Forsaken Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Follow this guide to complete the Forsaken Easter Egg main quest. See the epic conclusion to the Black Ops Cold War Zombies storyline. Prepare to take on The Forsaken while using the new Wonder Weapon and the returning fan-favourite perk.

Forsaken Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The main quest Easter Egg for Forsaken is now live, and this guide will walk you through every step. The objectives are relatively simple to do, but the chaos of the map can make it difficult. As with all Black Ops Cold War quests, this can be done solo or in a team. This is the final quest for the game and sees the ending of the current Dark Aether storyline.

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Before starting, make sure you have a good knowledge of the map and game mechanics in general. If you’ve completed the other Eggs, you will find this one easier, but it isn’t a requirement. Use a weapon that you’re comfortable with, such as a shotgun, to get you through the early rounds, but the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon will be all you need later on. Aether Shroud is a good field upgrade to use to help you get out of sticky situations.

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Season Six: "Forsaken" | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

Lift the Lockdown and Open Up the Map

The game will guide you through your first objective. Just follow the on-screen markers to get to the Observation Tower, essentially, what you have to do is:

  • Activate the teleporter in spawn and wait 30 seconds.
  • Travel to Anytown West via another teleporter.
  • Collect the circuit board, focusing lens, cathode-ray tube, and fryer cage to repair the teleporter.
  • Defeat the Abomination in the Amplifier.

Here you’ll find the Pack-a-Punch, the trials machine, PHD Slider, and the first step of the Easter Egg. If you need more help getting to this point, use this guide.

Get the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon

The new Wonder Weapon is very powerful and is required for a later stage of the Easter Egg. So, you should be working towards acquiring it as soon as possible, or at least while completing the other steps of the quests. There are four ways to earn the weapon:

  • You could get lucky and grab it from the mystery box,
  • Build it by completing the side quest (video below),
  • Get it through the Der Eisendrache arcade machine reward,
  • Or earn it through trials (the easiest method). Just complete around four or five trials until you get to the Legendary tier. There’s a good chance that your reward will be the Chrysalax.
Forsaken - How to Build the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon Easter Egg Guide #BlackOpsColdWarZombies

Push the Button to Open the Shutter

After the lockdown has been lifted, you can begin the Easter Egg.

In the Observation Tower, to the left of the teleporter that you arrived through, is a red button on the wall. There will be no interact prompt but hold the usual button (‘square’ on PlayStation), when close, to push it. After this, a cutscene will play, setting up your objective for the map and the main characters. Pay attention to the dialogue as it gives you several hints which may help you progress.

The button can be easy to miss.

The button can be easy to miss.

Collect the Parts for the Neutralizer

This is actually the main objective for the Forsaken Easter Egg, although it will take some time, this guide will help you through. There are three parts that you need, each requiring a short task to be completed.

Fuel Tank

Go to the Fuel Processing area, which is just past Burger Town in the same area as the teleporter that you had to fix earlier. Here are four fuel silos, each with a panel that can be interacted with. If playing solo, you only need to activate one, but if you’re playing in a team, all players must activate one each at the same time. Once this is done, a lockdown will start where you have to survive for a few minutes. As you kill enemies, the silos will fill with a reddish glowing fuel. Once full, the fuel tank will fall down in the middle, pick this up.

Having the Chrysalax by this stage will be useful as it will be difficult to survive otherwise.

Having the Chrysalax by this stage will be useful as it will be difficult to survive otherwise.

Housing Unit

The next part is found in the Board Room, in the Bunker area. To the right of the door that you first enter through will be an object in the upper corner. To get this down you must make an Abomination (the new 3-headed elite) charge into it. Simply, wait for one to spawn and stand in the corner to force it to attack. Move out of the way once it starts running and it should knock the device off the wall for you to pick up. If this doesn’t work, try again at a different angle. It is best to do this at the end of the round with just one or two zombies left as there’s not much space to move around.

This part will be hanging in the corner here, use the minimap to help find this location.

This part will be hanging in the corner here, use the minimap to help find this location.

Monitoring Device

The final part is located in the TV store but you must go to the arcade first to get access to it. Opposite the Der Eisendrache pinball machine is a ‘Grand Prix’ arcade. Use either the Tesla Storm field upgrade or shock a zombie with the Dead Wire ammo mod next to the arcade machine. This will allow you to buy a special ARC-XD that is required for the next step.


