Civilization VI to Get Its Final Free Update, Reveal Coming this Month

Turn-based strategy game, Sid Meier's Civilization VI, is having its last hurrah as developer Firaxis is set to roll out the game's free final update. Announced in a form of a tweet, fans will get full disclosure about the ultimate patch this April. Meanwhile, there's an undying notion that said update does not necessarily equate to potential premium contents down the line.

Civilization VI to Get its Final Free Update, Reveal Coming this Month Cover

Civilization VI developer Firaxis is putting an end to the support of its brainchild as it plans to launch a final free update.

Nearly five years since the game’s release back in 2016, Civilization VI has had the complete backing of its developer. But such an assistance is soon coming to a close with the American video game developer preparing its last giveaway.

In a tweet, Sid Meier’s Civilization Twitter channel made the announcement, asking fans to turn on notifications and to get back on April 12th for more details.

With the upcoming update being the game’s last, it makes February’s free update rollout the penultimate to the series’ latest entry. One that added significant inclusions to the game in terms of content. Two, in particular, being the addition of new Barbarians Clan game mode as well as the Leader Selection Pool.


In addition to the aforementioned features, the game also saw layers of needed polish, which includes plenty of bug fixes.

While the words themselves are already telling in what it implies, it seems that there’s a sense of ambiguity to it. One that refuses to acknowledge that Civilization VI is finally seeing its last contents by entertaining the thought of yet still another premium expansion. Be that as it may, only the future can tell.


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