How to Complete the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Easter Egg

Nuketown '84 has been released for Black Ops Cold War, and of course, there's a mannequin Easter Egg. This time themed around 80s retro gaming. Follow this guide to find out how to activate the special effect and for tips to achieve it as easily as possible.

How to Complete the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Easter Egg

Ever since the first iteration of the Nuketown multiplayer map with Call of Duty Black Ops in 2010, there has been a special Easter Egg related to shooting the arms and/ or head off of the mannequins around the map. For the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Easter Egg, players can activate one of two 80s video effects inspired by the style of videogames of that era on the new Nuketown ’84. One is a green effect with sharp lines and dark shading, while the other is a blue and pink filter. Also, a new original song plays, which matches the aesthetic.

To do this, you must shoot the heads off of all the mannequins within 90 seconds from after you shoot the first one. Simply load up a custom match without any bots and get to work. You don’t need to shoot the arms off at all, and there’s no separate Easter Egg if you do. The hardest part is probably finding all the mannequins as their positions change every time you load up the map, and it’s easy to miss one that’s hiding in a dark corner.

It will be much easier if you get a group of friends together as each person can focus on a small section of the map, but note that the number of mannequins will increase (there’s 28 if you’re on your own). However, it is not impossible to do it on your own, but you’ll just have to be fast and accurate and plan accordingly.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Nuketown '84 Easter Egg

The key is to figure out the best route around the map that is efficient and should mean that you won’t miss any. The route I used in the video above seemed to work quite well. I’d recommend walking slowly through the map on your first try to identify the possible locations for the mannequins, and so you know what they all look like, then you can get faster once you learn the map. It will help to set up a class that maximises movement speed but also accuracy. So an assault rifle or SMG will be best, plus extended mags so that reloading doesn’t slow you down.

If you’ve done everything right, the Easter Egg will activate immediately after you shoot the final head. It is random as to which of the two effects that you’ll get, so you might have to run through it a few times if you want to see both. By that point, you should be an expert at mannequin assassinations, and you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the funky music and visuals that the Black Ops Cold War Nuketown Easter Egg has to offer.

For more complex and demanding Easter Eggs, Black Ops Cold War also includes a zombies mode with the launch map, Die Maschine, proving to be great fun for casual players and Easter Egg hunters alike.

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