The Top 10 Best-Looking Weapons In FFXIV Online

Between the various types of blades, canes and tomes, there is a seemingly overwhelming amount of different weapons in FFXIV Online. This list is right up your alley, regardless of whether you're looking for that one specific grimoire to finish off your newest glamour or just curious to see which Job has the coolest-looking weapon of them all!

The Top 10 Best-looking Weapons In FFXIV Online
Weapons have always been a staple in FFXIV Online, allowing you to topple otherworldly foes, gather resources and even craft items. (Although I suppose that depends on what you consider a weapon…) Either way, the myriad of blades, daggers and other assorted weaponry you come across on your journey throughout Eorzea will become your bread and butter.

Regardless of whether you’re a high-end raider looking to get their BiS weapon or a more casual player just looking to find the perfect sword to finish off your newest glamour; weapons are integral to the world of FFXIV Online. Below, I’ve listed the weapons  that I consider to be some of the best in the entire game:

Pyros Blade 

Wielded by the Samurai, the Pyros Blade is an ornate-looking relic weapon, created by Gerolt, the master blacksmith in the unforgiving lands of Pyros. Even with the blade of the weapon hidden, you can still tell that this sword is something extraordinary.

Drawn from its sheathe, you’ll immediately notice that the brand of Pyros Blade is engulfed in a brilliant, bright flame that is a mix of several different colours. This flaming fire effect is unique to the Lvl 70 Pyros weapons, automatically making the wielder the centre of attention when they decide to show them off.

I placed the Pyros Blade at the number two spot for how detailed and eye-catching it is. Watching the flames chase after the blade as you perform a variety of slashes and stabs is surprisingly hypnotising and something that every Samurai player has to experience at least once.

Wrapped in otherworldly flames, nothing is as cool as this blade

Wrapped in otherworldly flames, nothing is as cool as this blade

Makai Fists 

Being a PVP-exclusive weapon that’s unique to Monks, the Makai Fists take on the form of some normal-looking black gloves. Not exactly the weapon you’d think of for an otherworldly martial artist. You wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that these weapons are nothing more than a pair of stylish hand garments.

Its true potential is unleashed when you unsheathe them. Exploding into flames, a glowing orange emblem appears on each of the wearer’s hands. Simple, stylish and unique; the Makai Fists are on this list because they aren’t incredibly over-the-top or intricate-looking.

They’re a polished pair of cool-looking weapons that has no equal in FFXIV Online. To get your hands on these iconic gloves, you must head to the Wolves Den Pier and buy them from the Disreputable Priest for the low-low price of 4,000 Wolf Marks.

I wonder what those symbols even mean...

I wonder what those symbols even mean…

Lemegeton Anemos

The Lemegeton Anemos is a Summoner-exclusive grimoire, moulded by the hands of a master blacksmith in the unique area of Anemos. With its cover shut, this tome is just like any other. But as soon as its pages are opened, the grimoire reveals its true power and sprouts a large pair of ethereal, blue dragon-like wings.

I consider this draconic-looking tome to be one of the most iconic weapons in FFXIV Online. Especially since every Summoner worth their salt has one in their Glamour Dresser.

Being a relic weapon, it only makes sense that the Lemegeton Anemos looks breathtaking. I loved it so much that I placed it on this list for its appearance alone. While some might argue that the process to get it is long, I can guarantee that this unique grimoire is well worth the effort.

There's not many things as cool as a grimoire with dragon wings!

There are not many things as cool as a grimoire with dragon wings!

Matte Law’s Order Codex

Unlike the weapons that came before it on this list, the Matte Law’s Order Codex isn’t a weapon that’s known for being coated in brilliant flames or growing glowing, purple wings. Instead, this Scholar weapon is full of small, intricate details that make it stand out from all of the other generic tomes.

With its convoluted gold-embroiled leather cover, numerous bookmarks and notes and glowing green test tubes; this tome is bulging with small details that would typically get overshadowed by a garish glowing effect. On top of this, I think that the Matte Law’s Order Codex is the only Scholar weapon that genuinely fits the identity of the job.

The misplaced notes, chemical phials and even the ballpoint pen all scream of a wise, intelligent yet worldly academic. For its high level of quality and intricacy, I decided to place this tome at the number four spot.

A weapon worthy of such a bookworm!

A weapon worthy of such a bookworm!

Matte Blade’s Subtlety

Taking the form of a pair of kunai and wielded by the Ninja, the Blade’s Subtlety is a weapon that is precisely that: Subtle. Being the matte version of a relic weapon, these daggers don’t glow and I think they’re all the better for it. With the glimmer of a glow, you’d undoubtedly miss all of the minor details, like the intricate, eye-catching patterns engraved upon each dagger.

Especially since they aren’t exactly the most eye-catching weapons in the game. It also takes a fine eye to appreciate the level of detail that went into these weapons, considering that there are.

