How to Get the Champion’s Tunic Early in Tears of the Kingdom | Champion’s Leathers Location

This guide will show you exactly how to get the Champion's Tunic (or Champion's Leathers) armour as soon as possible in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This armour is the outfit worn by Link in Tears of the Kingdom key art and promotional material and you can learn how to get it really early in the game by following the easy steps laid out in this guide.

How to Get the Champion's Tunic Early in Tears of the Kingdom | Champion's Leathers Location

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally here and there’s so much to see and do. One of the best things to return from Breath of the Wild is the various armour sets that Link can collect as you journey through Hyrule. There are plenty of different and unique sets to collect, each with its appearance and benefits. For those looking to copy Link’s attire from the promotional materials for TotK, look no further than the Champion’s Leathers. This armour piece is an exact match for the one Link wears in many trailers and pieces of key art. It’s an iconic part of the game and many players will want to stride around Hyrule wearing this armour set. 

Unfortunately, the Champion’s Leathers are quite hard to find. They’re stuck in a hard-to-reach part of the game, meaning many likely won’t find them until late into their adventure. There is a way of getting a hold of them early, though, and doing so will reward you with a really good piece of chest armour when starting your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom

Here’s where to find the Champion’s Tunic, also known as the Champion’s Leathers, early on in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #3

Champion’s Leathers Armour Piece

The Champion’s Leathers (also known as the Champion’s tunic) a tunic which can be found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll see the famous hero of Hyrule wearing this new set of armour in some of the key art for TotK.

The most special thing about this armour piece is that it is an upgraded version of the armour first worn by Link in Breath of the Wild. The plain tunic from BotW has been upgraded and modified with additional straps and pieces of leather, giving it a much more experienced look than it once had. 

In terms of stats, the Champion’s Leathers is a decent upgrade from the starting pieces of armour in the game. It has 5 defence, making it a good upgrade over other early game options like the Hylian Tunic (which has 3 defence) and the Archaic Tunic (which has a mere 1 defence). 

Clothes Fit for a Champion

Clothes Fit for a Champion

How to Get the Champion’s Leathers

Zelda’s Secret

If you just want to know where Champion’s Tunic is located in Tears of the Kingdom, you can skip this step and move on to the next one. Finding Zelda’s message isn’t a requirement (and you can even come here to read it after you’ve obtained the armour) but it does give you a bit of a clue and access to another iconic piece of Link’s past.

Zelda’s secret is hidden in Hateno Village far to the East. Since Breath of the Wild, she has set up a house in Hatteno and regularly visits here: you can even snoop around her house and read her diary. What you’re looking for, though, is a well in the back garden. Like most of the wells in Tears of the Kingdom, there’s something hidden underneath it. This is a little hidden room creatively titled Zelda’s Secret Well.

Inside this area is a chest and another of Zelda’s journals. In this one, she details how Link’s adventures and bodyguarding have resulted in his clothes wearing down, and how she excitedly arranged to get him some new gear. She’ll even reveal where she’s hiding the new clothes – in the throne room of Hyrule Castle – and how to find them. Reading this begins A New Champion’s Tunic side quest.

One thing before you leave the well. To the side of the diary entry is a simple stone chest. Open it and you’ll receive the Well-Worn Hair Band, a 0 defence head item that replicates Link’s hairstyle from Breath of the Wild. It’s necessary to complete Link’s look in LoZ: TotK if you intend to copy how he looked in the past.

Well-Worn Hair Band

Well-Worn Hair Band

Stamina Potions

The Champion’s Leathers are stuck inside Hyrule Castle. Due to events early in the game, Hyrule Castle is suspended above the ground and cannot be accessed on foot. It cannot easily be climbed or scaled, either, as there aren’t many high enough locations nearby. The pieces of the Castle stuck on the floor aren’t much better, crawling with high-level versions of endgame monsters that can easily one-shot you.

The best (and easiest) way to reach Hyrule Castle is to use a bunch of stamina recovery elixirs to help you simply glide on over to the castle walls. Early on in the game, you likely won’t have enough stamina to reach the Castle yourself, but you definitely can with the aid of Energizing Elixirs. You will have to grind out a few of the materials, though. 

To craft Energizing Elixirs, you’ll need to combine a monster part with either a Restless Cricket or an Energetic Rhino Beetle. Getting your hands on both is easy enough, just a bit time-consuming. For the monster parts, wander around Hyrule Field looking for any Keese, Bokoblins or other creatures to beat up as any old monster part will do. As for the bugs, you’ll sometimes find Restless Crickets when cutting down patches of grass, so get to chopping until you find enough Crickets.

Chasing Down Crickets

Chasing Down Crickets

With the ingredients in hand, head over to a cooking pot to begin creating your potions. The easiest one to get to is Lookout Landing inside the emergency shelter. 

The more materials you include in each batch the higher quality the elixirs you can make will be. For example, just one of each material will create a weak Energizing Elixir which will recover about 1/6 of your stamina bar. Meanwhile, doing two of each will make a stronger potion that restores 1/3rd of your Stamina, instead. Whatever you decide to do, just stock up on as many Energizing Elixirs as you can.

Create all the Elixirs you can and then head to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. You’ll need to ride the tower to its apex and then begin flying in the direction of Hyrule Castle. At the beginning of the flight, you can repeatedly pull out and then put away the glider to conserve some stamina while maintaining your momentum. Don’t overdo this, though, as you may lose too much altitude to actually get to the Castle. 

You’ll roughly need additional stamina equal to 3/4s of a bar to reach the Castle. As such, two or three Energizing Elixirs containing two of each material should do the job.

Gliding on Down

Gliding on Down

Lighting the Fires

Once you’re inside Hyrule Castle, you’ll be within reach of the Champion’s Leathers.

Make your way through the gloom-infested walkways of the Castle until you reach the main throne room. Anybody who played Breath of the Wild will recognise this as the place where the story concluded in that game, and it’s hiding some new secrets this time round. Head up the stairs on either side of the room and over to the throne.

In front of the throne are two unlit braziers. Using any method you like (torches, striking flint, Fire Fruit arrows, etc.) you must light both braziers, upon which point the statue behind the throne will shift. 

Crawl down into the newly created space in the statue and there’ll be a chest waiting for you. Open it to receive the Champion’s Leathers chest armour. Don’t leave the Sanctum just yet, though, as this place is crawling with powerful weapons, shields and other treasures that will surely help on the rest of your journey. 

*Chest Opening Noises*

*Chest Opening Noises*

That was how to find the Champion’s Tunic early in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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