Civilization VI: Domination Victory Guide

Here's a great list of tips, exploits, and some good leaders you can use to really spice up your gameplay in Civilization VI. When it comes to this game, there are multiple ways you can acquire a domination victory. There's an infinite amount of combinations you can try from ground forces, to naval; so how will you conquer the world?

Civilization VI Domination Victory Guide

Civilization VI gives you the opportunity to build your nation however you’d like, be it through pacifism, or through war. Domination victories are by far one of the easiest ways to win in Civilization VI. In part due to the fact that some nations can acquire early troop bonuses that make them incredibly powerful. Domination comes from having the most powerful forces, and the ability to capture all of your opponents capitals. While being one of the more basic means of winning the game, it’s no less fun conquering the world with the might of your powerful armies!

Victories can come from sheer numbers of troops you descend on others with; you’ll want to adhere to strategy. There’s an important semblance to how you set your troops up, and whether or not you’ll choose to focus on the enemy’s armies, infrastructure, or just their cities themselves. You have a lot of options between land, sea, and air; though each nation will typically have their strong points according to what they’re better with. It’s important to remember that planning, and resource management is key when you’re keen on conquering the world!

What Is a Domination Victory?

The way you go about a domination victory is pretty simple. You’re going to be sending the majority of your forces in a series of pushing and pulling with your neighbors for land. Domination victories come from whoever has the largest military. With these large militaries, it’s a race to see who can use it to conquer the other members of the world. You can achieve these domination victories in two ways. The traditional means of besieging, or nuking your enemies into oblivion until you can take them over. Alternatively you can go the route of forming alliances with as many powerful nations as you can before the game is finished.

While you don’t need to be a warmonger to win militarily, domination victories lend themselves well to this idea. You can almost constantly find yourself policing petty squabbles around the world. You’ll also find yourself bullying your enemies into a position where they are in line with your ideologies. In this way you can force others into a state of friendship or alliance; threatening to oust those who stand against you. 

Civilization VI Tips: Domination Victory Basics

-Source The Saxy Gamer

A good thing to note when it comes to these types of victories is that it’s better to do them early on as opposed to later. Early on, walled cities and besiegement can be toppled very easily. After a prolonged period of time, and the threat of war, nations will naturally build up their defenses which makes them almost impossible to deal with. In this regard, you’re also better off focusing on a variety of troops rather than a single unit type.

Lastly, you’ll always want to make sure that you keep your own cities well defended as much as possible. It’s good to leave troops garrisoned in your cities, and focus some of your forces on offensive missions. In this way you can rotate out your defenders and offensive units to make a more rounded off military. It’s good to expand slowly for this reason; as expanding too fast can lead to situations of being stretched too thin. It’s good to keep a sense of strategy in mind when it comes to creating new settlements, and which ones you’ll make defensively. 

What Makes a Good Domination Leader?

Good domination leaders come in the form of those who offer strong military benefits. From unique units which can exploit various functions in a war, to those who are just cheaper, or advanced in use compared to their traditional counterparts. Strong leaders with economic, or industrial bonuses can also be powerful in domination victories. These leaders can afford endless hordes of troops at their disposal, making them ideal for winning a war with little in the way of personal costs. 

It’s good to keep in mind that leaders who can increase troop movement speed, or production times are the best of the bunch. Be it land, or naval units; you’ll find yourself with an advantage given the right leader. It’s important to note that these leaders are able to explore the world quickly through their armies. Never forget that the true duty of a domination victory isn’t just to explore the world, but to conquer it.

There’s an endless list of good leaders when it comes to war; mainly because it’s the easiest means of a domination victory. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though! when it comes to war you’re just trying to have fun with the game. Importantly, make sure you build up all fields of your nation, from religion, culture, and science, to the population growth you hold. All of these bonuses will ensuring you’re a well oiled war machine!

Going for a Domination Victory

There’s a few ways you can go about winning a war; each of them having various advantages and disadvantages. For one, you’ll have to keep in mind that each unit type has bonuses towards certain other unit types. From there, you can keep in mind that there are four main types of units that can be used in warfare. Between cavalry, siege, ranged, and melee troops you have multiple options for how you want to break down your enemies. Additionally you’ll have access to naval, and aerial units which can enhance your gameplay, and make your empire run more smoothly. 

