Resident Evil Village Guide: Location of all Food items

This guide will help you find all the food items in Resident Evil Village to unlock recipes. Struggling to find find resources to craft dishes and improve your stats? This guide will help you out.

Resident Evil Village Guide Location of all Food items Cover

Resident Evil Village made a new addition to its gameplay mechanic. Now you can find animals scattered throughout the village section of the map which you can kill to harvest their meat. Then you can give those items to Duke, who can turn them into dishes. These dishes permanently improve your stats like overall health, damage taken when defending and movement speed. So, its worth unlocking all of the dishes. But finding the items is not easy, if you don’t know where to look. Hopefully this guide will help you find them all much quicker. 

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Note: Food items can only be found after defeating Lady Dimitrescu.


Ceremony Site Tunnel

The first batch of fish you will come across will be difficult to miss. They can be found after leaving Castle Dimitrescu and taking the passage to the ceremony site. It cant be returned to later, however, as the doors would lock after exiting the passage. So, be sure not to miss them. 

Castle Drawbridge 

This batch of fish can be found after escaping the Castle. They can be found near the drawbridge leading up to Castle Dimistrescu. Again, they will not be present when you get to this area the first time but only after defeating Lady Dimitrescu.

Tunnel Reservoir

After taking the boat to get to Moreau’s reservoir, you will come across a small shack. DO NOT ENTER the shack as you’ll trigger a cutscene and will be unable to enter this area later. Instead turn right and head upstream. Soon you’ll come across a reservoir where two catfish will be lurking out.

Drained Reservoir 

This batch of fish is easily missed. After draining the lake and defeating Moreau, go back to the place where you first used the boat. Now that the water is gone, you can go down the newly opened path leading to a small pool where you can find 2 catfish and also a treasure box.

River Fish

See Finest fish section for these fish.


Fallow Plot

These are found to the right of the fallow plot on your way to Luiza’s house.

Red Chimney House

These chickens are hard to miss. They can be found running around in the yard behind the house with red chimney where you’ll have to go to progress the story.

Church Graveyard 

These chickens can be found in the church graveyard after unlocking it with the iron insignia key.


These chickens can be found after surviving Moreau’s initial attack. They are behind a truck with the note about the a near the windmill, after you leave the Sluice Gatehouse. 

East Old Town 

Back in the very beginning of the game, in East Old Town, when you fight the large mob in the village, there was a mechanical door behind one of the houses which you couldn’t open. Well, now you can use the crank you got from the windmill to open it and there are two chickens inside and also a ladder leading to a secret passage.


West Old Town Pig

You will find probably find this pig on your way to the house with red chimney after crawling under the tractor. In the West Old Town you will come across a house with two doors. Enter the one on the right and look to your right. The pig would probably charge you as you enter the door. 

Garden goat

This goat appears after you have defeated completed House Beneviento. After exiting the four-winged gate simply walk back and you’ll find this angry goat in the garden.

Windmill Pigs

Two pigs can be found after climbing up the wall to get inside the first windmill. These are a little hard to miss.

Graveyard Goats

In the village graveyard, after defeating Moreau and completing the reservoir area, two goats will spawn.

Otto’s Mill Pig


Before taking the stairs to the Stronghold turn left and walk across the river to get to Otto’s Mill. In the large pen before entering the mill, you can find this pig.


Juicy Game

This is a particularly difficult ingredient to find as it is not present until you progress the story. It appears some time after killing Lady Dimitrescu and exiting the Castle. To find it go the Graveyard and look at the tree branches on the left side of the Graveyard. 

Quality Meat

This pig can be found be found in the yard behind the house from where you found Elena and her father and entered Luiza’s house before. It won’t be there initially though and will only spawn after you have defeated lady Dimitrescu.

Finest Fish

This final special ingredient can be challenging to find. The area it is in can only be accessed after obtaining the crank and unlocking the boat. To get this item, go through the lone road to go back to the drawbridge. Use the crank to lower the drawbridge and get on the boat. Now, turn the boat south to a dock and look around for small pool with the rare golden fish and two other fishes. As a bonus, you can also find a cave with some really helpful items, interesting lore and also a secret tree monster. 

Otto’s Mill Storeroom

You can find a large amount of different animal meats in Otto’s Storeroom late into the game. In the head to the Stronghold quest before heading up the stairs to the Forbidden Woods, turn left and head to Otto’s mill. After defeating the giant you’ll find inside, unlock the door and enter the Storeroom. Here, you can find 3 meat, 1 poultry and 1 fish meat.



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