Resident Evil Village: All Window Locations Guide to Get Hooligan Trophy or Achievement

Find out where to break every window in Castle Dimitrescu for the Hooligan trophy or achievement with this Resident Evil Village window location guide. You will need to do this in a single playthrough, which sounds easy, but there are some tricky areas that you might have missed in Ethan Winters' latest adventure.

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Trying to find all windows locations Resident Evil Village has in Castle Dimitrescu can be stressful, especially while everybody’s favourite blood-sucking villain stalks the echoing hallways. This guide will eliminate any guessing and wasted trips while searching for every location in the castle. This accolade isn’t just Ethan being a destructive douchebag for no reason though; he’s doing it for the Hooligan achievement or trophy! All windows need to be broken during the same playthrough, and remember to knife when you can to conserve that precious ammo.

The list is in the same order as when you unlock the locations while playing through the story in the castle, so you can easily tick them off as you go along. Exact locations are also described if you need to backtrack and check an area. The maps below are numbered to correspond with the entries on the list for quick reference.

Where to find all window locations in Resident Evil Village

1. Next to the kitchen where you fought the first daughter (1F) – 2 windows

Right after the fight with the first of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, make sure that both windows are smashed, not just the one Ethan broke in the cutscene. If backtracking to this location, head to the Kitchen on the 1F on your map (accessible through the Dining Room) which will lead back to here. You will know both are broken by the cold air rushing in.

Make sure both windows are broken

Make sure both windows are broken

2. Kitchen (1F) – 2 windows

You will unlock this area right after the fight with the first daughter. Head past the room with the pistol attachment and lockpick into the Kitchen. There are two windows at the back of the room opposite the table with all the mysterious meat on it. These might already be smashed when you get there, but check both with your knife just in case.

Make sure to lift the Wine Bottle from the container of equally mysterious red liquid as you will need it to progress. Again, if you’re coming back here the quickest route is through the Dining Room 1F.

Breakable windows in the Kitchen

Breakable windows in the Kitchen

3. Dining Room (1F) – 2 Windows

When you come out of the Kitchen, you will enter the Dining Room. The windows are found to the left, on both sides of the door leading to the Courtyard. If backtracking, the Dining Room is found by going through the east door in the Main Hall, the area with that spectacular chandelier on show.

4. Between the Courtyard (1F) and Dimitrescu’s Chambers (2F) – 2 windows

Use the Wine Bottle found in the Kitchen to retrieve the Courtyard Key from the Wine Room, and go to the 1F Courtyard and through its open door to the south of the map. Watch out for the enemies who seem to infinitely spawn in this area. When through the door, climb the stairs and half way up are the next set of windows ready to feel Ethan’s knifing wrath.

Two windows between the Courtyard and Dimitrecu's Chambers

Two windows between the Courtyard and Dimitrecu’s Chambers

5. The corridor outside Dimitrescu’s Chambers (2F) – 3 Windows

Continue your climb and you will soon enter a beautifully gilded corridor that connects to Dimitrescu’s Chambers and the Hall of Ablution. Don’t worry about Lady D’s wrath (yet), she won’t come out no matter how much noise you make. There are three windows along the right-hand side of this corridor that need to be broken. If you are backtracking to this bit the route is the same, but Lady D will be able to chase you now. Give her the run-around if needed and then head back.


6. Dimitrescu’s Chambers/Terrace (2F) – 3 Windows

After overhearing Dimitrescu’s phone call with Mother Miranda in her chambers, use your knife to break the window in front of you. There is another to your right, and the third is just past the door leading into the chambers. If you didn’t get them all the first time around, just head back to the courtyard on the 1F and go through the south door and up the stairs. This time you will have unlocked the door to the chambers and can head straight through instead of descending into the dungeons again.

So much destruction for one little knife

So much destruction for one little knife

7. Between the Courtyard (1F) and the Opera Hall (2F) – 3 Windows

Lady D will chase you to the Mask of Sorrow in the Dungeon. Picking it up will trigger a cutscene and take you to the Courtyard. Turn to the north door and use Dimitrescu’s Key to open the way to the Opera Hall. This is the ornately decorated door with Dimitrescu’s house symbol on it, the flower and the 2 swords. When through the door you will see a set of stairs with three windows found halfway up them.

Found between the Courtyard and the Opera Hall

Found between the Courtyard and the Opera Hall

8. Opera Hall (2F) – 2 Windows

When you reach the top of the stairs after breaking the previous set, turn left and into the Opera Hall. On your first right are two windows beside a round table with a plant in the middle of it. This is a pretty easy location to backtrack to from the Courtyard again, but be aware that if Lady Dimitrescu has started stalking you she can find you in here as well. Better take those filthy little man-thing legs of yours for a run while she’s around.

WIndows Opera Hall 2F location

WIndows Opera Hall 2F location

9. Opera Hall (2F) – 1 Window

After getting the last set, turn around and make your way to the small room at the north-western most point of the map. You will find a labyrinth ball inside as well, but an enemy is waiting to ambush you by the entrance. Kill her and then get the window at the back. This is a dead end so if you come back and a certain tall vampire lady is stalking you, try to avoid leading her here. Or do; it’s your kinky funeral.

Ethan really is a hooligan

Ethan really is a hooligan

10. Hall of Joy (2F) – 1 Window

You will retrieve the Iron Key by solving the piano puzzle on the 1F of the Opera Hall; use this to open the door you couldn’t access the first time you climbed the stairs to the 2F. You can unlock a door in the 1F Opera Hall that will lead you back to these stairs. This will lead into the library and you will trigger a mini-boss fight with the second daughter.

When she’s defeated, open the door to the Hall of Joy. Turn right as soon as you enter and break the window. You can quickly access this area again later by going to the 2F of the Main Hall and heading to the north door, as long as you unlocked it on your previous journey around the Opera Hall.

Hall of Joy breakable window

Hall of Joy breakable window

11. Atelier (2F) – 1 Window

Grab the mask from the statue in the Hall of Joy, and head into the next available room, the Atelier. You will then have to solve the bells puzzle which involves shooting at a bell outside. This is the last window needed. Just like the last entry, the easiest way to get back here is from the Main Hall 2F, and through the north door into the Hall of Joy, and then straight through to the Atelier.

The Atelier is where Ethan's Hooligan journey ends

The Atelier is where Ethan’s Hooligan journey ends

Now that Ethan’s found all window locations in Castle Dimitrescu (and caused one hell of a draft) you will have unlocked the Hooligan trophy or 15G achievement for Resident Evil Village. Well done, Lady D will be furious.

As well as popping the accolade, you will have earned 8000CP. These points can be cashed in at the end of the game in the Extra Content Shop through the Bonuses menu and can get you powerful new guns, infinite ammo, character models, and more.

Resident Evil 8 Village - Hooligan Achievement/Trophy Guide - Break ​19 Windows in Castle Dimitrescu

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