Tears of the Kingdom | Utsushok Shrine Guide

Learn how to beat the tricky Utushok Shrine puzzle, and how to unlock the additional chest within the Shrine, in this quick and easy guide for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some of the Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom can leave you a bit confused, such as the Utushok Shrine which is located towards the south of Hyrule in Faron.

Tears of the Kingdom | Utsushok Shrine Guide

One of the most prominent returning features in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the Shrines. They’ve been given a new coat of paint – changing from the ancient Shiekah to the even more ancient Zonai – but they remain as areas to test you on various challenges in the TotK sandbox. Sometimes the Shrine will be a trial of skill and combat prowess, where you’re stripped of your gear and forced to make do. Other times they’re puzzles involving Link’s various abilities and how they interact with the mechanics and objects inside the Shrine. One such example of the latter is the Utsushok Shrine.

Found to the far south of Hyrule, the Utsushok Shrine can appear pretty easy at first glance. However, thanks to the later parts of the Shrine calling for more ability usage and the additional chest being in a somewhat awkward spot, some players may find this Shrine a bit tricky. 

Here’s how to complete the Utsushok Shrine puzzle in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find Utsushok Shrine

Before you can attempt Utsushok Shrine, you’ll need to find it first. You’ll find it in the Faron region of Hryule in Tears of the Kingdom, which is the southmost area in the central part of Hyrule. The Shrine is located right next to a Stable – the Highland Stable, to be specific – and is rather close to the Lake of the Horse God.

There are a fair few ways to get here, but the easiest is to come south from Lookout Landing. From there, you can try and cross the bridge at Lake Hylia (do be wary of the Gleeok lurking on the bridge, though) or take a detour slightly east to use the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower as a launching point. No matter how you make it here, Utsushok Shrine will be waiting at the top of a small set of hills overlooking the Stable. 

Simply approach, wave your fancy new hand and the Shrine will unlock. 

Shrine Guide

The main mechanic of Utsushok Shrine is about momentum: specifically, using momentum and force to move balls into sockets that open the way through the Shrine. There are a lot of familiar objects and mechanics here but used in a way that can be slightly obtuse at first glance. What you’ll mainly be doing here, though, is lifting paddles so they can smack Shrine balls into holes.

The starting puzzle isn’t too complicated. There’s a ball on a set of rails and a socket to plug it into at the end: the problem is, you cannot reach it and Ultrahand won’t travel that far. The solution, then, is to lift the paddle behind the ball with Ultrahand: raise it as high as you can and, upon release, it will smack into the ball and cause it to sink into the indent and open the path forward.

Lift and Release

Lift and Release

The second room follows the same structure. There’s another ball and another paddle, but the railing is slightly too long. No matter how you position the paddle or how high you lift it, the ball just won’t make it.

Fortunately for you, there’s something else in the room: a massive metal box. It may be kind of confusing why this is here at first. What you’re supposed to do is use Ultrahand to attach it to the back of the paddle. This extra weight will cause it to swing harder and faster when you release it, allowing the ball to rocket to the other side and open the rest of the path. Be sure to raise the paddle as high as you can to make sure it gets a hole-in-one.

A Heftier Swing

A Heftier Swing

Now we come to the final room of the Shrine and easily the part which will give most people trouble. Again, there’s a ball, there’s a paddle, there are some railings but there are some other new elements here, too. Mainly the massive gap separating you and the end of the Shrine that you cannot cross by gliding or jumping.

To solve this puzzle, put the ball into the appropriate socket, first. This time, the paddle is slightly too far away to hit the ball properly. As such, you need to find a loose bit of panel nearby and attach it to the paddle so that the long sides face straight up. This will give it that extra height it needs to whack the ball.

Once you’ve sunk it, a minecart will appear from a railing above. It will eventually stop at the railing crossing the gap because it doesn’t have the momentum to make it across. This is where you come in. Grab the panel from the paddle and move it so it’s now horizontal and facing towards the minecart. Lift the paddle using Ultrahand and have it go as high as possible: after releasing it, pause it using Recall and hop into the minecart. 

Release Recall and, if all went well, you’ll be zooming across to the other side and the end of the Utsushok Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Additional Chest

What about the additional chest in Utsushok Shrine? Well, it’s located on a platform in the middle of that gaping chasm that you just crossed with your minecart. 

To get your hands on it, wait until the minecart has made it across to the other side. Instead of hopping out and claiming your Blessing of Light, use Recall on the minecart. This will make it go back down the track towards where you came from. As you near the chest, stop Recall and the minecart will sit completely still, allowing you to grab it Ultrahand and attach it to your vehicle. 

Middle of the Tracks

Middle of the Tracks

Once you’ve got it, use Recall on the minecart again. This will send you right back to the beginning of the rail with the chest in tow. Open it up and you’ll get a Sneaky Elixir, which will help you stay undetected by making your movements more quiet. 

To finish off, simply repeat the steps you previously did to send the minecart back over. 

Your Reward

Your Reward

That was how to complete the Utsushok Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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