Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Fat Cat Minion

The Fat Cat is one of the most highly desired Minions in all of Final Fantasy XIV and in this guide, you will earn exactly how to get your paws on it. Whether it be through a long grind of time or a stack of cold hard Gil, you will learn the methods required to adopt this Minion to your roster of tiny companions.

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Fat Cat Minion

Minions hold a special place in the Final Fantasy XIV community. Despite offering no gameplay advantage, they are highly desired cosmetics that can push all manner of players to complete even the most difficult content: anything and everything for the cute Minions.

No Minion sits atop the throne of cuteness more than the Fat Cat. Since its addition to the game so many years ago, this Minion has remained at the top of the list for many players. It’s cute, it’s rare and, most importantly, it is very valuable. Even almost a decade after the game’s original release, the Fat Cat remains as fashionable as it did so long ago. 

Here’s how you can get your own Fat Cat Minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.3 - Gods Revel, Lands Tremble

Option 1: The Market Board

The first option for adopting a Fat Cat is the most expensive: you can buy one from the Market Board.

In case you’re unaware, the Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV is a player-run hub for various items in the game. These range from armour and weapons to dyes to Minions and Mount Whistles. The price of the item is decided upon by the seller, not the developer. As a result, certain patterns and trends have emerged over the game’s lifespan.

One of these trends is the Fat Cat. If you go to the Market Board and search either the Minion Tab or for the key phrase ‘Fat Cat’, you will be instantly inundated with plenty of people willing to part with their furry friend… for a price. What this method makes up in time more than balances out in terms of Gil. To straight up purchase a Fat Cat, you’re going to be spending between 250,000 to 500,000 Gil. That’s a lot of money. Especially in a game like Final Fantasy XIV where the fashion game is as important as the endgame. 

The Market Board is a guaranteed option for players to get the Fat Cat. While very pricey, you won’t have to worry about spending a bunch of time hoping for the Minion to drop like with the other methods. Additionally, if you only care about the Minion and nothing else, then the Gil you spend will be more than worth it. 

But what about if you want a Fat Cat legit? Or if you want to be a seller? That is where option 2 comes in. 

You can purchase a Fat Cat Minion directly on the Market Board - Final Fantasy XIV Fat Cat

One Expensive Kitty

Option 2: Retainer Adventurers

The second option is the official option to get Fat Cats. While this method is far more time-consuming it does allow you to farm out additional Fat Cats to either give to your mates or to sell on the Market Board yourself. 

This method involves using your Retainers. There are a lot of prerequisites and additional steps that you need to meet before the Fat Cat has a chance of being yours. 

Level 50 Fisher

First, you need to hit level 50 in the Fishing Job. Fisher is a Disciple of the Land, not to be confused with the Disciples of the Hand. These are non-combat classes which revolve around recreational activities like jewellery making, cooking and, of course, fishing. They can be levelled up to 50 just like the base game Disciples of War.

Fisher is the class required for the Fat Cat. To start your fishing journey, head to Limsa Lominsa and go to the Fisherman’s Guild on the Lower Decks. Here you will find the quest So You Want to be a Fisher? This is the prerequisite quest that will introduce you to the Fisherman’s Guild, the class questline as well as give you direct access to the Fisher Class (which you can use by simply equipping a Fishing Rod in your main weapon slot). 

From this point on you simply need to hit level 50. The easiest way to accomplish this is simply to follow the Fisher Questline in its entirety. Not only will this teach you how to fish properly, but it will also ferry you around Eorzea looking for different kinds of fish. Each new stage of the questline unlocks every 5-10 levels so fish the seas dry until you reach that next threshold and continue onward.

Once you have level 50, you can move on to the next stage of your Fat Cat journey in Final Fantasy XIV

The Fisherman's Guild

The Fisherman’s Guild

Training Your Retainers

With your own Fisher class at maximum level, you can be trusted to instruct and guide your Retainers. It’s your Retainers who will be responsible for acquiring the Fat Cat.

Just like with any other Retainer class, you can assign each Retainer one Job at a time. As you send them out on ventures they will level up in that job, allowing them access to higher-level items and ventures. For the Fat Cat, your Retainer also needs to hit level 50 in Fisher.

If you plan on continuing to play other parts of Final Fantasy XIV as you level up your Retainers, the best venture option to select will be the 2 Hour variant. This allows you to continually check in on them and send them back out as they complete the tasks every few hours. However, if you are just going for the Fishing levels and plan on being off the game for an extended period of time, the 18 Hour option is preferable.

Whichever path you decide, know that you’re in this for the long haul. Even using the shortest ventures on repeat will take a few days until you see results. Just keep this in mind as you go about your Retainer teachings.

After your Retainer has finally hit level 50 you can continue onto the last (and possibly longest) step to getting your beloved chubby kitty. 

Train your Retainer to be a Level 50 Fisher - Final Fantasy XIV Fat Cat

Retainer Tries Fishing

The Waiting Game

All of the preparation is out of the way: your Retainer is level 50 in Fisher with the best Fishing equipment you can get them (and it is important that they do have at least good Fisher gear, at least up to item level 25). Now you are finally ready to get that Fat Cat. 

Unfortunately, getting said Fat Cat requires a lot of luck and a lot of waiting. At level 50 Fisher, you can begin sending your Retainer off on the highest level Venture, specifically Field Exploration Number 14. This is an 18-hour Venture, so you will likely only be getting one shot at this per day, per Retainer.

The usual rewards for this Venture include Allagan Metal Pieces for you to sell, monster parts and other general miscellaneous items. There is also a very slim chance that this Venture can award you the Fat Cat Minion. 

Currently, this is the best way to get the Fat Cat if you aren’t willing to splash the cash. This process is extremely long and you’ll need to rely on a good amount of luck. As such, do not go into this hunt expecting to get the Minion on your first, second or even tenth go at the Venture: strap in and expect to be here for many, many days of Retainer check-ins. 

Belly Rubs

Belly Rubs

However, if all goes well, you should eventually find that a lucky Fat Cat will arrive on your doorstep. From this point on, you can continue sending off your Retainers on Ventures to hopefully acquire more Fat Cats. Then, you can either give them to your friends or sell them on the Market Board for a fat stack of Gil. Or you can just take your new furry friend and forget about Retainers entirely. 

That is how to get the Fat Cat Minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

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