Civilization VI | Housing and Amenity Guide

This guide to housing and amenities will help you master the basics of building your population's prosperity! From population happiness to housing during age booms, there's more than ever to learn about housing and amenities in Civilization VI.

Civilization VI Housing and Amenities Guide

Fundamentally, housing and amenities are the most important aspects of a prosperous nation. Whether it be from how entertained they are, to how much food they have, a population will always need something new. Luckily, the use of specialty districts towards your path to victory will ensure both are met with little difficulty. Population sizes directly correlate to the amount of housing and amenities required to build up your nation’s strength. If a nation has too much housing, it can grow into a problem, but too little can cause uprisings quickly.

There are no methods of victory that don’t require some focus on amenities and housing. There are several specialty infrastructure options available when it comes to building both. The use of civics and the landscape around you is the best possible solution to making sure your needs are met. For this, balancing out resources with farms and neighborhoods is essential. Even a nation with enough homes will grow weary if they have nothing to do, so always focus on amenities. In the long run, these two factors will assist the cultural center and tourism of your nation, making it a powerful role model the world over!

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Housing relates to the number of available homes for your citizens. In Civilization VI, housing is able to be increased by mixing farms and neighborhoods with districts necessary for your chosen victory. No matter how you wish to win, housing will be equally important to your venture. Primarily speaking, there are no better districts to build for housing than neighborhoods. Due to how late game they are, these neighborhoods can be subverted with farms, plantations, factories, and barracks. Each victory style usually hosts at least one building per district capable of housing individuals.

Housing numbers will also help your food production drastically with percentage bonuses. The more housing you have, the better your food production becomes, the lower it is the less production you’ll receive. In essence, this directly correlates to the population level of a city! For this reason, it’s vastly important to make sure every city has a high population. These extra homes can accelerate the process of new population numbers, as well as directly related to loyalty points!

Low Housing Dangers

The risks that come with a lack of housing come in the form of direct decreases in food production. Happiness and loyalty in your cities will dwindle, and if not corrected eventually will lead to a rebellion. A lack of housing also provides cities with a high level of crime depending on the game mode. Resource production outside of food like iron and silk will be reduced because workers will be unhappy, and unwilling to work. The lower the amount of housing in your cities, the more stifled they become in how they will grow. Cities with no housing will not be able to grow, and oftentimes fall apart, taking longer to produce things.

An example of cities with a large amount of amenities such as aqueducts. These are essential to proper housing and amenity build up!

Well-rounded buildings and amenities

Good Population Advantages

The advantages of good housing come in the form of heightened population growth. This population growth is quintessential to the production of items, and expansion of cities. The more housing you have, the happier your population will be, inspiring more loyalty amongst them. Additionally, cities with higher happiness levels attract greater numbers of tourists which in themselves can add economic bonuses. By far, the greatest boon to having housing is that your empire will grow quickly, and oftentimes can outshine competitors. In a race to greatness, giving every citizen a home ensures they’ll focus on work, and fulfilling their legacy!

Housing Structures

Civilization VI makes it easier for citizens to find a home through constant innovation. You can add housing to your empire with simple buildings like granaries and sewers. These districts have a lot of housing improvements, like an encampment and a university. Finally, the harbor and palace can add more housing. All of these add more benefits to your empire than just housing. Making progress in whatever field you choose, including science and military production. No matter what victory path you choose, housing through your districts can be made easy.

There are still buildings that add housing in themselves like farms, aqueducts, and neighborhoods. Both can help your empire grow, but you have to be careful when placing them. Place aqueducts near your city center and around mountains, for example. The aqueduct gets six housing options, which can be great for your empire. Plantations and farms should be placed over the neighborhood, adding to its value. The ability to upgrade each district allows for more unique combinations!

Sprawling city with multiple housing types

A sprawling city with multiple housing types

Neighborhoods and Preserves

Acting as housing districts, neighborhoods, and preserves can be powerful additions. Housing and amenities help grow the population by providing a lot of housing.  Neighborhoods are great for increasing housing, food production, and food production. Housing bonuses are based on how appealing the tiles you place them on are, from disgusting to breathtaking! Besides adding new housing, preserves count as specialty districts, so they’re powerful in their own right! A bonus for housing is also given based on tile quality, from a basic plus one to a plus three for breathtaking!


Improvements to your empire such as farms, pastures, plantations, camps, and fishing boats provide excellent housing over time. Though their immediate bonuses aren’t great, the more you produce, the more housing comes over time. These improvements will help with the resource gathering of your nation, granting housing as a by-product. As a result, well-established empires should look to builders to solve the housing crisis in a pinch. A major trick is to build as many farms and pastures as possible during a population crisis to avert losing a city! Another great way to protect your cities from housing crises is to flip these farms with neighborhoods for their added bonuses.


Amenities are one of the vital means of protecting your nation from rebellion. Counting for the happiness of your nation, amenities allow your people to enjoy themselves. During times of strife, and periods of war it’s good to have a number of methods of keeping your people’s minds preoccupied. In that sense, Civilization VI allows its players to not only run an effective empire, but a fun one as well. Besides the point that these amenities keep your people happy, they also directly correlate to how well you do as a tourist nation. In terms of running your empire, the happiness meter is just as important as your city’s health. A nation that fails to keep its people entertained will end up with an eroded memory in the sands of time. 

