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Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide: Black Ops Cold War Zombies

This guide will show you how to complete the Firebase Z main easter egg. It will take you step by step through the main quest with tips and tricks along the way. This is designed for solo players but the strategies vary little with a team.

Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide - Black Ops Cold War Zombies

The main Easter Egg for Firebase Z can be completed easily by following this guide. When tackling something like this in Call of Duty Zombies it can be initially very daunting and confusing. This walkthrough will detail what you need to do and the best ways to do it. Follow along as you play or find specific help on any areas which have you stumped. This is structured around a solo play-through, but it is easier to complete with teammates even if they just act as distractions while you complete the objectives.

Before You Start

A little bit of planning is recommended so that you start the game on the best footing.

Starting Weapon

Shotguns are still the best weapons in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The Hauer 77 and Gallo SA12 are the best, while the Streetsweeper takes time to unlock and isn’t even worth it. I’d suggest the Gallo as once Pack-a-Punched, it is basically fully automatic and can be spammed to clear out hordes. The 24.8″ Task Force barrel will massively increase your damage at close range, and the Stanag 12 round tube will give a lot more ammo between reloads.

The best field upgrade to use when playing solo is Aether Shroud. This is invaluable for when you get trapped in a corner by zombies or elite enemies. Simply activate it, and everything will ignore you, and you can escape; the final upgrade even warps you forward a bit to be even safer. Ring of Fire can be good for the final boss fight, but throughout the run, it isn’t really needed. The second upgrade for Healing Aura can also help you if trapped, but you’ll still be in danger after activation. Stims can be used instead to get the healing effect. Likewise, Frost Blast and Energy Mine are next to useless compared to the others.

Perk and Weapon upgrades

Before starting the Easter Egg, ensure that all of your perks and weapons are fully upgraded to level three using the Aetherium Crystals. You’ll need all the extra advantages to keep you alive during the tougher moments, and it will just make the whole process easier and quicker. To do this, it leads to my next tip.

Map and Gameplay Knowledge

Wide knowledge of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, in general, will help on this quest. Knowing how the Pack-a-Punch work, what each perk does and the overall gameplay loop will make your experience of the Firebase Z Easter Egg better. If you’ve completed the Die Maschine quest as well, that’s even better as you’ll somewhat know what to expect.

By playing a lot of the mode, you’ll be earning a lot of Aetherium Crystals needed to upgrade your perks and weapons, as mentioned previously.

It’s also important that you have a good understanding of the layout of the new map. By knowing the names of the locations, it will make following this guide and general navigation of the map easier. 

Now that you’re all set up let’s get into the guide for the Firebase Z Easter Egg itself.

1. Turn the Power and Pack-a-Punch On

Teleport to the outpost and activate all three Aether Reactors around the map. I have already created a separate guide if you need help with this step. However, the game walks you through to this point, and it’s only after this where the steps are more obscure.

2. Speak to Doctor Peck

After going back to Ravenov and powering the Pack-a-Punch, Peck will tell you to come to him. Clearly, there is a lot of running around back and forth between the village and outpost. Therefore it’s a good idea to get Stamin-Up while activating the reactors. You should get any other perks that you want as soon as possible as well.

The shutter will rise once you turn the power on.

The shutter will rise once you turn the power on.

The Doctor is located in the corner of the ground floor of Mission Control. The metal shutter has now been raised in front of the window to his safe room. Press the displayed button the interact (‘square’ on PlayStation) and speak to him. 

3. Collect three Vials

After Peck reveals that he was lying, Ravenov will speak to you. Go back through the teleporter to see him. He will give you his ID keycard, which will allow you to collect the ingredients needed to create a truth serum from three lockers that have keypads on them.

The first one is located in the village opposite the Pack-a-Punch building. Through the door that you initially bought to get to the teleporter, the locker is located to the right before the stairs. This room is called Equipment Storage. Interact with the keypad, the card will be swiped and the door will open. Pick up the compound inside.

The first locker is in the village.

The first locker is in the village.

Teleport to the firebase for the next one. Head to the left towards the Planning Offices. This locker is on the ground floor in Engineering. Collect the next vial.

The next locker is under the Planning Offices.

The next locker is under the Planning Offices.

Finally, the third ingredient is in the Colonel’s Office. This is located upstairs through Military Command and the locker is to the left of the desk.

Finally, this locker is in the Colonel's Office.

