Tears of the Kingdom | The Mysterious Eighth Quest Guide (All Gerudo Orb Locations)

Learn where you can find all 7 Gerudo Orbs for The Mysterious Eighth quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with this easy guide. The Mysterious Eighth is the second quest in a small quest chain in Gerudo Town which, when completed, will award a bunch of great weapons and items.

Tears of the Kingdom | The Mysterious Eighth Quest Guide (All Gerudo Orb Locations)

There are a bunch of different quests to do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Whether you’re doing the main story and discovering the secrets of where Zelda disappeared to, an in-depth set of side quests to uncover the ancient history of Hyrule or just trying to find some dudes Cuckoos, there are plenty of different ways for Link to help out Hyrule’s citizens. Some of these quests offer some neat rewards, too, making them even more worth the effort. One such example is a short quest chain in Gerudo Town, one which asks you to locate several strange objects around the desert.

The Mysterious Eighth is the second quest in the chain started by The Seven Heroines’ Secret. The rewards for completing this quest are very lucrative, including a Silver Rupee, tons of Gerudo weapons and some gemstones to boot. You need to find 7 Gerudo Orbs scattered around the Gerudo Desert: some of these Orbs are relatively easy to find, while others are very out of the way or ask you to complete some sort of task before acquiring them. Tracking down all 7 yourself can be a pain, which is where this guide comes in. 

Here’s how to complete The Mysterious Eighth quest and find all 7 Gerudo Orbs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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How to Start The Mysterious Eighth

To start The Mysterious Eighth quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to complete another quest in Gerudo Town first. The Mysterious Eighth is the second quest in the chain that starts with the quest The Seven Heroines’ Secret. If you want to know how to complete that quest, you can find our guide on it here on KeenGamer.

Right after you’ve completed The Seven Heroines’ Secret, the NPC involved in that quest (a Gerudo named Rotana) will ask you to accompany her to another part of the Gerudo Shelter. There’ll be a strange Orb at her feet that you should bring with you. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a strange room with seven stone statues, each of which is holding out their hands.

Rotana speculates that, if you find all seven of the orbs and place them back in their slots, something will happen which may reveal the secret of the Eighth Heroine. You already have the first Orb, leaving 6 more scattered around the Gerudo Desert. Now, it’s your job to find them and bring them back.

All Gerudo Orb Locations

Orb 1

The first Gerudo Orb can be found inside the Gerudo Shelter below the palace. It’s on the opposite side of the shelter to the statues, specifically located in the sleeping quarters next to the bar and the jail. To reach it, you’ll need to get ready to use the Ascent ability.

Once you’re in the sleeping quarters, look up at the walls at you’ll see several hollowed-out areas where the Gerudo would sleep. One such hollow happens to contain the first Gerudo Orb you’re looking for. Unfortunately, it’s too high to glide to and climbing is very awkward here.

The solution is to stand below this hollow and use Ascend to punch right through the floor. Then, you can simply pick up the Orb and carry it back to Rotana. Don’t forget to pick up the gemstones which are also in the hollow before leaving.

First Orb

First Orb

Orb 2

The second Gerudo Orb is also in the shelter. It’s in an even easier place to reach than the first one. 

You’ll be heading back to the right side of the shelter. This time, enter the bar. The Gerudo Bar will be next to an empty table, waiting patiently on the floor for you to pick up and carry back to Rotana.

Second Orb

Second Orb

Orb 3

For the next four Orbs, you’ll head out into Gerudo Town and beyond. The third Orb is pretty easy to find, as it’s just sitting around on the street waiting for you.

As soon as you enter Gerudo Town through the main gate, head left towards the Sand Seal enclosure. Before you get to the enclosure, a small set of stairs leads to a little storage area. The next Orb is resting next to a Gerudo Spear in this area. Simply carry it back to Rotana to secure the next Orb.

Third Orb

Third Orb

Orb 4

The fourth Gerudo Orb in TotK is close to the last one. Start at the main entrance to Gerudo Town again but look directly to the right as soon as you enter. 

The next Orb is just sitting there. Try and pick it up, though, and you’ll be stopped by a nearby Gerudo girl called Dalia. She’ll explain that she found the Orb after it rolled into town from the sand shroud and, if you want to take it from her, you’ll have to play a game first. Finish conversing and you’ll be directed back to the Gerudo Shelter.