Besieging a city with melee units, using ranged as a secondary ring allows you to deal huge amounts of damage quickly. The idea is to completely entrap a city with melee and cavalry units in such a way that they can’t produce troops or let ones inside leave. Once you’ve done this, you move ranged troops behind the melee fighters which will act as an opening bombardment on enemies. You’ll lead your assaults with ranged attackers because they don’t take damage for attacking. After using the ranged units, follow up with melee until the city falls and you should be able to take most higher level cities in a matter of five turns. Naval and Aerial units prove especially effective in a besiegement as you can ultimately just crush city defenses with overwhelming firepower in your domination victory. 

(Civ 6) 4 Domination Mistakes EVERYONE Makes In Civilization 6

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If overwhelming force and besiegement doesn’t work for you. You can always go the route of pillaging your enemies until they’re unable to operate any further. In this same regard, late game nuclear warheads prove to be the deciding factor in most domination games. You have a lot of options, whether you want to squabble with enemy armies, focus on their resources, or just go for the kill. Either way, just make sure you have fun while doing it!

List for a Good Domination Leader

  • Make sure your leader has a specialty unit, or building for defenses
  • They should have a bonus to culture, science, or religion
  • Has loyalty bonuses for cities with armies in them
  • Has a strategic position geographically
  • Is there a niche they can fill to take advantage of a situation?

Remember, the exciting prospect of victory via military advantages often comes from a well oiled machine. You want individuals in your corner who are able to throw their weight around, as well as exploit the areas around them. Religion, science, and culture are all powerful methods of boosting your military advantages, but the core values will fall in production and coin collection. It’s very hard to run an empire on nothing no matter how you want to win. So long as you can think outside of the box, you should be able to find the perfect leader that will work for you!

Amanitore – Nubian Conquest

Amanitore of Nubia is one of the better types of war leaders. Capable of amassing large, very powerful ranged armies with their specialty unit the Pitati Archers. They hold potent bonuses for construction of cities in otherwise undesirable locations. Their ability to maintain large cities in deserts so productively makes them an odd playstyle, though rewarded by maintaining strong autonomy from other nations. One of her strongest assets is the geographical location of Nubia. This locationing grants her both some potential for power allies, as well as strong staging grounds for conflict. Her strength for domination victories comes from the art of the bow, acting as a powerful army for anyone to enjoy!

Military Advantages

Primarily, the advantages of the Nubians is their ability to produce massive ranged armies. Ranged units are easily some of the most exploitable in the game due to the fact that they can easily hit and run given the proper experience. Ranged units also make for hallmark defensive garrisons; mostly due to the fact they can attack outward threats without taking damage. These units are especially potent when you have the defensive tactics civic which allows you to attack with cities, and ranged units in one turn. 

The specialized units that the Nubians receive are Pitati Archers, which have a powerful bonus to damage and movement speed. Pitati Archers are exceptional for taking out ground units, and being used as defenders for your own cities.  Though they have an increased movement speed and damage, they unfortunately are not as well suited for killing districts and cities; losing 17 ranged damage in the process. When paired with cavalry, allow for rapid deployments, and quick assistance to your allies, or besieged cities. 

Amanitore of Nubia's abilities are potent for ranged militaries in desert conditions!

Amanitore of Nubia’s abilities are potent for ranged militaries in desert conditions!

Nubia receives the unique ability to produce ranged units faster, along with gaining experience quicker. Ranged units are produced a shocking thirty percent more quickly, and gain fifty percent more combat experience. These improvements mean that Pitati Archers will be able to gain a vast amount of combat experience before eventually being upgraded to better units. The sheer amount of units you’ll be able to create allows for quick domination. In addition, it’s hard to find many armies which can be produced as quickly as Nubian Archers can be!

Since the Nubians favor rapid production and deployment of ranged units they can easily be seen as an overwhelming enemy. Even if they aren’t able to besiege cities quickly, their sheer numbers and combat range allows them to besiege cities quickly and efficiently; only taking a small amount of damage per turn. Nubia’s military favors quick action, and troop on troop conflict, making them a perfect ally to any game, and a proud warrior of the bow!

Alternative Advantages

Nubia finds itself in a position where it can easily grow in places where others can’t. Moreover, mines that hold strategic resources grant additional gold, meaning you can keep your nation thriving quickly and more effectively. Additionally, their ability to start in Africa gives you a strategic start that can’t be understated. You’ll exist in a place with a lot of strategic resources if you can spread out to them, and isolated from the squabbles of Europe. By the time you cross over, you’ll have adequate sea travel, and the ability to enter the grand scale of the world on your own terms. 

