New Details About the Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode DLC Revealed

The contents of the new Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode DLC will include three new playable characters, each with their own unique abilities to use. The DLC, titled Additional Orders, will be included in the Winters Expansion along side two other new DLC for the game.

New Details About the Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode DLC Revealed Cover

Last month, details surrounding DLC for Resident Evil Village were revealed to the public. Included in the DLC is updates to Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode called Additional Orders. 

The new Resident Evil Village content, titled Winter’s Expansion, will include three new features for fans to enjoy. First, is a DLC chapter featuring Rose Winters. Players will control the daughter of main game protagonist, Ethan Winters, as she seeks a way to ditch her powers in an effort to be normal. 

The second feature includes a third person mode for the main game. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard  and Resident Evil Village are the first games in the main line series to lose the third person perspective and replace it with first person. This feature will return the game to its predecessors’ roots and offer players the ability to play in the third person. 

The third update includes DLC for Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode, titled Additional Orders. Additional Orders will include three new playable characters–Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenburg, and Lady Dimitresu. Each character will have their own unique abilities in battle. 

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition - Mercenaries Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Chris Redfield’s character features “robust strength”. As you take down enemies, your onslaught gauge will increase. Once maxed out, you can release onslaught mode to take complete control over the battlefield. This mode will feature increased reload speed, movement speed, and attack damage. 

Next, Karl Heisenburg’s character features his iconic hammer and his ability to control magnetic forces. Swinging the hammer and slamming it into the ground will charge your electric attack. Releasing the charged up attack will electrocute enemies in the surrounding area. Players will also be able to summon one of his monstrosities, Soldat Jet, to barrel through enemies. 

Lady Dimitrescu will be able to slice through enemies using her claws. You can charge up her thrill gauge by attacking enemies or using the Lady’s Lipstick item. As the gauge charges up, players can unleash new attacks. Additionally, nail damage and movement speed increase as the gauge charges. Once fully charged, her damage will be at its maximum. Lastly, like Heisenburg, players will be able to summon one of Lady D’s daughters to attack when the gauge is full. 

Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Mode Additional orders will be released as part of the Winters Expansion, coming October 28, 2022.  

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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