best support jobs available in FFXIV Online PvP. 

Dark Knight

Dark Knights are known for one thing within the world of FFXIV PvP:


I’ve found that this Tank has an incredible talent of being able to withstand and recover from an otherworldly barrage of attacks. It can also dish out considerable damage depending on how little or how much HP it has remaining. This makes quite a formidable opponent since you can’t really afford to ignore it, but at the same time, you’d waste your time and resources facing it in combat.

Serving as a trusty bulwark, Dark Knights are indispensable for any PvP team.

Serving as a trusty bulwark, Dark Knights are indispensable for any PvP team.

Regarding job actions, the bread and butter of this job are Salted Earth and The Blackest Night (TBN).The prior draws in nearby enemies and effectively traps them in a small bubble that deals DoT damage; this also heals the Dark Knight if they’re standing in it. TBN lets them create a remarkably potent barrier that soaks up a lot of attacks, neutralising any damage entirely. 

Their Limitbreak sees them unleash a devastating line AoE that grows in power the more HP they have remaining. On top of this, they cannot be knocked out for up to 10 seconds, regaining HP with every weaponskill they use. This allows Dark Knights to survive practically anything the enemy team throws at them with relative ease, providing more than two enemies are not targeting them at once. 

I’ll admit that I’m pretty guilty of wasting my skills and LBs on Dark Knights. No wonder this job is one of the most used tanks in FFXIV Online PvP. 


Within PvP, Ninjas excels at hiding in the shadows and utilising versatility. 

In this game mode, Ninjas have all of their Mudra techniques, letting them attack and retreat as they please. With techniques like Hyosho Ranryu and Fuma Shuriken, these quick-moving warriors cannot only deal significant amounts of damage to enemies from afar, but they are also great at close combat, thanks to techniques like Mug, Bunshin and Fleeting Raiju.  

If you spot a Ninja on the battlefield, its probably already too late for you...

If you spot a Ninja on the battlefield, its probably already too late for you…

Their Limit break attack, Seiton Tenchu, is particularly potent as the user can immediately defeat any enemy who has fallen below 50% HP; this skill can then be used again within a few seconds, providing there is another enemy who’s also fallen below half health. This LB can easily wipe out many opponents if used correctly and under ideal circumstances.

Considering this job is my go-to in PvP, I’m a big fan of Ninja’s versatility. As well as its ability to turn dire-looking situations around single-handedly. I find it rewarding and engaging to adapt how I approach certain situations in the heat of battle. 


These jobs have left an impact on me since playing against or as them in the latest season of PvP. I enjoy how they are all quite powerful but also have weaknesses to them as well, such as the frailty of Black Mages or how Ninjas have to rely on ambushes and can’t depend upon all-out frontal attacks. 

Luckily, every job is viable in FFXIV PvP, regardless of being a Tank, Healer or DPS. So I find it more enjoyable and beneficial to pick the jobs you like the most. No need to choose the ‘best’ job or rely on manipulating matches with your friends or alt characters.

With the latest game mode, Crystalline Conflict, all jobs have received a new breath of life. I can’t recommend it enough; there really hasn’t been a better time to get into PvP! 

I’ll see you on the battlefield!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Update 6.1 - New Crystalline Conflict PVP

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