Finally, the Nubians have the specialty building of the Nubian Pyramid. These buildings grant powerful bonuses to virtually everything so long as you place them near a district. They will essentially enhance whatever bonuses this district is already producing. These Nubian Pyramids grant industrial bonuses when used by Amanitore, making Nubia a unique nation when it comes to military production. Keeping constant use of these expressly useful buildings will keep you centralized with the rest of the world. Potentially allowing you to step ahead of the game through innovative gameplay in locations many players wouldn’t dare go!

Pitati Archers are a powerful specialty unit of the Nubians!

Pitati Archers are a powerful specialty unit of the Nubians!

Overall Thoughts

Nubia is one of those playstyles that lends well to a ranged approach; making them incredibly potent in warfare. Fighting between defensive and offensive conflicts that widdle down enemy forces, you can comfortably alternate between which borders you choose to strike from. Enhanced movement speed, and experience gain makes it easy to build up veteran units with increased combat bonuses. The only thing you really have to keep in mind with her powerful forces is who will be your allies, and who will fall before you? In the face of a domination victory, Nubia’s proud arrow shoots far!

Harald Hardrada – Norwegian Conquest

If land and sea dominance is your favored means of winning a game, then Harald Hardrada of Norway is the leader for you. With early game naval supremacy in the form of location and scientific discovery. A unique unit right out of the bat when you acquire sailing, making it easy to explore the seas quickly.  you’ll have an early game advantage few others have when you play as Harald in the form of naval militaries. Perhaps one or two other nations which can match the vikings when it comes to military assets; both of which will take longer to reach these heights than Harald.

Military Advantages

Harald gains access to two specialized units for combat. The first one is the unique naval unit, the Viking Longship, and the other being the land unit Berserkers. The effective control of land and sea specialty units is unique, being one of the few leaders to have something like this! These units are potent on their own, however together they become a powerful war machine for anyone who you choose to attack. Both are unlocked relatively early on with sailing, and military tactics; aserving you well up until parts, and electricity have been researched. Units which are under Harald gain increased plundering bonuses which allow you to take resources from others frequently. 

Viking Longships are especially potent for coastal raiding as they gain increased movement speed, and ignore enemy zones of control. These units are capable of specialized coastal raids which make them especially potent against other city states. Once they get the ship building perk they’ll be allowed to enter oceanic tiles; making them one of the earliest nations to find themselves exploring multiple continents. Viking Longships replace simple galleys, have an enhanced combat strength, and become obsolete when electricity is researched. Viking Longship longevity makes them one of the longest lasting naval units which can last you from the beginning of the game out towards the later portions. 

Harold Hardrada (Konge) of the Norse's abilities are suited to land and naval sieges, working good for coastal raids and exploration!

Harold Hardrada (Konge) of the Norse’s abilities are suited to land and naval sieges, working good for coastal raids and exploration!

Berserkers are the specialty land unit given to Norway which has some of the strongest offensive bonuses in the game. Whilst these troops are a replacement of the Man at Arms, it holds more attack power, and movement speed when attacking enemies. While in enemy territory you receive added speed, and when attacking you get bonus attack. While you’re defending you’ll lose some of your offensive strength, making them more suited for aggressive warfare rather than defensive. These troops are acquired with the military tactics civic, and are replaced by the ‘replaceable parts’ science perk. These powerful units make taking cities, and enemy troops swift and easy, making your land armies incredibly formidable. 

Not only does Norway have an incredible ease to defend geographical location, but they also receive a production bonus for naval troops. These bonuses can go as high as 50 percent, and are directly added as soon as you start the game. With an amassed naval military from these bonuses, you’ll find very few other nations capable of challenging you. Early on, you can dominate the seas, and focus on harassing your enemies. From their position in Norway, naval warfare will be the majority of how you control the game; and due to Harald’s unique advantages, conquest has never been easier! 

Alternative Advantages

While Harald has some of the most powerful naval and land units in the game early on, they’re also adamant traders and explorers. As a nation who is completely based on coastal raiding, you’ll have to find yourself allies, and individuals who’ll want to trade with you. Meet as many players as possible early on, trading massive amounts of plundered goods to recycle the wealth into your military. In this way, you’ll keep your allies strong, while plundering enemies to single handedly tip the economic scales. For this reason, you can play economically, as well as militarily. These bonuses allow for fueling your empire through the fruits of others labor! 