Simple, subtle and ideal for the Ninja job, fitting the identity of the silent, deadly Mudra-using warrior to a T. I find these weapons mesmerising for how simple they are. No flashiness, no glow; just a pair of modest, lethal-looking daggers.

Subtle blades for a subtle Ninja!

Subtle blades for a subtle Ninja!

Mado Brush

As unorthodox as it is, the Mado Brush is a weapon unlike any other. When I first laid my eyes upon this rod I was a bit envious that I couldn’t wield it. The Mado Brush belongs to the family of weapons available at the Wolves Den from the Disreputable Priest.

This weapon is exactly what it says on the tin or the brush rather; considering that it’s a massive paintbrush. Usually, you’d expect such a weapon to be used by a Dragoon since it would make a perfect rudimentary polearm. Funnily enough, only Black Mages can equip this weapon. Thanks to its bizarre design, it would be criminal to not give the Mado Brush a place on this list.

I never knew that brushes were capable of channelling black magic...

I never knew that brushes were capable of channelling black magic…

The Emperor’s New Fists 

You may be wondering how a weapon can be cool-looking if you’re unable even see it. That’s the beauty of the Emperor’s New Fists.

A Monk-only weapon that makes it look like you’re fighting with your bare hands. Despite this fact, there’s a seemingly endless supply of weapons for the martial arts masters in FFXIV Online. The Emperor’s New Fists allow you to pay more attention to your Hands, Ring and Wrist equipment slots.

Especially now that there isn’t a weapon obscuring them. Now you can wear any glamour in style with all of the surprisingly detailed and varied accessories you’ve collected. Back to the weapons, I love how thematically fitting they are, so much so that I had to place the Emperor’s New Fists on this list.

Who would've thought that an invisible weapon could be so cool?

Who would’ve thought that an invisible weapon could be so cool?

Deepshadow Claymore

If there’s one weapon that FFXIV has a lot of, it’s swords. From longswords to greatswords, there are numerous amount of blades ranging in shape, size and colour.

Out of all of these options, I found myself drawn to the Deepshadow Claymore, a unique-looking weapon introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. Instead of being solid, like so many others, the centre of the weapon is occupied with an ornate-looking hole, giving the weapon a unique and easily recognisable design.

Thanks to this defining feature, the Deepshadow Claymore further helps any Dark Knight enhance their innate, iconic aesthetic: Darkness, steel and jagged, uneven edges. Thanks to the originality of its blade, the Deepshadow Claymore adds a dash of fidelity and class to a job that is usually the furthest thing from it. It’s for this reason that this sword sits comfortably at the number eight spot.

An elegant yet unique design, why would you ever go back to a normal sword after seeing this one?

An elegant yet unique design, why would you ever go back to a normal sword after seeing this one?

Tropias Rod

The Tropias Rod is part of the latest collection of PvP-exclusive weapons added in FFXIV Online; sporting easily one of the most recognisable Black Mage weapons to date.

To put it bluntly, this staff is a large eyeball on a stick. Yes, you read that right; the defining feature of the Tropias Rod is the large, moving eye that always seems to be glancing at its surroundings. With no control over where the eye looks, it appears like the Tropias Rod is an entirely sentient being. 

As if it’s just choosing to temporarily obey you. The eyeball even ‘sleeps’ when you sheathe the weapon, adding an oddly endearing element to it as well. Before I discovered it, I didn’t even think a weapon could have such character, so naturally, I had to place the Tropias Rod on this list.

What're you looking at?

What’re you looking at?


Perfectly encapsulating the essence of a White Mage, the Alkalurops is a rather uncommon weapon.

Based around a lily, this cane is recognisable for the unique whimsical sound effect that plays when you unsheathe it. Even when it’s on your back, the weapon resembles a flower bud; only blooming when you draw it for battle. White Mages are intrinsically tied to lilies, so it makes perfect sense that they would use the flower as a weapon.

As I mentioned before, Alkalurops is rare since it is outclassed by more glamorous weapons. On top of this, this weapon is hidden behind an obscure master crafting recipe from A Realm Reborn. Despite this, I still find this cane to be iconic, making it a perfect candidate for this list.

As if White Mages needed any more lilies...

As if White Mages needed any more lilies…


Overall, all of these weapons are the ones that I find to be the most eye-catching in FFXIV Online. To be honest, I could easily go on but this list would become far too long. I’m aware that a fair few of these weapons are relics, which require a considerable investment of time and resources to acquire but I made sure to add some easier-to-get weapons too; since not every player enjoys grinding for several hours. 

Frankly, there will always be an ever-growing arsenal of weapons in FFXV Online, so even if you don’t have a favourite weapon right now, you’re bound to find one in the future. Regardless of whether it’s a super flashy and over-the-top-looking weapon or a more simple and subdued one. 

Check out the most recent set of relic weapons that have been added to FFXIV Online in the video below!

(Credit goes to Desperius for the video) 

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