Operation Excision Outbreak Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

This is the guide for the 2nd Easter Egg for Outbreak zombies, Operation Excision. This will set up the story for the next round-based map for Black Ops Cold War. Follow this guide for the spawn locations of the red rifts, orbs and broken mystery boxes.

Operation Excision Outbreak Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The Outbreak Easter Egg 2 is here, known as Operation Excision; this guide will walk you through it step-by-step. It follows on from the previous quest and will tie into the next round-based map, ‘Mauer der Toten’. This one is a lot shorter and thus easier than previous quests. There is no boss fight, but there’s still a little bit of work searching for a couple of items. Due to the lack of difficulty, it can be done solo, with little to no problems.

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As it’s a lot easier this time around, having the perfect loadout is less important. However, don’t forget to upgrade your weapons and armour when you can and get all the perks. Essentially just treat it like a normal game and make sure you have enough to survive. You can get it done by world tier 4 at a minimum, so if you’ve played enough, you should know what is needed to survive that high. Obviously, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be to complete the steps.

Find a Red Rift

Just like the first Outbreak Easter Egg, you must get to world tier three to start the first step. So use tiers one and two to focus on getting points and upgrading stuff.

Once on tier three, there will be a rift somewhere that you must go into. It looks similar to the purple ones on the edge of the map, but it is red, and they aren’t in obviously visible locations, usually behind doors. There is no rift on Sanatorium because you must travel there for the next step. The spawns for each area are as follows:

  • Alpine: On the side of the cliff, South.
  • Duga: Underground bunker, North hills.
  • Golova: Top of the big church, South.
  • Ruka: Inside cabin near the old farm, West.
  • Zoo: wolf exhibit in the cave, South East.

Walk through the rift, and you’ll be teleported into the air. Pop your parachute straight away and look for another rift that is floating around the map. Go through it but be careful not to miss it as this will cause you to fail. You will teleport again; repeat until you’ve gone through four rifts total (three in the air). If you fail this step by missing a rift, you must go to the next world tier.

After the third rift, an orb will fly out, leaving a thin trail and land on the ground, then a yellow beam will appear into the sky. Pick up the beacon listening device from there.

Now take this device to the beacon that appears once you’ve done the standard objective for this area. Select the third option to call Ravenov; then, a radio message will play.

Go to Sanatorium and Find the Crashed Helicopter

The next area is guaranteed to be Sanatorium. Locate the crashed helicopter on the Western side of the map, near the lone house in the open field. A large smoke cloud will help you find it. Upon getting close, a load of zombies will spawn, kill them all. Once the area is clear, you can play the message held by one of the bodies hanging out the helicopter. Doctor Jager will speak, informing you of what you must do next.

The helicopter is quite easy to find.

The helicopter is quite easy to find.

Find a Red Aethereal Orb and Shoot it Towards the Bridge

You must now find an aethereal orb. These look just like the orbs are usually in Outbreak that drops a load of point and moves around when you damage them; expect this one will be red rather than purple. There are a few possible spawn locations across Sanatorium.

  • The Northern-most building, on the roof.
  • In the pool underneath the main sanatorium building.
  • The bathhouse to the South.
The orbs are fairly large and will make a sound when you get close.

The orbs are fairly large and will make a sound when you get close.

Once found, you must shoot the orb while facing the direction of the bridge, which is to the East. This is where the rover is that is needed to progress to the North for the final step of the Easter Egg. Before shooting, check the map to ensure you’re facing in the right direction. The orb will travel a short distance, but you must still run fast to keep sight of where it goes. Continue moving it about four or five times until it hovers at the end of the bridge.

There will be some dialogue informing you that you need to get the orb into the back of the rover. For this, you’ll need a toy of some sort.

Assemble Modified Rover

Find a Broken Mystery Box and Get the Bunny

The toy in question is a blue bunny that can be found in a broken mystery box. The location for this will be one of the usual spawn points for the box around the map. If you don’t know these, see the image and follow the directions below.

The bunny will be at one of the locations that don't have the normal functional mystery box.

The bunny will be at one of the locations that don’t have the normal functional mystery box.

  • The groundskeeping area, North of the main building.
  • On the roof of the main sanatorium building.
  • In a parking area to the South.

