Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Cold War

This guide will take you through the Outbreak Easter Egg for Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Read on for help with every step including finding those pesky monkeys. This is the first of two planned quests for Treyarch's new Zombies mode.

Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops Cold War cover

This guide will help you complete the Outbreak Easter Egg for Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Before attempting this, it’s important that you understand that this main quest is difficult, especially compared to the ones in Die Maschine and Firebase Z. There is a lot of tedious searching for small objects, and the final few stages will test your gameplay skills. While this can be done solo, a few teammates and good communication will make it easier.

Follow along with this guide for a step-by-step walkthrough or find the specific area that you’re stuck on for additional tips.

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OUTBREAK Trailer | Season Two | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

Table of Contents

1. Set-Up

While shotguns have been nerfed recently, they are still one of the best weapon categories to use. I’d recommend starting the game with a Gallo or Hauer custom class, focusing on damage, increased salvage rates, and ammo capacity. It is also very useful to set up and save custom blueprints for any weapons that you may pick up later. Thanks to a recent update, these can be applied to any gun you are holding by going into the pause menu. The blueprints can be saved in the gunsmith once you’ve set up your attachments.

Frenzied Guard is a good field upgrade to use, especially for later in the Easter Egg, but you can use Healing Aura, Aether Shroud, or any other which you feel will help keep you alive. However, don’t worry too much because you can switch this later by changing your class.

In world tiers one and two, you need to focus on points accumulation and getting the best loadout. You can’t start the quest itself until tier three. Just play through the game as usual but make sure to do every side objective (orange markers on the map) and other optional missions that appear when you get close. This will get you a lot of points, and if you open chests along the way, a lot of salvage too.

A good shotgun class will help you survive as you make your way through the Easter Egg.

A good shotgun class will help you survive as you make your way through the Easter Egg.

The Best Loadout

There are various things that you need to work towards acquiring:

  • A long-range rifle or LMG.
  • Both weapons triple Pack-a-Punched.
  • Ammo mods for both weapons (Cryo Freeze for shotgun, Brain Rot for rifle).
  • Both weapons to maximum (orange) rarity. 
  • Monkey Bombs.
  • Death Machine.
  • Self-revive (for co-op or if you go down solo).

With all these items in your inventory, it will make the Outbreak Easter Egg easier especially combined with the tips in the rest of this guide.

2. Find Radio Signal

Once you’ve reached world tier-three, you should have made good progress on the list above, and you can properly begin.

Firstly, you have to find an unknown signal radio. This looks and functions the same as the music side quest that was added a few weeks ago but it will not show up on the mini-map. You may still find these ones around the map, but they will have an orange icon on the map and thus aren’t part of the Easter Egg. There is one located on each map, so it doesn’t matter which one comes up for you, follow the instructions and images below for the area which corresponds to your game. The locations are as follows:

  • Alpine: Steep Grove. Slightly South-East of the center. On the box near the snow cannons and containers.
  • Duga: Sam Site. North-East corner. On the pallet of blue barrels.
  • Golova: Lower Farmstead. North of the map. On the pallets by the toilets.
  • Ruka: Old Farm. Western side. Inside the green tent.
  • Sanatorium: Sanatorium Underside. Middle of the map. By the feet of the statue.
  • Zoo: Zoo Attractions. On the wall by the central pillar.
Zoo (added with Season 4).

Zoo (added with Season 4).

If the radio isn’t appearing in these locations, just move on to the next world tier and try again.

Tune the Amplifiers

Turn subtitles on to help you find the radios and activate them. After interacting, a ringing siren will sound, alerting a load of zombies to your location. After a while, this will stop, and the subtitles will display ‘active static noise’ followed by a number. You must now find three amplifiers in the near vicinity. By interacting with these, you will change the static noise. Toggle through each one until it matches the number for the main radio. Randomly the siren will sound again as you use the amplifiers; you must simply wait for this to finish while surviving the incoming horde, then carry on.

Return to the radio to listen to the full transmission. After Maxis speaks to you, a yellow device will drop called a beacon listening device; pick this up.

Take Beacon Part to Anomaly

Complete the standard objective for the current world tier, if you haven’t already, and head to the anomaly beacon where you’d usually warp or exfil. You will now have a new option called ‘Respond’. Maxis will talk some more. After this, select ‘warp’ to move on to the next step.

Maxis will guide you through the story via radio messages.

Maxis will guide you through the story via radio messages.

