Civilization VI Settings for Historical Starts

Some useful Civilization VI settings suggestions to enable historically accurate new game starts. We provide tips, civilization and city-states lists for the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Era. Perfect if you want to improve realism, enhance immersion or you just can't stand anachronisms when you start the game.

Civilization VI Settings for Historical Starts

Civilization VI, or Civ 6, is a great game but historical accuracy is not exactly its best feature. However, one could modify the Civ 6 settings and, with some patience, greatly improve this aspect. In this article, we’re going to guide you through a selection of civs, city states, settings and mods to achieve a historical start in the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Era as accurate as possible.

This guide is based on the main game plus the DLCs Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall. All mods and settings have been tested and should be compatible with the mentioned game set-up.

For “Ancient Era” we consider the period that goes from the beginning of the game timeline (4000 BCE) until the year 1 CE. The “Medieval Era” is the period that roughly goes from the V until the XVI Century. As for the “Modern Era”, the period that goes from the XVIII Century until today. The choice criteria is based on the civilizations themselves and not their rulers.

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The Civilization VI Settings for Historical Starts

The first thing to be done is to create a new game. To do so, go to Single Player > Create Game. In the “Create Game” interface, select “Advanced Setup” at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to see and choose all kinds of Civ 6 settings.

The first five options in the settings should be based on your preferences. As for the Civilizations and City-States slots use the following:

  • Ancient Era – Civilizations: 23 | City-States: 18
  • Medieval Era – Civilizations: 34 | City-States: 21
  • Modern Era – Civilizations: 21 | City-States: 10

From the “CS Selection Usage” option choose “Only Selection”.

Given the high number of players, the number of religions should be set to at least 7. It’s possible to add even more religions with the mod “Tomatekh’s Historical Religions“.

Map Mods and Options

Aside from the mods that add civilizations and city-states, there is at least one more mod that is necessary for a proper historical start called “Yet (not) Another Maps Pack“. This mod allows the creation of “Enormous” maps which are perfect for fitting big numbers of civilizations in a game. Aside from enlarging existing maps, it also comes with a few custom maps that can further enhance immersion.

Among the best features of YnAMP is the True Start Location map option that, as the name suggests, places all civilizations in geographically relevant locations. The only downside of this mod is that maps bigger than “Enormous” are likely to crash in the late game. However, you can use some tweaks to avoid this, located in the mod description.

Another mod that is useful for the creation of realistic maps is PerfectWorld6 which is also contained in our general list of must-have Civ 6 mods.

Civilization VI Settings World Map

Civilization VI Settings World Map

Civilization VI Settings for Maps

The choice of the map is kind of personal and mostly depends on your tastes. For pure historical precision, the best option would be “True Start Location Earth Huge”. However, this map is set for 12 players so having double the amount will make the Earth quite tight for many. Eventually, a good alternative is the “YnAMP – Terra Map”, a customizable map that roughly follows Earth’s shape and whose size can be set to Enormous.

The rest of the map options are truly up to you. The easiest and most realistic thing would be to set everything to “Standard”.

Depending on the map you choose, you might get either the “Start position link” option or the “Civilization Placement” option (only with YnAMP maps). The former can be set to either “Cultural” or “Distance Relative” for a more realistic distribution of the civilizations.

In “Civilization Placement” you can choose between “Map Generator”, which randomly places civs on the map, and “True Starting Location”. Selecting the latter unlocks other options that we recommend to configure as follows:

  • TSL Replacement Range: High Range
  • Enforce TSL: Off
  • More Land around TSL: unticked
  • Use Leades TSL when available: ticked
  • Use Alternate TSL if required and available: ticked
  • Allow random placement for civs without TSL: ticked
Civilization VI Settings YnAMP True Start Location

Civilization VI Settings YnAMP True Start Location

Note that YnAMP maps with the “True Starting Location” option active may create issues or crash on start with some civilization mods. It is recommended to use it only with Vanilla civilizations.

Once all the options are out of the way, it is time to choose the civilization you want to guide and the Era. If you have doubts on which civ to choose, you can have a look at our guide about 6 of the best civilizations to play with.

Ancient Era

Ancient Era Civilizations

Between the base game and the mods, there are 23 Ancient Era civilizations. This number might be heavy on some computers so feel free to reduce it to something more in line with your PC specs. For instance, you could avoid the modded civilizations.

  1. Alexander – Macedon
  2. Amanitore – Nubia
  3. Boudica – Briton (download mod)
  4. Burebista – Dacia (download mod)
  5. Chandragupta – India
  6. Cleopatra – Egypt
  7. Cyrus – Persia
  8. Dido – Phoenicia
  9. Gilgamesh – Sumeria
  10. Hojo Tokimune – Japan
  11. Jayavarman VIII – Khmer
  12. Lautaro – Mapuche
  13. Mithridates II – Parthia (download mod)
  14. Muwatalli – Hatti (download mod)
  15. Oson – Akan (download mod)
  16. Pericles – Greece (Gorgo is also available but, historically, she wasn’t a ruler)
  17. Qin Shi Huang – China
  18. Seondeok – Korea
  19. Tomyris – Scythia
  20. Trajan – Rome
  21. Trisong Detsen – Tibet (download mod)
  22. Vercingetorix – Gaul
  23. Zara Yakob – Ethiopia (download mod)

Ancient Era City-States

City-states always played an important role in history, for better or worse. Similarly, also in Civilization VI city-states provide good bonuses, play an important strategical role and can also help with immersion. Here’s our list of 18 Ancient Era city-states.

