Resident Evil Village: All Files Guide to Get Bookworm Trophy or Achievement

Find out where to find every file for the Bookworm trophy or achievement with this Resident Evil Village all files guide. You can complete this challenge over multiple playthroughs, but with 47 files to locate, this isn’t an easy task.

Resident Evil Village All Files Guide to Get Bookworm Trophy or Achievement cover

Trying to find all the files in Resident Evil Village? Look no further, as this comprehensive guide will detail all file locations needed to unlock the Bookworm Trophy or Achievement in Ethan’s gothic adventure.

Capcom’s newest entry in its RE franchise might have some creepy scares, but nothing is as terrifying as finding out you’ve missed just one file. Save yourself the hassle of searching on your own by checking Ethan’s journal at your last save file to see what entries you are missing. Exact file names are given, so you can easily see what you still need to collect by comparing against this list. Or, you can start afresh in a brand new playthrough and follow the guide in order of story progression.

Remember to read every single page of a file, or it won’t register as Ethan is adding it to his journal.

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Where to find all files in Resident Evil Village and unlock Bookworm Trophy or Achievement

Ethan and Mia’s House – 4 Files

1. Fridge Memo

As soon as you start the game, walk into the kitchen and look at the fridge, to the right of where Mia is standing. The very first file is pinned to the fridge, beside a picture of Mia and Rose.

File 1 - Fridge Memo

File 1 – Fridge Memo

2. Old News Clipping

Head up the stairs with Rose and go down the left-hand corridor when you reach the top. Enter the room, and you will find the second file on a desk at the back, beside a lamp.

File 2 - Old News Clipping

File 2 – Old News Clipping

3. Ethan’s Diary

Exit the dusty room and head to the main bedroom with Rose. You can put her in a cot or take her with you while Ethan goes snooping around his own house. His diary is actually the laptop inside the study room. The entrance to the study is right next to the bed. Head in, turn left, and make sure to read all the pages so you can pop the achievement for finding all files in Resident Evil Village.

File 3 - Ethan's Diary

File 3 – Ethan’s Diary

4. Medical Checkup Report

Found in a drawer next to the laptop with Ethan’s Diary on it.

File 4 - Medical Checkup Report

File 4 – Medical Checkup Report

Village (first time) – 4 Files

5. Mission Briefing – Village Outskirts

After the truck crash, turn around and look down. The first collectible in the village is on the ground beside a dead body and a phone. 

File 5 - Mission Briefing

File 5 – Mission Briefing

6. Scribbled Note – Village 1F

Immediately after talking to the old woman, after the intense Lycan battle, go into the first house on the left. On the right-hand wall is a small table with this file on it, next to some candles.

File 6 - Scribbled Note

File 6 – Scribbled Note

7. Goats of Warding Placard – Village Graveyard 1F

This collectible can be found just north of the Maiden of War statue, underneath the Goat of Warding statue on the altar. You can unlock the Cynic trophy or achievement here, too, if you haven’t destroyed any goats yet. This is an easy file to miss if you were too distracted by the goat the first time around. Check this entry first when looking through your journal for all the files in Resident Evil Village.

File 7 - Goats of Warding Placard

File 7 – Goats of Warding Placard

8. Dangerous Creatures – Luiza’s House 1F

After entering Luiza’s house with Elena and her father, you will have to wait for Luiza to let you go any further. The only file you need to read in this small room is the one found on the armchair in the corner. There is also a typewriter if you need to save your progress.

File 8 - Dangerous Creatures

File 8 – Dangerous Creatures

Castle Dimitrescu – 12 Files

9. Guest Book – Castle Entrance Hall 1F

After escaping Heisenberg in the mines and making your way through the vineyard, you will eventually make it to Castle Dimitrescu. As well as housing the internet’s favourite vampire-lady, it has a few files for your collection as well. As soon as you enter the Castle, go up the small set of stairs and turn left. The guest book is on the table beside a candelabra and some books.

File 9 - Guest Book

File 9 – Guest Book

10. The Labyrinths – Merchant’s Room 1F

When you gain access to the Merchant’s Room (beside the Hall of the Four when looking at the map), head over to the Labyrinth puzzle and read the book beside it.

File 10 - The Labyrinths

File 10 – The Labyrinths

11. Winemaking History – Wine Room 2F

Go up the grand staircase when you reach the Main Hall and head through the door directly in front of you. The book is on a table in the middle of the room, beside a bowl of fruit and a bottle of wine.

