How To Get The FFXIV Garo Event Gear

If you've seen the new FFXIV Garo event gear and found yourself longing to obtain it, here is a guide to help you acquire the returning collaboration sets. The article will detail the vendor locations as well as the means of acquiring the necessary currencies to claim your rewards.

How To Get The FFXIV Garo Event Gear

With the release of Patch 6.1, Final Fantasy XIV has injected an abundance of exciting new content into the game. However, the popular MMO has also seen the return of a fan favourite event. Now, players who missed out on the original Garo collaboration can acquire the event rewards. The sets include unique armours, weapons, titles and mounts inspired by the tokusatsu tv series. However, these aren’t simply gifts, as players must earn the right to equip them. As such, here is how to get the FFXIV Garo event gear.

How to start the event

Unlike many of the game’s other seasonal or unique events, the Garo collaboration does not contain its own story. While players may be used to tracking down new NPCs to commence the event, Garo is much simpler. From the moment you load into the game, you need only head on over to the Wolves’ Den Pier. For anyone who is yet to unlock this area, they must complete the Grand Company quest “A Pup No Longer.” This will unlock access to the game’s dedicated PvP area. As such, you should be able to anticipate the subsequent requirements for obtaining the FFXIV Garo event gear.

The PvP zone can be found in La Noscea.

The PvP zone can be found in La Noscea.

Claiming the Garo event gear

Once you’ve made your way over to the Wolves’ Den Pier, you must track down a certain NPC vendor. They are called the Disreputable Priest (X:5.0 Y:5.3), and you can expect a crowd of eager players around them. The NPC will give you the option of exchanging Wolf Marks for various pieces of gear. Additionally, the priest will also allow you to unlock new titles. Doing so requires the player to speak to her once they have a full set of armour and the corresponding weapon.

Alternatively, players wishing to steer clear of the PvP can also find the rewards at the Golden Saucer. Access to Thanalan’s giant casino zone is granted upon completing the quest “It Could Happen to You” in Ul’dah. Players can instead use Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) to purchase FFXIV Garo event gear. It can be claimed from the Gold Saucer Attendant located at (X:5.1 Y:6.7). However, unlike the Wolves’ Den Pier sets, this gear cannot be dyed different colours.

The Golden Saucer rewards don't come cheap.

The Golden Saucer rewards don’t come cheap.

Acquiring The Mounts

The mounts are a slightly trickier set of rewards to acquire. These will first require you to have obtained one of the titles from the Disreputable Priest. Once you have equipped one of the associated titles, you must partake in various PvP instances and emerge victoriously. Winning 30 Crystalline Conflict or Feast matches with such a title earns the Goten Pipe. This can be tracked in your Achievements journal under PvP – General. Similarly, 10 victories in Frontlines or Rival Wings will earn you the Ginga Pipe. Lastly, a combination of 60 victories across all PvP modes will unlock the Raigo Pipe. Once completed, they can be claimed in the Achievements section, or from Jonathas in Old Gridania (X:10 Y:6).

The mounts require a fair few PvP victories.

The mounts require a fair few PvP victories.

Obtaining Wolf Marks

To acquire the FFXIV Garo event gear, you will need a hefty amount of Wolf Marks for a full set. It will cost 2000 Wolf Marks each for the head, arms and feet gear. Additionally, the torso, legs and weapons will set you back 4000 Wolf Marks per item. Accessories will also cost 1000 Wolf Marks individually. While that might sound expensive, the PvP rewards are fairly generous. In addition to providing exp for levelling your character, it has its own series of rewards.

While your standard casual or ranked match won’t provide job exp, it will reward you with tomestones. This can make PvP a fast and easy method of griding currencies for better endgame gear. However, partaking in your daily Frontline roulette will reward job exp in addition to Wolf Marks. This daily roulette will give you a minimum of 1500 marks, which is a considerable sum. Subsequent casual matches in Crystalline Conflict will also pay 250 marks per game or 500 for victories. As such, you can soon anticipate a large collection of marks. Furthermore, your series level also rewards you with Trophy Crystals (often 1000 per level.) You can exchange 1000 Trophy Crystals for 4000 Wolf Marks should you wish. However, the Trophy Crystals have other unique rewards associated with them, so it’s better to save them.

You can also work towards the series rewards on the side.

You can also work towards the series rewards on the side.

The Perfect Excuse To Start PvP

For a long time now the FFXIV community has had a slight aversion toward the game’s PvP. While it certainly had its dedicated players, many never even touched it. Simply put, it had a reputation for being lacklustre. However, Patch 6.1 has been the beginning of the developer’s attempts to completely overhaul the system. The introduction of changes such as the Crystalline Conflict, and new mechanics, has breathed new life into the mode. Now, in addition to the FFXIV Garo event gear, players can finally work towards other unique PvP rewards. This includes a large variety of items that cannot be obtained through FFXIV crafting. While there is a learning curve for certain, the PvP is forgiving and lacking in toxicity. Win or lose, there is always a reward of sorts, and as such it’s perfect for filling your free time.

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