How to Get the Classic Link Set in Tears of the Kingdom | Armor of the Hero Location

Learn where you can find all three pieces in the Armor of the Hero set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with this quick and easy guide. The Armor of the Hero replicates the classic look of Link from the very first Legend of Zelda title in 1986 and you can find the location of all three pieces in the set here.

How to Get the Classic Link Set in Tears of the Kingdom | Armor of the Hero Location

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of things to see and do but one of the most exciting things to do is collect new sets of armour. Whether you’re plundering them from long abandoned chests in the Depths or simply purchasing a full set from a shop with your abundant supply of Rupees, getting new clothes to wear on your journey through Hyrule is a highlight of many Tears of the Kingdom playthroughs. While some offer tangible benefits and bonuses to wearing them, others are more cosmetic and aim to take you back into the annuls of Zelda history: one such example is the Armor of the Hero.

The Armor of the Hero set is one with a nostalgic feel to it. That’s because it’s supposed to look like the armour worn by Link back in 1986, in the very first Legend of Zelda title. Games have come a very long way since those early days and the Armor of the Hero showcases that. If you’re feeling a touch nostalgic and want to roam around TotK in the clothes first worn by our hero almost three decades, the Armor of the Hero set is for you. Finding it can be a bit tricky, though. 

Here’s where to find the complete Armor of the Hero set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Armor of the Hero

The Armor of the Hero is named so after the likeness of the first hero in Zelda history, the Link who fought Ganon back in 1986’s The Legend of Zelda. Compared to some of the outfits worn by our Hylian hero in later entries, the Armor of the Hero is quite a humble set of clothes: with a threadbare forest green tunic, classic floppy hat and bare legs, the outfit certainly harkens back to an early age in video games.

In terms of how the set functions as armor, it’s pretty typical of a cosmetic set in Tears of the Kingdom. Like the Hero of Time set, each armour piece only has 3 defence which allows you to hit 9 defence with the full set equipped. This is a decent defence stat and will help you survive most attacks, but it isn’t anything overly impressive: you’ll be wearing this outfit for style over function, so it doesn’t matter. You can upgrade it at a Great Fairy for some extra defence, though.

Now that you what the Armor of the Hero looks like, where you can in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Armor of the Hero, Complete Set

The Armor of the Hero, Complete Set

Set Location

Depending on how thoroughly you’ve been exploring the Sky Islands of Tears of the Kingdom, you may already have an idea of where these pieces may be.

Like many other armour sets, Old Maps hidden in chests amongst the different Sky Island Archipelagos may reveal the location of the Armor of the Hero. Each of the different Sky Archipelagos seems to hold the location of one armour set, with the one hiding the location of the Armor of the Hero being the South Hyrule Sky Archipelago. 

If you haven’t explored these areas yet, don’t fret. You can collect every single piece of armour without finding a single map. That being said, the Armor of the Hero isn’t the easiest to find. All three pieces are in completely different areas of Hyrule, so get ready to go on an adventure to find them. 

Old Maps in the Sky

Old Maps in the Sky

Cap of the Hero

The Cap of the Hero is in the far southern reaches of the Depths. It’s in a chest past the Abandoned Lurelin Mine in the Tult Canyon Mine. The easiest way to reach this location is to take the Chasm entrance closest to Hateno Village, which is just north of where you need to go. 

Once you land in the Depths, start making your way south. You’ll likely pass the Abandoned Hateno Mine and some other smaller mining areas which can provide useful resources before coming across the area depicted below. There is a chest on a pedestal in the Mines containing the Cap of the Hero. 

Tunic of the Hero

Next up is the Tunic of the Hero. For this one, you’ll need to head to the Dueling Canyons Mine, an area just south of the Abandoned Kakariko Mine. Fortunately, there’s a Chasm entrance right next to Kakariko Village titled the East Hill Chasm: taking this down to the Depths will already cut down a massive amount of time.

After landing, we recommend lighting up the nearest Lightroot (which is basically right next to where you come into the Depths) before proceeding. From the Abandoned Kakariko Mine, head slightly west before making a sharp turn south. You’ll eventually run into a steep slope which has the Dueling Canyon Mines at the bottom.

Like with the Cap of the Hero, the Tunic of the Hero will be in a chest on a stone pedestal at the heart of the Mine. 

Trousers of the Hero

Lastly, we have the Trousers of the Hero. As expected of this set, it is nowhere near either of the other two pieces. This is likely the most annoying piece of the set to collect in Tears of Kingdom thanks to its location. You’ll find it underneath the Hebra Mountains, an area almost completely devoid of easy-to-access Chasm entrances. No matter how you enter the Depths, you’ll be walking for a while to reach this location. 

The best place to enter the Depths is the Hyrule Ridge Chasm next to the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. When you land, start heading northwest. A word of caution is that there are a lot of slopes and steep inclines in this part of the map. As such, bringing Zonai devices or stamina elixirs will help you greatly in navigating the area.

The location you’re going to is the Corvash Canyon Mine and it’s right next to a Lightroot. The Mine itself is at the bottom of a pit, as is the chest containing the Trousers of Time. Open it up and the final piece of the armour set in Tears of the Kingdom will be yours

That was where to find all three pieces of the Armor of Time set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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