Finally, this locker is in the Colonel’s Office.

4. Create Truth Serum

The three compounds will need to be mixed in the Field Hospital, located just before the Data Center, near the Barracks. On the table to the left of the main entrance, you will see a centrifuge chemical mixer and a small machine. Interact with the mixer to place the vials, and it will start spinning. Be careful as some will spill, attracting a load of Hellhounds. Survive against this onslaught, then transfer the serum to the delivery system and pick it up.

Create the truth serum here.

Create the truth serum here.

5. Place on Air Vent

Head back towards Mission Control but go to the roof above Peck’s location. Below and to the left of the big OPC dome, you’ll see an air vent/ air conditioning unit in the corner. Place the serum on top of it, and a purple-ish gas will begin to be released into the room.

The location to deploy the serum can be found in this corner.

The location to deploy the serum can be found in this corner.

6. Watch Peck Dance

Return to the window, and he will begin to react to the gas. He will gradually succumb and begin doing the waltz with a non-existent woman called Martha. This goes on for an uncomfortably long time. Interact with him if the prompt appears, and eventually, Weaver will interrupt him. Peck will then guide you to the next stage of the Easter Egg for Firebase Z.

7. Pick up Essence Trap

Go to the Data Center and head to the left through the entrance at the top of the stairs. You can unlock a machine along the wall. Pick up one of the four Essence Traps highlighted in yellow. This item will replace your tactical grenade slot and will be used a lot for the following stage.

Pick up Essence Traps and return captured Mimics here.

Pick up Essence Traps and return captured Mimics here.

8. Trap three Mimics

This step is probably the most time-consuming and frustrating of the whole process. So don’t get too annoyed if it takes a long time because once this is done, the rest is relatively easy.

Get the RAI K Now

While doing this step, it’s a good idea to get the new Wonder Weapon, the R.A.I. K.-84. It is required for a later step and is very powerful at slaying the undead. This can be done in one of four ways: By getting lucky with the Mystery Box, by completing a few trials to get to the legendary reward, by crafting it for free or by doing the bunny secret seen below.

I’d recommend getting it through the trials reward. It takes about three trials to get to legendary, and they aren’t too hard, and the chances of getting the RAI K seem to be quite high. Trying the Mystery Box method can be depressing as the odds are tiny at low rounds. Similarly, crafting the weapon takes longer than doing the trials, is more difficult and the final dartboard step is very annoying.


Trapping the Mimics

This step requires you to trap three specific Mimics and playback their memories. To do this, you must lower their health as low as possible (aim for 10-20% remaining), throw down the trap, then double-tap your reload/ interact button, while the mimic is close, to capture it. If its health is low enough, the trap will turn purple on top and the mimic won’t break out. Now you have three minutes to take it back to the machine where you got it from. Interact with the machine (do this to the right of the other traps, so you don’t replace the one you’re carrying) to playback the message. You need a voice line from the characters called Sokolov, Brahms and Zabim (turn on subtitles, so you know who’s speaking).

The issue with this stage is that there are loads of other characters that are useless. To ensure that you’ve got the characters that you need, the Mimics must transform from fake items on the ground. Run around areas such as the Motor Pool, Military Command, Colonel’s Office, Village keeping an eye out for salvage, equipment, streak, etc., that can’t be picked up; some will become Mimics.

Keep an eye out for fake items such as this one.

Keep an eye out for fake items such as this one.

If you can’t find any, just move onto the next round and some more fake items should spawn. Once you’ve returned a trap, don’t forget to pick up another before leaving. Once this step is finally done, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you’ve finished the hardest part of the Firebase Z Easter Egg; hopefully, this guide has made it a little less annoying.

9. Take Floppy Disk

A floppy disc will now come out of the machine next to the essence traps. Pick this up and take it to the Planning Offices. Interact with the machine to the right of the door to insert the floppy disk. This will activate and open the OPC in front of you. Go up the stairs and enter the dome. However, the portal will fail to materialise fully.

Take the floppy disk to this machine.

Take the floppy disk to this machine.

10. Return to Peck

Speak to this guy again, and he will tell you how to fix the portal. You must now gather three crystals, but first, there are a couple of things you need. To begin, Ravenov will give you a code to the locker to the left of the window. You don’t need to remember the numbers; just interact with the keypad as usual. This will give you the Aethermeter.