File 11 - Winemaking History

File 11 – Winemaking History

12. A Maid’s Diary – Basement B1

After escaping one of the daughters through the door that needs the Red Eye Orb, you will fall to the dungeon level of the castle. The diary is located directly in front of you, on a grungy table beside the exit.

File 12 - A Maid's Diary

File 12 – A Maid’s Diary

13. Treatment Candidates – Chamber of Solace B1

While exploring the dungeon, you will come to an area with a lot of cells. Keep walking through the middle until you are blocked by a bloody gurney and tables. To the right of this lovely sight is the file. It’s on top of a trolley next to some ‘medicine’ and a stack of books.

File 13 - Treatment Candidates

File 13 – Treatment Candidates

14. Observation Report – Chamber of Solace B1

Make your way through the cells until you reach the other side of the bloody gurney and table blockade. The cell directly in front of you contains the fourteenth file on a wooden table by a stack of books.

File 14 - Observation Report

File 14 – Observation Report

15. A Cook’s Diary – Kitchen 1F

Right after killing the first daughter mini-boss, you will unlock the kitchen area. To the left of the windows is a cabinet with the diary located on the third shelf down, from the top.

File 15 - A Cook's Diary

File 15 – A Cook’s Diary

16. Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary – Dimitrescu’s Chambers 2F

You will eventually make your way out of the dungeon and find yourself on a terrace outside of Lady Dimitrescu’s Chambers. After the cutscene, you will gain access to her room. Turn left to find the diary on one of the fanciest sofas committed to gaming.

File 16 - Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary

File 16 – Alcina Dimitrescu’s Diary

17. Grand Chambermaid’s Notice – Opera Hall 2F

When you escape Lady Dimitrescu and take the Mask of Sorrow, you will be brought back to the courtyard. Use Dimitrescu’s Key to open the northern door to the Opera Hall. Head up the stairs, and at the top, you will find the file sitting on a table beside a stack of books and a clock.

File 17 - Grand Chambermaid’s Notice

File 17 – Grand Chambermaid’s Notice

18. Further Observations – Opera Hall 2F

After picking up the last file, turn left and head through the next door. Keep going forward, and you will find the book on top of a desk beside a candle.

File 18 - Further Observations

File 18 – Further Observations

19. Insect Observations Journal – Opera Hall 1F

Make your way down the Opera Hall stairs and into the main room with a piano in the middle. The journal is on a small round table by two green chairs.

File 19 - Insect Observations Journal

File 19 – Insect Observations Journal

20. Rumors of a Dagger – Attic RF

After solving the five bells puzzle in the Atelier, you will climb a ladder to the Attic. When you reach the top, keep walking forward to the back of the room. The file is on top of a fairly bare table, with only a candle found beside it.

File 20 - Rumors of a Dagger

File 20 – Rumors of a Dagger

Village (second time) – 5 Files

21. Craftsman’s Note – Outside Castle

You can find this file in the first house you come to after defeating Lady Dimitrescu. It is on the desk beside a typewriter. If you missed this one the first time around, don’t worry, you can retrieve it later when you gain access to the boat by the Lone Road. Just follow the river forward when you get on the boat, and it will lead you to an area with Dimitrescu’s treasure in it. You can then use the crank to lower a bridge that will take you back to this house with the file in it.

File 21 - Craftsman’s Note

File 21 – Craftsman’s Note

22. Leonardo’s Message – Near the Graveyard 1F

A gate will now be open in the main village area, to the right of the Maiden of War statue. The message can be found in the first house on the left as you walk through the gate. It is on the dining table by a radio.

File 22 - Leonardo’s Message

File 22 – Leonardo’s Message

23. Note on the Luthier’s House – West Old Town 1F

After using the handle on the tractor and crawling under it, turn right and keep following that path. You will face more Lycans here, but they are easily dealt with a mine or two and a clip of handgun bullets. After defeating the enemies, you will reach a gate with a padlock on it. Knife the padlock, head inside, and outside of the locked house door on the left is a note for you to read. You will know it’s the right door if it has the symbol of a violin on it.

File 23 - Note on the Luthier’s House

File 23 – Note on the Luthier’s House

24. Eugen’s Diary – West Old Town 1F

Use the Iron Insignia key on the door found opposite the area where the last file was found in. Climb the ladder and follow the path that leads to a drop beside another house. There will be an outhouse and some chickens running about. Climb up the ladder beside the house and drop inside it. There is a Lycan here, so be careful. The Diary is found on the dining table next to a box that contains an item needed for story progression.