The happiness section of your city can be found in the informational tab with all your stats!

Stat cards for civ six

Gaining Amenities

There are several ways a nation can gain amenities, most of them through construction. Firstly, the procurement of luxury resources and improvements can add to your entertainment factor. Wonders and religion are other key factors as they will maintain interest over the years for your nation! Even more so, great people and civics are a keen way of maintaining your empire’s basic prowess. Amenities are in essence, easily acquired so long as an empire focuses on their social needs. For this reason, only empires that focus on one aspect of another tend to fall into an amenities crisis, so consider branching out. Developing your nation is the best way to avoid bored people, and avoid rebellion!

Luxury Resources and Improvements

Luxury resources like spices, chocolate, and diamonds are great for maintaining your people’s entertainment needs. These items are often worth a great deal of gold and thus can be bartered with your allies accordingly. These resources help your tourism by giving a sense of exoticness to your empire and keeping the happiness of your nation alive. Resources have the added benefit of adding housing to your empire, which covers the first issue of keeping an empire alive. Remember that the more luxuries you have available, the more rich your empire will become. The richer your empire is, the quicker you will achieve any victory you want!

There are a number of improvements that can be found over time that assist with amenities. Some of them are specific to one nation or another, however, each offers a sense of entertainment to your nation. For starters, the Cahokia Mounds, and ski resort are most accessible to players. The first requires you to acquire the Cahokia as a suzerain city-state but grants great amenities. The second is acquired through professional sports and must be built on mountains. Otherwise, nations like Scotland and Canada get golf courses and hockey rinks. These buildings are especially potent and offer the player more amenities for the cost of a tile that’s otherwise unusable. 

The more wonders, the better!

The more wonders, the better!


Wonders can benefit the amenities held by a nation substantially. For the most part, there are only a few that can be used to do so, as not all wonders provide amenities. The Great Bath, Temple of Artemis, Huey Teocalli, and Alhambra are great early-game wonders that can grant amenities at two a piece. The Collision, Estadio do Maracana, and golden gate bridge offer further amenities with more advanced technologies. Each of these wonders is powerful in its own right but by far the most important one to acquire is the Estadio do Maracana. This powerful wonder can grant two amenities to every city in your empire, and allows for long prosperous growth!

Religion and Nation Parks

There are multiple religious beliefs that can benefit your nation’s amenities. Founding beliefs like Zen Meditation grant one amenity in cities with at least two specialty districts. Worship beliefs like the Stupa grant faith points and amenities that can further your religious assistance. Besides this, there are plenty of beliefs that impact your housing and gold which can be beneficial to running your empire! Remember that an empire’s religion can assist heavily with its success, so make sure it prospers freely.

National parks are a specialty improvement created by naturalists. These areas act as a source of amenities for the four cities closest to it. In this way, your empire can benefit from amenities that are also shared with your allies. National parks are a great means of not only preserving natural landscapes but also warding off enemy forces. These improvements are limiting and should be used with care as too many can choke off city growth! In situations where national parks are outside of your territory in some way, they can impact the nations closest to them. These impacts grant positive diplomatic favor and should be used to build ties with other nations!

Great People

There are multiple great people throughout Civilization VI that grant amenities. Though there isn’t a specific great person dedicated to entertainment, several hold specific amenity-granting inventions. These are the main great people required to make the most of an empire’s amenities. Each great person adds a unique resource, or infrastructure bonus that can keep your empire happy and healthy. Make sure to try and save your resources, whether it be faith or gold in order to purchase them as soon as possible. These purchases will not only help you on the course to succeeding in Civilization VI, but also in being a force of prosperity in the world.

Civilization 6 (All Wonders)(including new frontier pass)

-source Knidge Gaming

  • Jane Drew, Great Engineer: grants players four housing, and three amenities for a city they’re placed in.
  • Joe Roebling, Great Engineer: grants two housing and one amenity to cities they’re placed in.
  • Joseph Paxton, Great Engineer: grants a city’s entertainment district with three more tiles. Additionally adds one amenity to this city.
  • Ibn Khaldun, Great Scientist: grants a campus with two added housing and one amenity. Increases yield of all resources but food by 40 percent.
  • Joseph Spilsbury, Great Merchant: grants the players the luxury resources known as Toys. This resource adds four amenities to your civilization.
  • Helena Rubinstein, Great Merchant: grants a civilization the luxury resource known as Cosmetics. This resource provides four amenities to your empire.
  • Levi Strauss, Great Merchant: grants the player access to the luxury resource Jeans. This resource adds four amenities to your empire.
  • Estée Lauder, Grand Merchant: grants a civilization perfume, a rare luxury resource. This adds six amenities to your empire.

The Power of Prosperity

No matter how you choose to win in Civilization VI, you’ll need to grow your empire. Like a seed in the soil, it requires sunlight, water, and tender care; and like a seed, it will grow into a mighty forest! The testament of time for the greatest nations on earth comes from the entertainment and living they left behind. Likewise, your empire stands as a mark on history in how it lived, and how it was entertained!

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