Tears of the Kingdom | Gutanbac Shrine Guide

Our guide on Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gives you the tools to speed run your way to the Gutanbac Shrine! The tundra may bite at the Hylian’s body, but with enough crafting know-how and creative traversing, you’ll get to Gutanbac Shrine quickly and safely!

Tears of the Kingdom Gutanbac Shrine Guide

Compared to Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom offers a fresh perspective on the Legend of Zelda series. Featuring massive improvements to the quality of life, crafting systems, and a reimagining of the world, TOTK has a lot to offer. In the tutorial area, Sky Island, the player is introduced to the game if they haven’t played BoTW before. From its beautiful views to the majesty of Gutanbac Shrine! It leaves one wondering if the developers intended such an immersive opening to the story. In addition to being a starting point, Sky Island has its own unique challenges! 

Cold is one of the unavoidable dangers that the developers want you to know right away. If you do a little searching, you can also find the Archaic Warm outfit along with a near-infinite amount of spicy peppers. In addition, the Gutanbac Shrine is directly located on one of the peaks. The mountain looms over new players, presenting a seemingly grueling experience if you follow the traditional path. In Tears of the Kingdom, your sheer creativity is the most powerful tool! 

General Tips

When it comes to traversing the Gutanbac Shrine region of Sky Island, it’s important to keep time management, and creativity in mind. Link requires a fair amount of healing items, cold resistance; and ammunition to deal with the many creatures that can be spotted around the Bottomless Cave. Climbing and swimming should be avoided unless the player is sure of how they’ll get out of the situation. Keeping yourself in a limited combat scenario until you’ve at least finished the shrine and acquired the cold resistance item. 

To this degree, Link will have the advantage of not taking damage from the extreme weather of the location. It’s also imperative that the player be aware of the path they want to take to reach the mountain. Icy water can cause cold damage even if Link has cold resistance; draining his stamina quicker. It’s easy to slip off of ledges or get routed with the limited cold resistance timers. Be aware of cook pots, and talk to NPCs where available! 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #3


Spicy Food Crafting

The most important thing Link needs to survive in these tundra conditions is, of course, a spicy meal! Spicy food made with spicy peppers and any choice of material you’ve gathered will allow Link to survive via cold resistance. This is very similar to the Breath of the Wild system, however, the most important thing one can make through the cooking mechanic is sizzling peppers. Anything spicy-related allows Link to survive for a heightened period, however, at first, this simple recipe allows you to succeed. Simply adding a full stack of Spicy Peppers to the cooking pot!

Sizzling Peppers grants Link an astounding twelve and a half minutes of cold resistance; so with about two or three of them, you’ll have more than enough time to fully traverse, and gather everything in the area! Spicy peppers are in abundance both around the mountain and throughout its bottomless cave section; making it especially easy to get access to them. Cook pots will be located throughout the mountain, some unguarded; others accompanied by friendly NPCs!

Ultra Hand Exploitation

One of the easiest ways to get passed the aggressively slippery ice of the bottomless cave region is to simply use the debris and materials around you in tandem with Ultra hand to create bridges and stairs. Some of the most useful items that you can use to achieve this are undoubtedly mixing basic wooden planks of tree logs with crates and rocks to create a scaling beam. These beams act as great traversal points that have points of contact that line up along the wall; giving you time to climb up it before it slides down. These quick methods of getting up the mountain make getting to Gutanbac Shrine quick and easy!

Another riskier method is to simply attach multiple fans to a crate or plank facing down; placing it upon another and climbing up before activating it. This will create a temporary sky elevator that allows you to reach high places your stamina would not allow you to. In this sense, you could also use Ultrahand as a method of quickly avoiding combat, as well as precious cold resistance points from spicy foods until after you’ve gotten to the Gutanbac Shrine. Ultrahand makes a great offensive weapon in this early stage as well as a well times crate or log over an enemy’s head can prove fatal!

Ultra-hand-crafted vehicles like a fan powered cart!

Ultra-hand-crafted vehicles like a fan powered cart!

Fuse Exploitation

The Fuse ability can prove to be one of the best ways to get through combat with relative ease! Using items like the fire emitter, the fan, stones, or mining carts; you can turn a simple wooden weapon into a valuable tool of destruction! Early on, fire emitters acquired through the Gatcha artifact that trades machine horns for these parts will give you quick and easy access to powerful elemental weapons! Fuse is one of the most unique weapons in this case since the flame throwers are created from large sticks and the fire emitter gives quick bursts of continuous fire damage. Not only warming Link but decimating enemies quickly and efficiently!

Making large weapons with stones, mining carts, and logs will provide excellent throwing potential. These large weapons can knock back the opponent, dealing a massive amount of damage; and offering Link precious moments to use his archery skills against the machines! In this sense, the Fuse ability allows you to add items like fire fruit and bomb flowers that make your archery damage even more effective! All of these weapon upgrades can turn Link into more of an alchemic menace that can turn everyday items into weapons of mass destruction! With these weapons, you’ll quickly and effectively make your way to Gutanbac Shrine!

Bottomless Cave

Getting to Gutanbac Shrine will be very difficult without traversing the area known as Bottomless Cave. The location, Bottomless Cave is a large tunnel system that leads from part way up the mountain towards the top of it. When traversing this area you’ll encounter not only multiple enemies but a wealth of crafting materials. These crafting materials include spicy peppers, meat, and plenty of cooking pots. These items will assist Link by making plenty of high-value food items for later, as well as keeping him stocked on cold resistance items while making his way toward the shrine!