File 24 - Eugen’s Diary

File 24 – Eugen’s Diary

25. Church Computer – Church by the Graveyard 1F

You are now over halfway to picking up all files in Resident Evil Village and unlocking the Bookworm Trophy or Achievement. Continue your search back at the Church beside The Graveyard. Chris and co. have left the remains of their expedition here, including this file found on their laptop. There is also a typewriter here if you need to use one.

File 25 - Church Computer

File 25 – Church Computer

Village (third time) – 2 Files

26. Gardener’s Diary – Gardener’s House 1F

After completing House Beneviento, start making your way back to the village. Keep an eye out to the path on your left, as a gate to the gardener’s house is now open. If you reach the suspension bridge before finding the gate, you have gone too far. The diary is found opposite the bed in the house, on a grey table.

File 26 - Gardener’s Diary

File 26 – Gardener’s Diary

27. Vasile’s Final Testament – Southern Village Area

Head to the southern main gate of the village by the Duke, and you will find yourself back in the area you had your first major Lycan battle with. Ethan will get attacked, and you will be brought to a house. Look behind you when you have control again. The note is found on the corpse.

File 27 - Vasile’s Final Testament

File 27 – Vasile’s Final Testament

Moreau’s Reservoir – 5 Files

28. The Reservoir and Giant Fish – Outside Moreau’s cave area 1F

The first file in the endearing Moreau’s section can be obtained right before using the boat for the first time. Check the hut to the right of the boat. The file is on a wooden table next to some toppled bottles.

File 28 - The Reservoir and Giant Fish

File 28 – The Reservoir and Giant Fish

29. Changing the Cranks – After Sluice Gate Controls area 1F

Exit the Sluice Gate Controls area (the place with the water controls and the Duke), turn left and keep following that path until you spot a blue truck by some stray chickens. The note is on the seat of the truck.

File 29 - Changing the Cranks

File 29 – Changing the Cranks

30. Moreau’s Diary 1 – Drowned Houses 1F

After the area where you have to avoid Moreau in the water, go back to the Sluice Gate Controls to solve the puzzle and lower the water level. Head out again, and you will see Moreau staggering out of the water. Follow him, and you will find this file on your way to his boss fight. It is in a dilapidated house, in a drawer opposite a silver briefcase. The briefcase holds the M1911 High Capacity Mag if you want to nab that while you are here.

File 30 - Moreau’s Diary 1

File 30 – Moreau’s Diary 1

31. Moreau’s Diary 2 – Moreau’s cave area 1F

After defeating Moreau, you will come to his room. You need the key item in here to progress with the story, and Heisenberg will chat with you through the TV. The diary is right in front of the TV, to the right of that pungent-looking cheese wheel.

File 31 - Moreau’s Diary 2

File 31 – Moreau’s Diary 2

32. Moreau’s Diary of Experiments – Moreau crank area 1F

After exiting the caves, head out of the windmill and use the crank on the door opposite it. There’s a lot to find in the next area, but the file is found in the very last house you come across during this section. It’s near Moreau’s Treasure icon on the map, which contains the very powerful Magnum. The diary is on the same desk as the box with the Magnum in it. 

File 32 - Moreau’s Diary of Experiments

File 32 – Moreau’s Diary of Experiments

Village (fourth time) – 4 Files

33. Analysis Results – Lone Road river 1F

Head back to the Duke in the village and take the door to the Lone Road again. This is the area you walked through after escaping Castle Dimitrescu. This time, take a right and head down the stairs to use the Crank on the drawbridge. You will gain access to a boat. Hop on in and turn the boat around. Keep driving until you can’t anymore, then get out and follow the path to a crack in a cave wall. Squeeze through and keep walking to the end of the cave. The file is on the laptop found amongst the research equipment.

File 33 - Analysis Results

File 33 – Analysis Results

If you missed File 21 after leaving Castle Dimitrescu, you could use this boat to get to the other end of the river and pick it up now. Check entry 21 for details on how to do this.

34. Ernest’s Diary – Otto’s Mill 1F

Go back to the Graveyard and use the Six-Winged Unborn key on the set of doors, to the right of where you placed the crests to gain access to the Castle Dimitrescu. Go left of the ‘good luck’ sign and keep walking forward to gain access to Otto’s Mill. There is a mini-boss here, so either defeat or rush past it to the locked door at the back. Destroy all the padlocks and head in. The diary is on top of a wooden table on the left-hand side of the room as you enter.

