Ranking the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Eggs From Easiest To Hardest

Now that all the Zombies maps have been released for Black Ops Cold War, it's time to find out which has the easiest Easter Egg by ranking them. Some of them will test all your skills while others will test your level of patience. If you need help with any of them, a good in-depth guide will help.

Ranking the Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Eggs From Easiest To Hardest

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies has various Easter Eggs to complete, and this is their ranking from easiest to hardest. Over the course of the past year, five quests have been released in addition to the one at launch. This year has been a great opportunity for newcomers to attempt their first Easter Egg due to their relative easiness compared to past games. In general, the steps make more sense and you aren’t required to play with a team.

However, while all of them can be done (at least with the help of a guide) by anyone, not all of them are equal. This article will rank all six in terms of their overall difficulty. If you want to start with the easiest, or you just know what to expect before tackling them in order, read on to find out.

Call of Duty fans can currently check out The Haunting event that is currently taking place in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Players can try out the new ghost-filled Battle Royale mode, a spooky new design for Nuketown, all-new multiplayer modes, and finally, Halloween-themed Zombies experiences. The event will run until November 2nd, so be sure to complete the challenges to unlock the new LAPA SMG before then.

Here are guides for all of the Easter Eggs, check them out if you want a little help when tackling them:

1. Easiest – Outbreak 2, Operation Excision

The second Outbreak Easter Egg in Cold War is definitely the easiest. Known as Operation Excision you have to make contact with Omega defectors and get them to safety. This quest is very short and the steps themselves are simple. You basically just have to arbitrarily go from one place to another without much in the way of gameplay challenge or complications. Of course, without a guide, you may struggle to find the red rift, Aether orb, or broken mystery box but that’s just artificially increasing the difficulty in a way that isn’t exactly fun.

The only steps you may struggle with are defending the bunny in the box and the final boss fight. Although, if you take your time to get a load of perks and upgraded weapons, it will be much less of a challenge. The hardest thing to contend with might just be the various bugs and glitches that can disrupt progress.

The boss fight, if it can be called that, is just another Orda combined with a regular exfil. This is something that you may have already done in Outbreak as an optional world event or for the Firebase Z Easter Egg. There is plenty of space to run around and by the time you’re at this stage your guns should be upgraded enough to take care of the Orda.

This quest basically just sets up Mauer Der Toten.

This quest basically just sets up Mauer Der Toten.

2. Forsaken

The final and most recent map is Forsaken. This Cold War Zombies Easter Egg is also one of the easiest. It acts as the conclusion to the story as players must attempt to kill or capture the entity known as The Forsaken with the help of Samantha Maxis. This quest has an average level of difficulty for Cold War but what makes it easier than others is that the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon is incredibly strong. With this axe/ SMG in your hands, you won’t have too much trouble going from step to step. It may even be easier solo due to the awkwardness of coordinating a team for the fuel processing stage.

The quest is also pretty quick. Essentially, all you have to do is build the neutralizer, re-fuel it, and fight the boss. If you know what you’re doing and you understand your way around the map this Egg can be done easily on your first try. The Forsaken may seem intimidating and has a lot of attacks but in reality, you can take him down without too much struggle. Again, the Wonder Weapon is your best friend here. As long as you know how the mechanics work with Maxis and the big energy cannons, you won’t be killed. The Chrysalax can take care of the regular enemies and the large play-space allows you to avoid the Forsaken’s attacks.

3. Die Maschine

The launch map for the game was Die Maschine and sets the standard with the most average level of difficulty. It’s not too hard and not too easy. In fact, that’s what makes it perfect to complete for your first Easter Egg. You get a great sense of accomplishment due to the challenge, but it’s not so ridiculous that it alienates lesser-skilled players. Throughout it, you must investigate the Endstation facility and then shut down the particle accelerator.

The bit that takes the most time for this quest is acquiring all four of the Wonder Weapon variants. Although actually doing so is simple, you do have to know where all the parts are located and what to do with them. What can make this quest difficult is that there’s a good chance that it will be your first experience with the game. So you have to get used to how Cold War works and learn the best strategies to survive.

The very last couple of steps can seem daunting. Inside the main particle accelerator room, you have to defend Orlov as he fiddles with a few machines. This isn’t technically a boss fight but involves a lot of enemies in a small area. The Megatons leave toxic pools everywhere, which will cause you to take a lot of damage, and they tank a lot of hits. If Orlov is attacked, he will stop what he’s doing, making this stage take longer. Essentially, you have to be constantly aware of what’s going on. After this step, you have to make it to the exfil site while avoiding electricity bolts that can kill you immediately. It can be very frustrating to make it all the way to the end only to fall at the final hurdle.