After interacting with the box, the bunny will animate and float into the air. Defend it from an onslaught of zombies for around thirty seconds to a minute. Once the bunny goes back down onto the box, you can pick it up; your screen will now have a blue effect around the edges. Take the bunny to the rover (a vehicle will be useful here) and place it in the back. A new tape player will fall out; listen to this to move to the next step.

The bunny will light up and dance for a bit.

The bunny will light up and dance for a bit.

Escort the Rover Across Bridge

This is now the point of no return. So, before you start this next stage, make sure you have all the perks and upgrades that you need. I’d recommend having a scorestreak ready in case you get in trouble towards the end – something like a death machine or chopper gunner will be good. However, as mentioned earlier in the guide, the Operation Excision (Outbreak Easter Egg 2) doesn’t get too difficult, but better to be safe than sorry.

Interact with the rover to activate it. Now you must escort it, by staying close, across the bridge into the monument area. You’ll only have a limited amount of space to move around as loads of zombies spawn in to attack you and the vehicle. Keep moving and kill the zombies as quickly as possible as you move slowly towards the big monument.

It looks just like the rover that you escort in normal Outbreak objectives.

It looks just like the rover that you escort in normal Outbreak objectives.

Get to the Top of the Monument and Find Scientists

Eventually, the rover will stop and explode just before the monument. Go up the stairs, then left to another staircase. Use the zipline to get to the top and finally left out the door. Here you’ll (spoiler alert) see the dead bodies of the scientists that you were trying to save. There will be one final tape message on the ground; play this to discover what happened.

After this, a loud siren will play, causing a huge amount of enemies to spawn in. Follow the objective marker to the exfil zone.

Fight the Orda to Exfil

In this area, an Orda will come out of the ground along with regular zombies and elites. Focus on killing the Orda as the others will die afterwards. You have just over five minutes to do so. If you still have your scorestreak, use this now to deal massive damage, then continue to unload on it. It has about the same amount of health and the usual ones you’ll find roaming around the map as a side objective.

Once it is dead, interact with the helicopter to exfil. A cutscene cinematic will now play, and you’ve completed the Operation Excision Outbreak Easter Egg; I hope this guide was useful.

OUTBREAK EASTER EGG 2 ENDING CUTSCENE: DLC 3 Prologue (Cold War Zombies Outbreak End)

(Videos by: MrDalekJD)


  1. I swear to God I experienced an additional ending when finishing the Sanatorium Easter egg . I was playing with another guy who really knew his stuff. And instead of just having the game finished by having the exfil copter shot down we got sent to a hotel like scene where everyone else there appears friendly. Then all hell breaks lose and you gave to kill them all. When successful they all reappear in their friend mode and the game ends! I haven’t been able to do this again. Has anyone else ever done this??? Experienced it?? Was I dreaming?

    • That’s real.

  2. I’m having a hard time finding the broken mystery box and it’s my last step

    • One is often on top of the big round building. Another not far from where you found the downed copter. The last one I never had to find.

    • Easy add me awesomemarker76

  3. I just tried it, and got glitched through the floor and was swimming, I couldn’t do anything and because my teammate got downed and was the “medic” we lost.

    • Lol I was in round seven, with Ray gun triple packed, EM2 assault riffle & Hauer shotty both orange and triple packed. Maxed perks. Well I was on the part that you gotta shoot the orb towards the rover. Well I rappelled up the sanitarium building to get to the orb and Well some how I died going up the rope 😡😡🤣

    • Just finished it. Thanks for the guide. I’ve only ever done this one and die maschine so this was def beginner friendly.

  4. eveytime I get to the part to shoot the orb i get “connection interupted”. Such BS ive tried so many times and it only happens at the same sport!! fix the game!

    • I just completed it and it was perfectly fine, finished it.

  5. That’s literally bullshit the ending I did all that and stressed myself out smh

    • Agreed

  6. Very well written. Most helpful, thanks.

  7. Thank you, I was able to figure everything out but the toy location. Appreciate you.

  8. For some reason the orb never appeared for me. I shot at the pool and I heard it take off but it has still never appeared. Now I cannot find it. I can hear it though, which is extremely annoying.

    • That happened to me as well… It worked correctly for me the 2nd time I attempted it

  9. That was so much easier than the last easter egg.

  10. This guide was very useful! Thanks!


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