How to Unlock the Breath of the Wild Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom | Paraglider Customization

In this guide, you can learn how to customize paragliders with different patterns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but also where to find the paraglider pattern from Breath of the Wild. With the right fabric, you can transform how your paraglider looks as you glide through Hyrule, and you can even go back to the old paraglider from Breath of the Wild.

How to Unlock the Breath of the Wild Paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom | Paraglider Customization

Link, and Hyrule as a whole, have a new look in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom. With a new arm, some new threads and a new hairstyle, Link is ready to take on Hyrule one step at a time. Another new cosmetic change to the TotK is that Link can get a variety of different paraglider patterns. There’s a whole bunch of different fabrics and materials that you can find around Hyrule, each of which will give your glider a different bit of flair. What’s even better is that some of the patterns even have callbacks to previous Zelda titles: one such example is the Nostalgic Fabric.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the past and want to represent your love of Breath of the Wild in a more subtle way, you can actually get the pattern from Link’s old paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom. While it doesn’t change anything about the paraglider aside from the visuals, it’s certainly a nice way to pay homage to the previous game as you explore this new version of Hyrule.

Here’s how to unlock the paraglider from Breath of the Wild in Tears of the Kingdom, as well as a breakdown of how to customize your paraglider in general.

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How to Customize the Paraglider

Just like how you can dye your clothes in Tears of the Kingdom, you can also customize your paraglider. The process is slightly different but, with the correct resources, you can indeed give your handy glider a coat of fresh paint.

In order to customize your paraglider, you’ll need to head to the heart of fashion in Hyrule: Hateno Village. Since the original game, Hateno has flourished as a town of flair and fashion in Hyrule. It’s colourful, full of whacky accessories and strange people.

The person you’re looking for in Hateno is Sayge, the dyer from Breath of the Wild. He’s still up to his usual antics (and he’s even picked up quite a crop of fans) and will dye any armour, so long as you have the Rupees and the materials. Sayge will offer another service in Tears of the Kingdom: he will customize your paraglider with new fabrics and patterns.

This differs slightly from how dyeing armour works. Instead of providing resources and materials matching the colour you want, paragliders need special fabrics in order to be customized. These fabrics appear in your inventory as key items until you give them to Sayge and they can be found all over Hyrule in hidden nooks and crannies. Sayge will give you the Cece Fabric upon first talking to him, and he also hints that there’s a special fabric for each of the different map fragments.

So, now that you know how to customize your paraglider, where can you find the fabric from Breath of the Wild in Tears of the Kingdom

Breath of the Wild Paraglider Location

To find the Breath of the Wild paraglider fabric, you’ll need to return to where Link’s journey in Hyrule first started: the Great Plateau. After the Upheaval, the Plateau experienced some drastic changes in appearance and can now be entered from the ground. It has also, unfortunately, become home to many dangerous monsters, so be careful when making your way to the fabric.

The easiest way to get to the Plateau is to head south from the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower: keep going until you reach the rim of the Plateu’s high walls near the Gatepost Town Ruins. When you reach this location, you’ll be able to see a massive mound of stone blocking this new entrance to the Plateau. Simply get a bludgeoning weapon like a club or even just a stick with a rock on the end to break down the rubble. This will unleash a flow of water that was previously trapped, and open up the easy way into the Great Plateau in TotK

Now, with the way open, you need to make your way to the Temple of Time Ruins. This is an important location at the start of Breath of the Wild and, while the Temple has definitely seen better days, it still contains a lot of nostalgic memories. As we mentioned, there are a lot of high-level enemies in the Plateau, with some dangerous ones patrolling near the Temple: they’re easy enough to avoid, but be sure to run if they see you. 

Once you’ve made it to the Temple of Time, you’ll need to reach the roof. There’s a ladder on the outside, right by a broken-down bit of the wall, that’ll take you straight up. Then, go to the room at the top of the Temple where you spoke to the King of Hyrule for the last time: in this room is a simple stone chest which, when opened, will give you the Nostalgic Fabric.

A Gift from the Past

A Gift from the Past

Nostalgic Fabric

With the Nostalgic Fabric in hand, you can return to Sayge and transform your new paraglider back into the old one in Tears of the Kingdom. If you ever want to change back, simply return to Sayge and switch back for 20 Rupees. 

This changes the paraglider from its new dark purple look back to the classic maroon colouring. The original patterns return, too. Pair the Nostalgic Fabric with the Champion’s Leathers and the Well-Worn Hair Band and you can the whole of Tears of Kingdom looking exactly like Link did back in Breath of the Wild.

The Nostalgic Pattern

The Nostalgic Pattern

That was how to get the paraglider pattern from Breath of the Wild in Tears of the Kingdom

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