Luckily, while traversing in the cave, there is little need for cold resistance as there is a passive buffer zone created by the cave walls. Once cleared out, this cave can provide a great harboring point when exploring in case you catch yourself in a hard spot. With the weapons you’ll craft from the Fuse ability, this area is easily cleared out, as well as gets you closer to one of the most important exploits in getting yourself to Gutanbac Shrine!

Located around the 0759, -1340. 1587 coordinates; this location offers brutally cold conditions; and plenty of adventure to come!

Gutanbac Shrine Location along with Bottomless Cave

Cave Creatures

When dealing with the Bottomless Cave, Link will have to combat several enemies. Some of them include the stereotypical machine enemies who will attempt to enter melee or ranged combat, as well as slime-like creatures, called Chuchus. These Chuchus are capable of freezing Link, causing even more cold damage over time; and causing a form of stun lock. Similarly, occasionally some of the machines that can be found will be carrying weapons with fire emitters.

In both cases; weapons dealing fire damage will make short work of any enemy in this region. It’s incredibly important for Link to pick and choose his battles in the beginning of traversing this location; staying on the path until they’ve acquired the adequate clothing to come back and deal with the enemies alone. The stress of dealing with cold resistance, as well as enemies which can set Link on fire, should be avoided. If it’s unavoidable, enemies can be dealt with via rubies on arrows for fireball-like damage!

The Mouth of the Cave

Once Link exits the Bottomless Cave, the scenery easily distracts the player from the fact that there are both a pathway; and the usual icy walls behind the cave. An additional feature of these ice walls is a set of large thick, very climbable tree roots. These tree roots have a particular set that curve and bend inwards; climb these. While climbing, Link will require multiple breaks in the form of just stopping on the inward bends. With two or three of these rests, you can quickly make your way up toward the shrine and avoid an additional five minutes of walking up and around the path itself. 

These roots also provide the player with a safe point to traverse back down the mountain if they wish to explore more of it. Alternatively, Link’s capable of climbing down the same way you made your way up it. These roots act as a vital means of speed-running the location. Changing a relatively stressful experience into a quick and easy one! Once you’ve found the shrine, don’t waste any time in making your way inside, and finishing the challenge, the Arise ability has one of the easiest shrines of the opening abilities!

The Mouth of the Cave leading out towards the shrine is climbable, with parts that act as flat resting spots! This makes traversing up the mountain quick and efficent!

The mouth of the cave has tree roots capable of being climbed!

Arise Acquired

Once Link has acquired the Arise ability, this region is incredibly easy to traverse through. For starters, you can go up the initial ramp continuing your way up the mountain. Once above the ledge, move towards the ruin and acquire the first cold resistance item available to Link in-game! Additionally, there are several locations with valuables and good crafting items throughout the icy landscape. For this, of course, you should continue with the story and return once you’ve acquired more adequate protection! The opening outfit you acquire, once you’ve reached the first town, should prove good enough to adequately return. 

Using Arise within this location can make the entire experience a lot less frustrating, and proves rewarding in the end. From plenty of arrows to jewels and plenty of rare weapons and shields. This ability can grant you access to places you ordinarily couldn’t get to. Arise’s ability can be used to sneak up on enemies.  Alternatively, allowing Link to get to advantaged points that’ll make him a deadly sniper, or assassin! For this reason, Gutanbac Shrine’s unique ability grants a spooky aspect to an otherwise childish hero. These assassin-like abilities make him more frightening than originally conceived in all the best ways!

The Arise animation offers a nifty look at an otherwise spooky ability!

The Arise animation offers a nifty look at an otherwise spooky ability!

Sky Island’s Majesty!

Besides being one of the most unique areas in the introductory location of Tears of the Kingdom. Sky Island also proves as a great base jumping point once Link acquires the paraglider. Using Link’s Pura Plate to switch over to sky view, and transferring him to the Gutanbac Shrine. Link can go to any number of areas on the mountain to base jump to essential locations in the quest! Due to the island’s unique location; it’s especially useful for this quick traversal system. This location makes shredding precious minutes off of your journeying! 

Beyond the point of being an excellent base point for getting to places quickly. Sky Island also offers unique scenery and wildlife that’s unique to the island itself. Allowing Link to hunt in an aesthetically pleasing location with very few enemies. Sky Island’s beauty, and resource-rich environment give the player a break from the long drawn-out grind of the open-world experience! Peaceful environments like this grant him the ability to continuously stock up on cooking items. Meanwhile, the abundant arrow ammunition in the area helps if you’re in a tough spot! 

Tears of the Kingdom Jet Glider, powered by fans, and balanced by a cooking pot!

Tears of the Kingdom Jet Glider, powered by fans, and balanced by a cooking pot!

Swift Victory

With the tips and tricks you’ve acquired and a little bit of mindfulness. This area of the introduction can be a fun, and challenging breeze in Tears of the Kingdom. From the unique and powerful creatures at a time when your power level is limited. Coupled with the immense difficulty of weather-based conditions. Link will be challenged on every foot of this dangerous terrain. Rewarded finally with the introduction to wings; and the wonderful world of craftable airplanes! With the fun of these craftable planes, Tears of the Kingdom is sure to hook any player! No matter how you choose to conquer the mountain; the reward is there and waiting; so seize your victory!

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