New Resident Evil Village Gameplay for PS4 Pro Revealed

The PS4 Pro gameplay trailer shows off the graphical and technical performance of Resident Evil Village on the last-gen console. Lady Dimitrescu’s castle is shown off, along with combat and gameplay mechanics very similar to Resident Evil 4.

New Resident Evil Village Gameplay for PS4 Pro Revealed cover

If you are wondering why tall vampire lady (AKA Alcina Dimitrescu) memes are making the rounds again, you can thank IGN for releasing Resident Evil Village gameplay running on the PS4 Pro.

As well as demonstrating the stellar graphics and performance of the next RE game playing on a last-gen console, the five-minute clip shows off a bunch of new footage set in Lady Dimitrescu’s castle.

Ethan is seen battling cloaked enemies with a handgun, shotgun, knife and also blocks incoming attacks. Village’s combat is reminiscent of RE7, but its other elements continue to throw out some major Resident Evil 4 vibes; Ethan knives boxes for resources, enemies drop currency, and treasure is found in the form of a ‘Crystal Skull’. This will most likely be sold to The Duke, the game’s spiritual successor to the popular Merchant from RE4.

Interestingly, at the end of the clip, the interface shows the option to change to a photo mode, making Village the first entry in the franchise to implement this popular feature. With the RE Engine creating some beautiful visuals, this is a very welcome addition.

The footage comes just before Capcom’s next Resident Evil Showcase, and while we wait for more RE ‘surprises’, PC players can check the requirements to see if they can run Ethan’s newest adventure.

Resident Evil Village: First-Ever PS4 Pro Gameplay (4K) - IGN First

Will you be playing the next mainline entry on a last-gen console? What do you think about the Resident Evil Village gameplay performance on the PS4 Pro? Let us know below.

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