3. Go to Next Region and Find Monkey

The next stage involves finding a stone monkey with an ‘M’ next to it. However, it may be worth using this area to build up some more points and salvage to prepare for later. Alternatively, you can press on to keep the world tier low and thus the overall difficulty.

There are four monkeys on each map, but only one will have an ‘M’ next to it. If you’re in Ruka, move onto the next map as this step can’t be finished here, as will be explained later. Shoot or melee the monkey that has the ‘M’ next to it to break it, and it will drop micro-film tapes. Pick these up (just one small yellow item). This can be the most time-consuming part of the Outbreak Easter Egg, but this guide details all four places where they can spawn to help you get this done as quickly as possible.


You can find the monkeys at these locations:


  1. Inside Southern-most building, on the shelf.
  2. To the West of that one, South of the bathhouse, upstairs by the boxes.
  3. At the center Northern edge, on the floor behind the metal tanker.
  4. On the balcony of the 2nd most Northern base suite, West side of the map.


  1. In the Northern red bunker to the North, on the barrels.
  2. On the bus stop to the North-East between the two large areas.
  3. Top right of the circular road to the South-West, on the building.
  4. To the South, in the corner behind the low wall.


  1. In the train loading area to the West, in the main square building.
  2. Upstairs in the big Church to the South, on the edge of a pillar at the top of the internal ladder.
  3. South-East building on the border of the map, on the metal shelf.
  4. In the North building before the bridge, up in the rafters.


  1. Under the East bridge, behind the left pillar.
  2. In the bathhouse South of the map, on the rafters in the middle.
  3. The single building to the West, on the shelf.
  4. Administration building North of the Sanatorium, on a bookshelf in an office.


(Added with Season 4 update)

  1. Upper building to the West. On the shelf.
  2. West of main zoo area. Behind the wall.
  3. Bottom building of the Northern area. On the cabinet.
  4. North-East area, Southern building. By the bookshelf.

4. Take Micro-Film to Projector

You must now put the images into a projector. There is one projector on each map except Ruka, which is why it’s easier to do this step elsewhere. Their locations are:

  • Alpine: In the big Western building, upstairs to the right.
  • Duga: The admin offices to the South, upstairs on a table.
  • Golova: The armor building South-East of the main town, in a corner room.
  • Sanatorium: The big rectangular building to the North, on a large table.
  • Zoo: Entrance. The western part of the building.
Zoo projector (added with Season 4).

Zoo projector (added with Season 4).

Flip through the slides about three times to get all of the dialogue. You’re done when she says you need to go to Ruka.

(Credit to MrRoflWaffles for all the locations of the radios, monkeys, and projectors).

5. Travel to Ruka, Go to Missile Silo

It is guaranteed that the next region will be Ruka, so simply use the beacon and select warp as normal when ready. The usual Outbreak objective indicator will guide you to the entrance to the missile silo for the rest of the Easter Egg.

This is the point of no return, so make sure you’re set up as best as possible. It is a good idea to make sure you have enough spare points and salvage in case you go down to re-buy perks and ammo and to repair armor.

When inside, head up to the top of the nearest silo. Find the red corridor which leads to a central hub/ crossroads room. There are four silos in total, labeled A, B, C, and D above the corridor and along the wall inside. C will always be closed, and D will open after the following cutscene. Go into A and down to the bottom; there will be a button to press in the green-ish area, and the cutscene will play.

Outbreak Easter Egg Cutscene - Finding Ravenov (Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Easter Egg)

6. Collect Three Launch Keys

You now need three keys to launch the missiles found throughout the area. This is the final step of the Outbreak Easter Egg guide before the boss. There will be a lot of fast armored zombies, Manglers, Mimics, Tempests, and dogs, so it will be very difficult moving around this area to find the keys. They can be collected in any order.

Key 1: Dead Body Mimic

In the crossroads room, the will be a lot of items on the floor that will become Mimics; walking into the room will activate them all. There is a scary amount of Mimics here, so be ready. Use a weapon with Brain Rot to kill all the Mimics quicker. Then go down the corridor to C. There will be a dead body on the floor with the key. Interacting with the key spawns a super red Mimic that has extra health. Killing it will drop the key; again, Brain Rot is your best friend here. 

Key 2: Aether Canister

Downstairs in silo B, you will find a red canister container along the outside wall. You must break the purple aether crystals that are scattered around the silo area on the walls, ceiling, and floor. Break them to gather chunks; you need 20 of them in total. These must be deposited in the red container by holding down the interact button for about one second per chunk – you don’t need to do all 20 in one go.