Next, turn around and head outside to the Scorched Defense. In the bunker on the left, you need to pick up the shovel resting against the wall on the right-hand side.

Find the shovel in this bunker near the sentry turret.

Find the shovel in this bunker near the sentry turret.

11. Find three Aetherium Crystals

The crystals can be found in any order and will appear in your inventory once you’ve successfully obtained them. To find the spots to dig, a beeping will get progressively faster as you get closer.

Crystal One – Open Lot

In the open lot in front of the Engineering and Planning Offices, you must dig in the corner by the stairs. Loads of crystals will now appear around the area, some outside and others inside. However, you only need one, and the rest are Mimics. The one you want to pick up will only have white smoke around the crystal inside the canister, while the others will have white and black.

It's harder to tell the difference in a screenshot, but the real one will be a little brighter as well.

It’s harder to tell the difference in a screenshot, but the real one will be a little brighter as well.

Take your time here to make sure you have the correct one because if you’re wrong, all the fake canisters will turn into Mimics, and you’ll have to kill them and wait until the next round to try again. This is where an extra teammate is useful to keep the last zombie distracted. Although when playing solo, you can use monkey bombs, decoys or use Aether Shroud to make some space, or you can lead them away and sprint back to check the crystals.

Crystal Two – Jungle Defense

At the far end of the Jungle Defense area, you must dig a small mound of dirt. This will cause the crystal to come out of the ground, and a green bubble will form around it. You must survive for a couple of minutes inside the bubble while Manglers, Mimics, Hellhounds and zombies spawn. It is very useful to have both your guns Pack-a-Punched to at least level one and to have level three armour for this bit.

Eventually, the bubble will disappear, and you can pick up the crystal and move on.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed in the bubble.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed in the bubble.

Crystal Three – Barracks

To the left of the stairs to the Data Center and just outside the door to the Field Hospital, you’ll find another place to dig. This crystal will come out of the ground and immediately teleport somewhere nearby. Follow the pink beam to find where it has teleported to. From a distance, use the RAI K’s alternate firing mode (‘up’ on the d-pad) on the crystal to stop it moving, then run over and collect it.

Be careful not to get too close or it will teleport again.

Be careful not to get too close or it will teleport again.

Now go to the Aether Reactors that you used to turn the power on. Place a crystal in each. You can use the jump pads nearby to speed up this process.

12. Return to OPC

Now go back to the big dome once again. Go up the stairs and look at the portal. Shockingly, something will go wrong again. This time it’s because Peck has tricked you as the truth serum has worn off. After a short while, Weaver will come up with a new plan and tell you what to do.

13. Align Satellite

This step can be fiddley but shouldn't take too long.

This step can be fiddley but shouldn’t take too long.

You’re getting close to the end of the Firebase Z Easter Egg (and thus this guide as well) now. In the Planning Offices, you can interact with a display to realign the radar dish to a Requiem satellite. Use the d-pad to move the blue dot over the orange ones. You must find the one that shows a question mark in the bottom right corner of the screen, not the US or Soviet flag. Be aware that you’re not safe while doing this. Zombies will still attack you, so if you’re solo, follow similar tactics as with crystal one and select the satellite quickly.

14. Reactivate OPC

A massive red laser will now come down from space and power up the facility. Go back up the stairs and use the console on the right. This will now trigger a cutscene.

15. Fight the Boss

The cutscene will take you to the village where you must fight the Elder God boss called Orda. As long as you keep moving and are focused, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Prepare for an epic fight.

Prepare for an epic fight.

Firstly, note that the Pack-a-Punch, armour station, Der Wunderfizz, ammo box and crafting bench are still accessible. Therefore if you need last-minute upgrades or if you go down, you can resupply and re-equip yourself as long as you have the salvage and/ or points. Prioritise Pack-a-Punching the RAI K as high as possible, get level three armour and get Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Stamin-Up, Quick Revive and then the rest of the perks if possible.

Don’t focus exclusively on Orda as elite enemies and zombies will still be everywhere. Only shoot the boss when you’ve got a bit of space. Avoid the road in front of it as it can perform a slam attack that will kill you in one hit. Periodically a fire-hole will open where its head should be – this is a critical hit spot where you’ll do a lot more damage.

Once the boss is killed, a final cutscene will play.

Congratulations, you have completed the Firebase Z Easter Egg, thanks to this wonderful guide!

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