Spend 2000 essence to get one and drive it across the road to the TV Store. Once there, go behind the counter and knock open the small vent. Go through the vent into the next room, then jump and detonate the RC car between the shelf and the right wall. This should break open a hole where you can grab the monitor. If this didn’t work, try again as you can just re-buy the ARC-XD if you have the money.

This is where the 'Grand Prix' machine is located, the vent in the TV Shop is quite easy to find.

This is where the ‘Grand Prix’ machine is located, the vent in the TV Shop is quite easy to find.

Fill the Fuel Tank with Crystals

After you’ve pushed the button earlier three big purple crystals will have appeared across the map, which you’ve no doubt noticed. One is located in the starting spawn area, another is in the Amplifier, and the third is on the Storage Zone 5 Rooftops on Main Street.

Use the SMG version of the Chrysalax (‘up’ on the d-pad) to first shoot the floating orbs. They will get faster as you destroy them, so stand in their path and hip-fire. Next, use the axe version to break the large crystal. Inside you will find a shard. Pick this up and it will replace your tactical grenade slot.

The crystals will also spawn in a lot of zombies when you're near, so be careful.

The crystals will also spawn in a lot of zombies when you’re near, so be careful.

You must now throw this grenade at an abomination. The creature will eat it, and afterwards, its tail will glow orange. Kill the abomination and it will drop another orange crystal. Once you pick it up, you’ll see that the fuel tank in the scoreboard menu will be a third-filled with a red liquid. Repeat this a total of three times, once for each of the three big purple crystals. You shouldn’t have an issue with finding abominations but if you do, just kill regular zombies to go through the rounds.

Build the Neutralizer

With the fuel tank filled, I will now guide you through the final stage of the Forsaken Easter Egg. At the end of Main Street by the Tombstone perk machine, there will be a crafting table. Hold interact to build the neutralizer, being careful not to be killed by zombies from behind. A series of audio lines will play and now you’re at the point of no return. Ensure that you’re fully equipped with perks, armour, and upgrades. Prioritise getting the Chrysalax to Pack-a-Punch tier three; your other weapon shouldn’t be needed. Spend the rest of your money on as many perks as possible and get level three armour – you will also get a chance to buy stuff just before the boss fight in a bit.

Build the neutralizer here, then keep an eye out for the orange crystals once it starts moving.

Build the neutralizer here, then keep an eye out for the orange crystals once it starts moving.

Activate the neutralizer from the crafting table and it will form a blue bubble and break the barrier in front of you. You must now stay within the bubble as it moves down the road. However, you will need to constantly refuel it with orange crystals along the way. Shoot these to pick up a shard and take it back to the neutralizer. You can only do one at a time as you’re forced to leave the bubble and will take damage every second. Zombies will continue to spawn as well. I’d recommend switching between the axe and SMG versions of the Wonder Weapon to kill enemies and break crystals, respectively.

By getting as many as possible, you will make it to a large door. You’ll know you’re at the end when a Pack-a-Punch, Wunderfizz, crafting table, and armour station appear. This is the final chance you’ll get to prepare for the boss fight. So spend all your money if you need to and make use of your salvage. Buying a support, such as a death machine, can be very useful.

Boss Fight

You must now face The Forsaken itself, with the help of Maxis. Keep moving as he has a variety of attacks such as lighting bolts and moving orbs, plus regular enemies will continue to spawn.

This is the final showdown, but it isn't too difficult, even when solo.

This is the final showdown, but it isn’t too difficult, even when solo.

  • You must start by destroying the two crystal clusters located on his shoulders which will deplete his blue armour health bar. Again, the SMG Chrysalax is your best friend here.
  • Next, switch to the axe and kill zombies under Maxis, in the purple ring, so she can charge one of the two huge energy cannons. Keep an eye on the bar on the left of your HUD to see when they’re fully charged.
  • Once they’re ready, interact with one and shoot into the fiery areas, by holding down the button, where The Forsaken’s armour was to deal damage to his health.

Once his health is half gone, you’ll be teleported away briefly before returning for the second stage of the fight. Your tactics will be the same, however, but The Forsaken will be more aggressive and have new attacks. This time his armour will be on his stomach and then his head. So destroy them (now one at a time) and again charge and fire the cannon. After the headshot, his health will be at zero but you must still survive a little bit longer. Then the final cutscene will play.

Well done, you’ve reached the end of this guide and have completed the Forsaken Easter Egg.


(Videos by: MrWilliamThor, MrRoflWaffles)


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