The Megatons are your biggest threat here.

The Megatons are your biggest threat here.

4. Firebase Z

Now we’re getting the hardest Easter Eggs in Black Ops Cold War. Firebase Z is probably best described as frustrating rather than outright difficult. It involves a lot of running back and forth and a Mimic-trapping stage which will make you want to tear your hair out. In terms of the narrative context, your mission is to free Maxis from the Dark Aether.

Most of the Easter Egg is spent finding specific items, as usual, but once you get to the Mimic trap step things get really hard. First of all, capturing the specific three you need is very annoying as they don’t always spawn in and you can accidentally kill them or get killed yourself. Throughout this stage, you will inevitably burn through the rounds, making everything progressively harder. The next bit is about getting three crystals. One of which forces you to identify the right one out of about 20 nearly identical ones. Get it wrong and you’ll be swarmed by Mimics.

Then finally, after some fiddly satellite alignment, there is a boss fight. While it is just an Orda, the nature of the battle means that you can get stuck in a corner and die very easily. It takes place in the village area with the Orda blocking the road. The big guy has all its usual attacks that can hit you anywhere, plus a slam attack that insta-kills everything on the road. It can be difficult to get clear because Mimics and Manglers can get in your way. Its high amount of health also makes the fight drag on and while you can buy armour and perks back, doing so may result in you getting killed from behind.

5. Mauer Der Toten

The second post-launch round-based map, Mauer Der Toten, is the second hardest but is much easier than the next entry. Set on both sides of the Berlin Wall, Mauer Der Toten has some claustrophobic areas and a lot of verticalities. During the main quest, you must close a portal that was opened by the double-agent, Valentina, which is flooding the area with Dark Aether entities  The difficulty comes from the fiddliness of some of the steps, especially in the more cramped environments. Plus, once again it concludes with a major boss fight.

Throughout the quest, you’ll be constantly swarmed by various special and elite enemies requiring you to be nimble when navigating through the underground areas. The step where you must get Klaus to stop the train can be a bit difficult to do properly due to the frustrating nature of Klaus’ movement and the hectic nature of this stage. Also, the plutonium part gives you an always-scary timer which, if it reaches zero, will end your game right there and then. While the amount of time you get is quite lenient, the panic that a timer can cause is intense especially when your health is constantly ticking down as well.

The final boss against Valentina will cause you some trouble if you’re ill-prepared. She has various powerful attacks, one of which will instantly kill you, plus a lot of health and armour, and she will be backed up by zombies and elites. However, this Easter Egg isn’t the hardest because you get plenty of time. There’s no countdown timer and you get a minute or so as she moves around the map to re-buy armour and/ or streaks.

Valentina will destroy you if you don't take your time.

Valentina will destroy you if you don’t take your time.

6. Hardest – Outbreak 1, Operatsiya Inversiya

By far, the hardest Cold War Zombies Easter Egg is the first Outbreak quest, mirroring the second one being the easiest. It requires a lot of tedious searching, there’s a close-quarters area near the end, and the final boss is punishingly difficult. Story-wise, you’re tasked with shutting down the Omega group’s Aether missile programme by finding their location and changing their target. Although, to get there you have to make contact with Maxis and find information left by Ravenov – all of which means you’ll spend a lot of time searching for small hidden items around the maps.

The missile silo area, just before the end is cramped and filled with zombies. You’ll need to be on your toes and constantly fighting while trying to find three keys. To get each one you must complete specific tasks which aren’t exactly easy either. Then this all culminates in the boss fight with the Legion. To kill it, you have to break its armour, which takes a lot of damage, then destroy a floating orb and repeat three times. All of this while loads of zombies, mimics, dogs, and Manglers continue to spawn and try to kill you. There’s also nowhere to get armour or perks once you enter the arena. Plus that’s not all, there’s a nine-minute timer constantly adding a sense of anxiety and panic.

Ultimately, this easter egg is time-consuming, requires a lot of preparation, and will require you to be at the top of your game throughout. It only gets harder as time goes on culminating in the hardest boss fight in the game. The only easy part of it is in the early stages where you can take your time in the open Outbreak maps.

So this is my list of the easiest Easter Eggs in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Do you agree with the rankings, or did you somehow take out the Legion with ease? All of our guides for these quests are linked throughout, so be sure to give them a try if you haven’t already as they can be a lot of fun, even the hardest ones.

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