Naval bonuses may provide the optimal amount of trade and military prowess; however Norway doesn’t need to be a warmonger inherently. Harald holds the ability to explore the world surprisingly quickly. Due to their increased movement speed for troops, they’re able to play a passive explorer route as an alternative style. Using this strategy, you can meet the world quickly. Norway also has the ability to find the natural wonders before anyone else can. With very little technological difficulty, Norway is very capable of scouting out others. The pure movement bonuses of Norway make them ideal spies, operating as an important network for allies who need to find potential threats. 

Berserkers are a powerful specialty unit offered to the Norse!

Berserkers are a powerful specialty unit offered to the Norse!

Overall Thoughts

Harald Hardrada is one of the most prolific military leaders you can use in Civilization VI. Their ability to not only command the seas, but the land they set foot on makes them ideal for warmongering as a whole. Plundering and attacking your enemies lands; you’ll be feared by all who’d attempt to challenge you. Even when they’re not in the position of an attacker; their enhanced movement speed allows them to be powerful explorers and scouts. Crushing your enemies as the Norse has never been easier, especially when playing for a domination victory! As a true sentiment to their warrior culture, there’s little that Norway can’t accomplish when conquering the world. Their tenacity making them a powerful choice for domination victories! 

Kupe – Maori Conquest

Maori playstyles revolve entirely around the idea of naval domination, and exploration. Kupe and the Maroi are a powerful nation when it comes to wanting to start off with naval power. With the ability to spread your empire out via island nations, or encroaching onto Australia. You’ll be able to take advantage of easily defended positions. While you might have an initial set back as far as settling down, you’ll have the ability to stay clear of other nation’s squabbles. The Maori offer more than a naval advantage, but one of neutrality; being able to pick and choose which battles you bring yourself into on your way to a domination victory! 

Military Advantages

Toa are a specialty unit of the Maori, which are powerful hard hitting melee units that have advantage against anti-cavalry units. They replace standard swordsmen and have the ability to lower the combat strength of enemy units near them. Additionally, these units have the ability to produce a building which acts as a defensive structure. Toa have good action economy in game, allowing them to be useful for building up your defenses, as well as weakening your enemies. Kupe can produce Toa after they unlock the construction science, and are useful up until the invention of replaceable parts. Toa make for powerful cheap units that can work well with other nations, as well as bolster your own forces to defend from incoming threats!

Defensive structures known as Pa are essential towards the Maori defensive strategy. These specialty buildings are built via the Toa, and are able to function very similarly to forts. The only real asset they provide to the Maori outside of a defensive structure is that they can heal units that are garrisoned on them quickly. Pa can make your nation more resilient to attack, as well as can turn smaller islands into strong points for your country. It’s very important to note with these structures that they hold very little else in the way of strategic value, keeping your armies running longer. 

Kupe of the Maori's Abilities make him ideal for naval starts, and strong defensive warfare!

Kupe of the Maori’s Abilities make him ideal for naval starts, and strong defensive warfare!

One of the most potent advantages that the Maori have is their oceanic start. With the ability to travel through oceanic tiles you have the ability to set yourself however far you’d like to. These advantages mean you’ll have the ability to attack others with your galleys, as well as to amass a massive fleet quickly. Though you lack a specialty unit in the form of a naval capacity, you’ll be able to make a lot of troops very quickly. You can very quickly dominate the high seas, and landlock others by attacking coastal cities. As the ruler of the high seas early on, Kupe can easily make himself a trading empire, as well as a powerful ally outside of the main geographical scope.

Alternative Advantages

Maori are able to start the game with a free builder to go along with their naval voyage to find a promised land. For this reason, you’ll be able to have several tools right out to bat than most other nations that you’ll be brought up against. These builders allow for resource gathering, or clearing of tiles to produce your initial cities. While this initial builder can be seen as a great boon, you’re going to have to use it to compensate for the fact you aren’t starting on land.

It’s almost useless to use these builders on oceanic tiles or smaller islands; meaning you have to be very strategic where you set them. Most importantly, being a nation off the main track of the world; you can expand freely and quietly as the Maori. It’s exceptionally easy to set up colonies on each continent, making it harder to take you out of the game. Maori can build staging ground cities wherever they’re needed, creating aggressively quickly in military development and deployment.