File 34 - Ernest’s Diary

File 34 – Ernest’s Diary

35. Officer’s Diary – Stronghold B1

After facing a large hoard of Lycans in the Stronghold, you will head down a spiral staircase and go through a hole in the wall. When you exit this hole, turn to the left. The file is on the floor, close to a typewriter.

File 35 - Officer’s Diary

File 35 – Officer’s Diary

36. Experiment Notes – Stronghold B1

Continue through the Stronghold until you get to the boat. After the boat, before going up the ladder, take a left and follow that narrow corridor, and you will come to a table with the notes on it. Be careful when leaving this area; there will be newly spawned enemies to fight.

File 36 - Experiment Notes

File 36 – Experiment Notes

Heisenberg’s Factory – 5 Files

37. Development Note 1 – Cog Room MB4

You will gain access to Heisenberg’s Factory after placing all four Rose Flasks on the Chalise and then placing the Chalice on the Dias. Continue through the area until you come across the room with the mechanical Soldat soldiers lined up in a wall to your left. Go past them, down the stairs past the crack in the wall, and the stairs by the backup generator. Then, go up the stairs to the right and knife the red circles to enter. This room contains the Development Note needed to help complete your collection of all files in Resident Evil Village. It’s to the left of the Cog Mold found inside the case.

File 37 -  Development Note 1

File 37 – Development Note 1

38. Development Note 2 – After turning off the fan B2

You will come to a room with a giant fan and debris raining all around. Shoot the orange circles to turn this fan off, and be careful of the two strong enemies that will try to corner you while you do this. After climbing up the ladder at the top, you will enter a room with this note placed on a table, to the left of some wooden boxes.

File 38 - Development Note 2

File 38 – Development Note 2

39. Sturm – Behind the Golden Horse door – B1

This door is found beside the Duke’s Elevator on B1. You will need Heisenberg’s Key to open it. The handy note on how to defeat Sturm is on the right-hand side of the room, beside a yellow crate. Make sure to check for supplies, or stock up with the Duke, before proceeding to fight Sturm.

File 39 - Sturm

File 39 – Sturm

40. Heisenberg’s Diary – Control Room after Sturm fight – B1

Enter the door available to you after the (possibly plagiarized) Sturm fight, and you will find this diary on the left-hand side of the room, on top of a table beside a lantern. Head through the vent to the right of this table if you are looking for all the Goats of Warding as well.

File 40 - Heisenberg’s Diary

File 40 – Heisenberg’s Diary

41. Chris’s Computer – After the Chris cutscene B5

After falling to the Waste Runoff area in B5, you will soon crawl through to an area where Ethan meets Chris again. After the cutscene, and before entering the vehicle, check Chris’s laptop in front of you. Remember to read all the pages to make this file count towards getting the Bookworm trophy or achievement in Resident Evil Village.

File 41 - Chris’s Computer

File 41 – Chris’s Computer

Playing as Chris – 6 Files

42 – 45. Moreau’s, Dimitrescu’s, Heisenberg’s, and Donna’s Medical Report – Miranda’s Lab

You are free to play as Chris and not file-hunt until you get to the cavern with Megamycete hanging from it. Just past this room, you will find Miranda’s Lab. As soon as you enter, you will see four large books on top of a messy table. Read the Moreau, Dimitrescu, Heisenberg, and Donna Medical Reports to tick off all four of these files.

File 42, 43, 44, and 45 - Medical Reports

File 42, 43, 44, and 45 – Medical Reports

46. Spencer’s Letter – Miranda’s Lab

After reading the last four files, head forward to the table under some drawings on the back wall. This letter is on that table, beside some photos and a microscope.

File 46 - Spencer’s Letter

File 46 – Spencer’s Letter

47. Miranda’s Diary – Miranda’s Lab

The last stop in your journey to find all of the files in Resident Evil Village! Head to the far side of the middle table in Miranda’s Lab, and you will end Ethan’s literary journey by reading all the pages of this diary. It’s in the middle of three photos.

File 47 - Miranda’s Diary

File 47 – Miranda’s Diary

What does finding all files in Resident Evil Village give you?

Now that Ethan’s found all files in Resident Evil Village, you will have unlocked the Bookworm trophy or a 15G achievement. The various villagers can rest uneasily knowing that no deeply personal note goes unread while Ethan Winters is about.

As well as popping the accolade, you will have earned 14000CP. These points can be cashed in at the end of the game in the Extra Content Shop through the Bonuses menu and can get you powerful new guns, infinite ammo, character models, and more.

Resident Evil 8 Village All File Locations

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