Dalia will ask you to find her stuffed Sand Seal, which she’s hidden somewhere in the shelter, in a certain amount of time. Once you’ve found it (mine was in the room with the training dummies), Dalia will let you borrow the ball. At this point, you just need to go and grab it from where you first met Dalia and take it back to Rotana.

Fourth Orb

Fourth Orb

Orb 5

Get your climbing shoes on for Orb number 5. This one is located in Gerudo Town again, to the left of the Palace and up high on a bit of broken building. The area underneath this bit is a house which gives you easy Ascent access if you don’t feel like climbing. 

When you get up here, you may be surprised to see… nothing. There’s no orb. At least, not one you can see. What you will see is a pile of sand resting on the roof which can be blown away with the wind from a Korok Leaf weapon or a Fan Zonai Device. 

This will reveal the fifth Orb beneath, allowing you to take it back home to its statue.

Fifth Orb

Fifth Orb

Orb 6

The final Gerudo Orb in Tears of the Kingdom is the most annoying. That’s mostly because it’s the only Orb not located in Gerudo Town. To find this one, you need to go to the Kara Kara Bazar slightly northeast of the town. 

Upon reaching there, you should find two Hylian men looking out in the direction towards Gerudo Town, both of them relenting on the loss of their leader. At their feet is the final Gerudo Orb but, like with Dalia, they won’t give it to you while their leader is missing. The only hint they’ll give about his whereabouts is that he likely fell one of the desert’s many sinkholes.

The leader in question is at the end of the Oasis Source, which can be accessed via the well in the Kara Kara Bazaar. He’s right at the end of the well, huddled close to the sinkhole entrance. If he isn’t there, try entering from the sinkhole instead, which can be found just outside of the Kara Kara outskirts. Speak to him, break the path blocked by rocks behind him, and he’ll be able to return to his mates. 

Once you’ve done that, speak to the three of them once again and they’ll give you the Gerudo Orb as a reward for saving their leader. The only problem now is lugging it back to Gerudo Town. We recommend building some sort of cart or sand buggy using Ultrahand, as you can just attach the Orb to the vehicle, but simply walking back is a viable option. Slot it in the statue next to Rotana and the final Gerudo Orb will be back home.

Sixth Orb

Sixth Orb

Unlocking Gerudo Sanctuary

With all 7 Orbs safely tucked away in the hands of their associated statutes, the ground will begin to shake. This will open up a new path in the middle of the circle. Rotana will kindly ask you to go in first and, upon entering, you’ll be met with a gigantic Gerudo Orb as well as a plack describing the location of the Eighth Heroine’s statue.

Speaking to Rotana once again will give you some more pointers. North of Gerudo Town is the North Gerudo Ruins. This is the area you visited when meeting Riju for the first time in Tears of the Kingdom. The plack describes a location called Gerudo Sanctuary, an area underneath the North Gerudo Ruins, and Rotana will ask you to bring this final Orb to the Ruins for research purposes.

As such, the final part of the quest is dragging this massive Gerudo Orb through Gerudo Town, out into the desert and up to the top of the North Ruins. There isn’t much to speed this bit up, you just need to lug it over. Fortunately, there shouldn’t be any enemies to impede you so walk on over to the Ruins to continue.

Carrying the Final Key

Carrying the Final Key

Once you’ve made it to the Ruins, there will be a hole in the floor. Inside is an indent that the Gerudo Orb will fit into. This will open up a gate and allow Link into a completely new area below the Ruins.

Follow the winding caverns and eventually, you’ll wind up in the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room, the final piece of the puzzle for this quest. There’s another Stelae in the centre telling the tale of the final Heroine – who ends up being a voe – and a bunch of weapons and gemstones surrounding the room. You can pillage as much as you like, so be sure to grab anything not nailed down.

After this, return to Rotana to complete the quest. She’ll even throw in a Silver Rupee for your troubles.

Statue of the Eighth Heroine

Statue of the Eighth Heroine

That was where to find all 7 of the Gerudo Orbs for the Mysterious Eighth quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


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