Civilization VI: Hungary Reveal

With the announcement of Civilization: Gathering Storm we were promised several new playable civilizations and leaders. In true Firaxis fashion, we have received the first "First Look" trailer to reveal who we can lead come February. Hungary has stepped up to the plate.

Civilization VI: Hungary Reveal
Firaxis really know how to keep an audience in suspense. In traditional fashion, they have revealed the first of the new civilizations to be available in the upcoming expansion Gathering Storm. Please welcome Hungary to the fight.

Leader: Matthias Corvinus

The leader of Hungary will be Matthias Corvinus, also known as Matthias the Just. His unique ability, named Raven King, makes units levied from city-states stronger and faster. Additionally, levying troops also boosts your relationship with the city-state by providing 2 envoys.

If that wasn't enough, this ability provides a unique unit called the Black Army, a light cavalry unit which receives additional strength for adjacent levied units and later upgrades into Hungary's next unique unit, the Huszar.

Unique Unit: Haszar

This industrial era light cavalry unit will encourage you to play nice with your neighbors since it receives additional strength for every active alliance. This works along one of the updates that Gathering Storm will receive in that the warmongering penalties will be replaced by grievances so you might not be penalized as much for seeking a domination victory.

Unique Building: Thermal Bath

This entertainment complex building replaces the zoo and provides both amenities and production to cities within range. Additionally, any geothermal fissures near the thermal bath provides further amenities as well as tourism.

Unique Ability: Pearl of the Danube

Cities settled next to a river will thrive in Hungary due to districts and buildings developing quicker than normal when built across a river from the city center. This ability will leave players with a difficult decision as the natural disasters, which will also be included in Gathering Storm, will see rivers flooding and damaging nearby cities and districts.


Hungary provides some fantastic elements for players who enjoy pursuing a domination victory. They have 2 unique combat units and also receive bonuses when levying the units from friendly city-states. Their thermal bath will help keep people at home happy and their unique ability will ensure riverside cities grow quicker so they can help keep the army supplied with new units.

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