  1. Akkad
  2. Cahokia
  3. Çayönü
  4. Chillicothe (download mod)
  5. Jerusalem
  6. Kabul
  7. Knossos (download mod)
  8. La Venta
  9. Mogadishu
  10. Mohenjo-daro
  11. Mutitjulu
  12. Mycenae (download mod)
  13. Nazca
  14. Poverty Point (download mod)
  15. Su Nuraxi (download mod)
  16. Yeha
  17. Yerevan
  18. Zafar (download mod)
Civilization VI Settings Ancient Era

Civilization VI Settings Ancient Era

Medieval Era

Medieval Era Civilizations

This is the Era with the most civilizations available. Thus, when adjusting the Civ 6 settings, you may want to tweak a few things in order to get the game running smoothly. However, if your computer struggles with games, you should probably reduce or halve the number of civs.

  1. Ahmad al-Mansur – Morocco (download mod)
  2. Al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman- Swahili (download mod)
  3. Catherine de Medici – France
  4. Chandragupta – India
  5. Frederick Barbarossa – Germany
  6. Gengis Khan – Mongolia
  7. Gitarja – Indonesia
  8. Hojo Tokimune – Japan
  9. Jayavarman VIII – Khmer
  10. Harald Hardrada – Norway
  11. Jadwiga – Poland
  12. Kristina – Sweden
  13. Kupe – Maori
  14. Mansa Musa – Mali
  15. Maria Theresa – Austria (download mod)
  16. Matthias Corvinus – Hungary
  17. Montezuma – Aztec
  18. Mvemba a Nzinga – Kongo
  19. Pachacuti – Inca
  20. Peter – Russia
  21. Philip II – Spain
  22. Poundmaker – Cree
  23. Qin Shi Huang – China
  24. Seondeok – Korea
  25. Ramkhamhaeng – Siam (download mod)
  26. Robert the Bruce – Scotland
  27. Saladin – Arabia
  28. Shaka – Zulu
  29. Simeon I – Bulgaria (download mod)
  30. Suleiman – Ottomans
  31. Trisong Detsen – Tibet (download mod)
  32. Tamar – Georgia
  33. Victoria – England
  34. Zara Yakob – Ethiopia (download mod)

Medieval Era City-States

City-states had their prime during medieval times, especially in Europe. For this reason, we included a big number of them for the Medieval Era start. Here’s our selection.

  1. Ainu Kotan (download mod)
  2. Anshan
  3. Armagh
  4. Belgrade (download mod)
  5. Bologna
  6. Brussels
  7. Cardiff
  8. Firenze (download mod)
  9. Geneva
  10. Granada
  11. Kandy
  12. Lubeck (download mod)
  13. Mitla
  14. Muscat
  15. Nan Madol
  16. Ngazargamu
  17. Rapa Nui
  18. Ternate
  19. Valletta
  20. Venice
  21. Vilnius
Civilization VI Settings Medieval Europe

Civilization VI Settings Medieval Europe

Modern Era

Modern Era Civilizations

For those who found playing with America, Canada and Australia in Ancient times weird, the following lists will be quite handy. In this case, we recommend setting the number of civilizations to 21 in your Civ 6 settings. However, keep in mind your PC specs and choose less civs if you feel it’s necessary.

  1. Catherine de Medici – France
  2. Chandragupta – India
  3. Frederick Barbarossa – Germany
  4. Hojo Tokimune – Japan
  5. John Curtin – Australia
  6. Kristina – Sweden
  7. Maria Theresa – Austria
  8. Mvemba a Nzinga – Kongo
  9. Pedro II – Brazil
  10. Peter – Russia
  11. Philip II – Spain
  12. Qin Shi Huang – China
  13. Ramkhamhaeng – Siam (download mod)
  14. Seondeok – Korea
  15. Shaka – Zulu
  16. Suleiman – Ottomans
  17. Teddy Roosvelt – USA
  18. Victoria – England
  19. Wilfrid Laurier
  20. Wilhelmina – Netherlands
  21. Zara Yakob – Ethiopia (download mod)

Modern Era City-States

In modern times, city-states lost most of their power. For this reason, the majority of them in this list are there to take the place of small countries or countries that are not present in game. However, if ten are not enough for you, there are plenty of mods that add city-states from all over the world.

  1. Antananarivo
  2. Auckland
  3. Bandar Brunei
  4. Brussels
  5. Buenos Aires
  6. Holy Sea (download mod)
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Mexico City
  9. Muscat
  10. Oyo (download mod)
Civilization VI Settings US-Canada Border

Civilization VI Settings US-Canada Border


While we tried to summarize the best mods and settings for a realistic historical start, you don’t have to follow our suggestions literally. There are plenty of other mods that add civilizations and city-states as well as maps and scenarios that cannot be squeezed in one guide. You can find these mods in the Steam Workshop or on websites like CivFanatics and Nexus. So, feel free to explore for yourself and create your perfect scenario.

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