After all the crystals have been deposited, wait a short amount of time, then go and pick up the canister. Take it to the giant pink jellyfish in silo D, go up the stairs closest to it and stand where there is the blue aether grass on the floor. Activate the canister as you would a field upgrade, and you will be pulled into the jellyfish. The key can be found inside right next to you.

Stand here as close to the jellyfish as possible.

Stand here as close to the jellyfish as possible.

Key 3: Blue Monkey in the Vent

Finally, you need to find an essence trap (as used in the Firebase Z quest) with a banana tapped onto it. It will be located in silo A downstairs in a dead-end corridor on the floor by the barrel. Next, find the blue, spectral monkey by sight and sound in a vent in the walls of silo A. Throw the trap near to the vent without getting too close and back away; the monkey will be attracted to the trap. Double-tap the interact button to activate the trap once you hear the voice line saying that the target is in range. Pick up the key from the trap – this may be difficult if you threw it up high, so bear that in mind.

Be careful going down this corridor as it can be easy to get cornered by zombies.

Be careful going down this corridor as it can be easy to get cornered by zombies.

7. Insert Keys at Each of Three Consoles

Now make sure you are fully prepared for the boss fight as a timer will start after this step. Perks can be found upstairs in silo D, the Pack-a-Punch in B, armor is in A, Ammo can be bought in the green area and the crafting table is in the crossroads room.

The keys must be inserted in three separate consoles upstairs on the outside edge in the three silos. They must be done in a specific order that is different every game. Listen for the voice lines to know if you’re successful; if you fail, there’s a short cool down before you can try again. It must also be done in 45 seconds, so run quickly between each area if you’re on your own.

After this, the objective marker will tell you to go up the stairs in the crossroads room, interact with the door at the top to enter the boss fight.

8. Legion Boss Fight

You’ve finally made it all the way to the boss fight, but it doesn’t get any easier from here. However, this guide will provide some tips and strategies to help you complete the Outbreak Easter Egg.

First of all, take note that you only have 9 minutes so try not to waste time. Also, be aware that zombies and elites will continue to spawn rapidly around you. Your monkey bombs and field upgrades will make this more manageable.

The boss will teleport around this area but at least it's a big target.

The boss will teleport around this area but at least it’s a big target.

What you need to do is fire into the Legion’s chest (blue damage numbers); this will eventually stun it. Then shoot the three floating orbs that appear (yellow numbers) one at a time until they’re destroyed, and the Legion dies.

Stunning the boss requires you to do a huge amount of damage. This is where your triple PaP’ed rifle and Death Machine come into play. Ring of Fire will also be useful, or it can be saved for the orbs. Throw monkeys, decoys, or use Frenzied Guard to give you some space to shoot. Don’t get too close, as you’ll receive consistent heavy damage.

When playing solo, it’s harder to deal enough damage in time without getting downed by the other enemies; just keep moving and shoot when you have space. With a team, you can mix up your field upgrades and equipment to complement each other’s abilities.

If you do fail, don’t lose hope. While it may take a long time to get back to the boss, you will have learned what not to do and how to improve. Although, hopefully, this guide should make finishing the Outbreak Easter Egg easier by putting you on the best footing going in.

Outbreak Easter Egg Ending Cutscene - Launching Missiles (Cold War Zombies Outbreak Cutscene)

When the Legion eventually dies, a short cutscene will play, and congratulations; you have completed the Outbreak main quest!

(Videos by: TheGamingRevolution)


  1. Great guide, attempted for the first time and I was solo, and completed the easteregg with 3 mins and some change left on the Legion fight

  2. Just tried for my first time last night. If you guys want to go at it let me know madditude69 for psn.

    • I’m down . PSN sacrumtesticuli2

  3. if u need carry add me psn @dinaccetta or activision @dinaccetta
    msg me “fart god, lets fight legion”

    • I don’t need a carry but playing with someone will be helpful. The issue is getting to the boss and everyone on my team keeps getting downed before I can finish downing the big Tempest boss.
      I don’t need a carry but playing with someone will be helpful. The issue is getting to the boss and everyone on my team keeps getting downed before I can finish downing the big Tempest boss.

      BTW, Activision names are not in the format you gave.

  4. Shits to hard

    • n00b

  5. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks!!!

  6. I play on ps4 if anyone wants to help me complete this! My husband and I both have gotten to the boss but fail there each time.

    • Just tried for my first time last night. If you guys want to go at it let me know madditude69 for psn.

    • Pan sacrumtesticuli2. Got to the boss with a buddy but his game bugged and I was left solo

      • Meant PSN

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