Resident Evil Village Story Leaked

Resident Evil developer Capcom was hit with a massive ransomware attack in early November, the consequences of which are now becoming all too real. This is a warning to fans of the series that almost defines the survival horror genre, and it likely won't end here.

Resident Evil Village Story Leak CoverIf you are a fan of Capcom’s Resident Evil series, you may want to tread with caution when browsing social media. Leaks have taken everything we thought we knew about the upcoming title and turned it on it’s head.

Capcom was hit by sophisticated ransomware known as Ragnar Locker in early November, according to Bleeping Computer. Over 1TB of unencrypted data was compromised, with the hackers demanding $11 million in cryptocurrency to decrypt some 2000 devices affected across Capcom’s network.

In the last couple of days, the hackers have leaked the entire story as well as details about boss fights and screenshots from the unreleased title. 

Spoiler Warning

According to the leaks, players will control Ethan for the first half of the game. After an encounter with the main villain leaving his fate unknown, players will take control of a rogue Chris Redfield who has left the BSAA to pursue the antagonist.

The setting for Village is one of the most compelling yet

The setting for Village is one of the most compelling yet

There is also information surrounding the end of the game where players will allegedly get to see Chris as an old man after a 15-20 year time skip. This scene sounds like it’s setting up Ethan’s daughter, Rose, as a future protagonist in the series. Rose is also supposedly the reincarnation of Eveline, and alludes to some kind of powers “that Chris doesn’t even know about” as a result of this.

There were a bunch of pictures uploaded to Imgur, but these appear to have been taken down. They should be easy enough to find online, if you really want to. They include images of what Rose looks like as an adult in the final cutscene, as well as Chris as an old man. You can see these are from a very early build of the game as details like trees have not been fully rendered yet. 

Other Leaked Information

Capcom issued a press release detailing some of the other compromised data. The data includes sales reports, personal information of customers as well as employees, among others. According to the press release, no credit card information has been compromised. That said, it’s always best to err on the side of caution in these cases.

Resident Evil Village is slated for release in 2021 on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC. The developer did say at Tokyo Game Show 2020 that they are trying to deliver the experience on Xbox One and PS4, but this has yet to be confirmed. Check out the trailer below.

Resident Evil Village - Announcement Trailer

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