How to Get the Skyward Sword Set in Tears of the Kingdom | Hero of the Sky Set Location

Learn where you can find all three pieces in the Hero of the Sky clothing set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with this quick and easy guide. The Hero of the Sky set gives you access to one of the best looks Link has ever had with his Skyward Sword outfit, and you can learn where to find all three pieces here.

How to Get the Skyward Sword Set in Tears of the Kingdom | Hero of the Sky Set Location

Collecting new outfits and armour sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of the entire game. Finishing a short dungeon and unearthing a piece of armour from an age long passed is an immediate feeling of elation as if being able to purchase a whole set of gear from a shop in a new town. Some of these outfits boast powerful benefits and bonuses for wearing them, while others are more cosmetic and are just supposed to look cool. Several armour sets even pay homage to previous games like the Hero of the Sky set.

The Hero of the Sky set is a clothing set that Link can acquire in Tears of the Kingdom. Just like the Hero of Time and Armor of the Hero sets, this outfit is a nice call back to one of the earlier entries in the Legend of Zelda series, with this one, in particular, calling back to the game Skyward Sword. This game is the first game in the series chronologically and boasts one of the best sets of clothing for Link in the whole series. While you won’t be palling around with any Loftwings, gliding through the skies in TotK while wearing an outfit originating from Skyloft will certainly appeal to a lot of people.

Here’s where to find the complete Hero of the Sky set (also known as the outfit from Skyward Sword) in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Hero of the Sky Set

The Hero of the Sky set is one of the many sets of gear in Tears of the Kingdom that allow Link to dress up as past incarnations of himself from previous Legend of Zelda titles. This set represents the way Link looked during his first adventure in the Zelda timeline, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. With a more contemporary look compared to some of his other sets, this is easily one of the best outfits Link has ever had (especially the trousers, which pair amazingly with plenty of other armour sets). 

Like the other cosmetic sets of the past, all three pieces in the Hero of the Sky set have a defence stat of 3 at the base level. This puts you at 9 defence with the whole set equipped, which is around equal to other early-to-mid game sets like the Hylian set. Every piece can be upgraded at any of the Great Faries, so long as you have the rare materials necessary.

So, now that you’ve seen the full thing, where can you find all three pieces in the Hero of the Sky set in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Hero of the Sky replicates Link's outfit from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword | Tears of the Kingdom Hero of the Sky Set

Hero of the Sky Complete Set

Where to Find the Skyward Sword Set

The keen explorers out there may have already found a piece or two in the Hero of the Sky set. What’s more likely is that you may have an idea of where some of the pieces are if you’ve been exploring the Sky Islands. 

Certain Sky Island Archipelagos contains several chests. These chest house many Old Maps, which all correlate and mark positions in the Depths once collected. Some of these markings point to different armour sets that Link can find down there, including the Hero of the Sky set. Each of the Archipelagos seems to have one set of armour associated with it, but don’t worry if you don’t have the maps before venturing into the Depths. You don’t need to find a single one to collect the armour set, they’re just there to give some guidance.

Now, where are the three pieces located in Tears of the Kingdom? Well, they’re all relatively close to one another, but you’ll still have to travel a bit to find them.

Down, Down, Down

Down, Down, Down

Cap of the Sky

The first piece in the Hero of the Sky set is the Cap of Time. This piece is on the east side of the Hyrule Depths, very close to the Abandoned Hateno Mine.

There are a few ways to get to the area you need to go – which is called Retsam Grove – depending on how much map progress you have. If you’ve unlocked Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, you can take the quickest and easiest route to Retsam Grove by heading down the Naydra Snowfield Chasm entrance. Once you land, make your way south until you reach the Abandoned Hateno Mine, at which point you should head east where you’ll find Retsam Grove next to a Lightroot.

If you don’t have that much of the Lanayru region unlocked, you’ll have to take a slightly different route. In this situation, entering via the East Hill Chasm (the Chasm right next to Kakariko Village) is best. By taking this route, you’ll need to head southeast in basically a straight line until you also hit the Abandoned Hateno Mine. This path is a fair deal longer and a bit bumpier, but easy enough to follow. 

Once you reach Retsam Grove, look around for a massive hollow tree stump. There are going to be a lot of evil sentient trees around, so keep an eye out for them. The chest containing the Cap of the Sky will be at the centre of the largest tree in Restam Grove.

Tunic of the Sky

Next up is the Tunic of the Sky in TotK, which is also pretty easy to find. Just like the Cap of the Sky, it’s sitting in a chest in one of the Depths’ many Groves of ravenous tree monsters.

Fortunately for you, there’s a Chasm entrance that takes you right to the chest. To get there, head to Minshi Woods which is located right next to Great Hyrule Forest where the Great Deku Tree lives. There’s also a handy Stable (the Woodland Stable) nearby for easy teleportation needs.

Once you reach Minshi Woods, head down the Minshi Woods Chasm entrance. Upon landing in Minshi Grove, head south until you see another larger, hollowed-out tree. The Tunic of the Sky will be in a chest in this tree, waiting for you to claim it.

Trousers of the Sky

The final item in the Hero of the Sky set is the Trousers of the Sky. Unlike the other two, you won’t find this chest in a Grove, but it is also quite easy to get your hands on. This time, the chest in question is beneath the Lanayru Wetlands, an area pretty closeby to the Lookout Landing. Unfortunately, the Depths are very segmented in this area. As such, you’ll have to take quite a specific route to get there.

Once again, the best way to enter the Depths is via the East Hill Chasm in Kakeriko Village. Instead of heading south, you’ll be heading west from the Abandoned Kakariko Mine. After you’ve made it to the Korom Lightroot, you’ll want to head north instead.

Continue making your way north until you find the Nojoj Lightroot: this Lightroot is, quite literally, right in front of the chest, which is in the Crenel Canyon Mine. Attune to the Lightroot, hop on over to the Mine and the Trousers of the Sky will be yours in Tears of the Kingdom.

That was where to find all three pieces of the Hero of the Sky set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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