Rumor: Resident Evil 8: Village to Have RE4 Elements

Rumors are neverending for Resident Evil 8. Now a leaker claims the subtitle will be Village, and it will take further inspirations from the classic Resident Evil 4. Along with that, details from previous developments in this story will get more explanation. Be sure to grab a handful of salt with these claims.

Leon fighting villagers in Resident Evil 4 (Credit: Capcom)

Gather your salt: we have yet another Resident Evil 8 rumor. The latest whispers on the next game come from Biohazardcast, which claims the next main installment in the franchise will be titled Resident Evil 8: Village, along with some other details about what players might expect in 2021.

The subtitle would fit with what has been repeatedly said, both from the supposed leak in January that was initially from Biohazardcast and the one we reported on yesterday from Twitter and ResetEra user AestheticGamer, AKA Dusk Golem. The game is supposed to take place in a village, similar to RE4, which will also have other influences that we will get to shortly. 

The witch has been outed, at least in this rumor for the mysterious Resident Evil title. Previously, we reported about a woman who will haunt you. Now she is being called a witch who will have control over insects, similarly to Marguerite from RE7. When defeated, she will disappear, yet still try to scare you with her laughter.

Yesterday there was no mention of Chris Redfield; unlike the report from earlier this year, the iconic character from the franchise returns in this salt-grain-covered development. Before the claim suggested that he will have an appearance like he did in RE7 and the DLC, Not a Hero. Now, the leaker says that Chris will play an important role, appearing in flashbacks with Ethan, Mia, and their baby in a seemingly villainous part, as he shoots one of the parents.

That last bit of information could line up as he is now working with Umbrella. Capcom certainly has new plans for the pharmaceutical company, but it is uncertain for now.

As it was said, Ethan returns. Three months ago, our story mentioned how he will be the playable character and will stick to the FPS perspective. Nothing concrete was said on Biohazardcast, but the continuation of bringing the RE7 protagonist up goes in line with what was previously reported.

The leaker continues to give peeks at the possibilities for the gameplay in RE8. The village is not the only RE4 inspired element, as the UI could be a cross between the classic 2005 title and the last main entry with 2017’s RE7. Supposedly, the inventory management will be similar to Leon’s rather than what players experienced with Ethan.

Inventory in Resident Evil 4 (Credit: Capcom)

Inventory management in Resident Evil 4 (Credit: Capcom)

Even though Dusk Golem, who was right about Resident Evil 3 Remake and wrong about Silent Hill, agrees with this latest development of Resident Evil 8 rumors, we do want everyone to take this lightly. We cannot verify anything until Capcom gives the official word on the upcoming project. The Twitter user said in our story from yesterday that news will come soon, especially since E3 got canceled due to the coronavirus, and the train is continuing to go with the release of RE3 Remake

Finally, the mysterious rumor starter claims that Resident Evil 8: Village will come out in Q1 2021 as a cross-gen title.

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