Toa are a powerful specialty unit of the Maori

Toa are a powerful specialty unit of the Maori

Additionally, the Maori have access to the unique building known as Marae. Marae are a type of building for the theater square district that replaces the amphitheater. These allow for your cities to produce faith, tourism, as well as culture from the typical district. Bonuses for culture are increased by the amount of envoys you have in city states in the world. Envoys will provide the Maori with a very potent advantage to their military and cultural centers. These bonuses can be ever growing, and thus makes the Maori one of the most potent leaders that can stay clear of the main continents. Their status as an island nation makes them susceptible to weather effects. This positioning can be a catch twenty two, though is a firm trade off when considering the fact barbarians and city states have to go out of their way to damage you!

Overall Thoughts

Kupe offers players a change of pace from the typical gameplay of Civilization VI that can be refreshing, and strategically beneficial. He forces the player to think outside the box, and to utilize resources they probably wouldn’t otherwise think of. Maori’s unique geographical location means there’s very little in the form of competition around you. Your Domination victory will come from the alliances and wars you wage with others, through land and at sea! These protections giving you access to those you might find are easy going and typically willing to trade. It’s important to scout out your empire before you set it! If done right, you could find yourself in a highly defensible position! However you choose to conquer the world, the Maori allow you to do so with a sense of ease, and comfort as a proud seafaring empire!

Qin Shi Huang (Unifier) – Chinese Conquest

While most leaders will struggle with the aspect of Barbarians existing around them, few can use them to their advantage. To this end, Qin Shi Huang is one of the most potent military leaders early on, able to convert barbarian troops with his own. Paired with the specialty Chinese unit known as Crouching Tigers, you’ll be able to dominate enemy cities with little issue. Structures like the Great Wall offer unique defensive positions that can change a war against you to your own favor. Wonders completed offer Eureka and Inspirations keeping your nation strong and healthy. Generally, China is a strong choice for any civilization game as their positioning, and military prowess make them powerful for any victory type!

Military Advantages

Militarily the most important aspect of Qin Shi Huang is his ability to convert barbarian troops into his own armies. His agenda itself is to unify all barbarians under his banner. For this reason you can spend your time building cities with smaller initial forces. Each time you find a barbarian encampment you will be able to utilize his abilities. You’ll be able to exploit it by sacrificing your weaker units to convert their stronger ones. In essence, you’ll be able to keep your armies flowing from multiple sources without spending gold or religious points which can go elsewhere. 

One of the most powerful aspects of China is their Crouching Tiger cannon units. Crouching tigers are the earliest interpretation of cannon technology, or use of gunpowder in Civilization VI. These powerful medieval era units provided china with the use of cannons early on. Though they are not as useful against naval or districts as other cannon units. Crouching Tigers add an extra level of ranged offensive capacity for your armies early on, useful against armies; making them super effective for taking out city defenders. Though they’re weaker than other cannon units, Crouching Tigers are a solid ranged improvement over traditional archers or slingers. 

Qin (Unifier) of China's abilities are great for empire building, and turning barbarian armies into your own!

Qin (Unifier) of China’s abilities are great for empire building, and turning barbarian armies into your own!

China’s ability to utilize the Great Wall as a series of defensive network fortifications makes China incredibly difficult to invade. Great Walls easily run a defensive game from very early on, being able to be used by builders after the Masonry civic is unlocked. These powerful fortifications offer gold per turn, as well as offer enhanced bonuses to garrisoned forces. Though these buildings require some strategy to get right, being easy to wall yourself off from vital resources. These structures offer potent means of hindering attacks against your empire.

The most unique aspect of China’s military prowess is its position in the world. You’ll have the ability to expand towards a coast quickly, or find yourself protected by a desert. The resources and trade routes you’ll be able to create bustling cities, and explore outward to build your Great Walls! With plenty of mountain ranges, and the ability to wall people off you have plenty of defensibility. These natural and man made barriers you access can make your lands impossible to traverse around. China both historically and in game has one of the most generous locations for empire building. Filled with vital resources and natural beauties, making it quite the easy venture for any player!

Alternative Advantages

The advantage of China outside of its military is the ability to build a large amount of wonders with the added Eurekas and Inspirations. These bonuses assure that as you increase the overall tourism and likeability of your empire. Extra Eureka and Inspirations allows for quick expanses through the civics and science trees as your nation grows! This type of exploitative civilization ability allows China to quickly overtake their opponents. Allowing them to aid and relieve their allies in advanced bouts of combat. No matter what play style you’ll go with, the Chinese have a strong case for being able to uphold it.

Builders are able to exploit themselves by reducing the time a wonder takes to finish by 15 percent. Builders always receive an additional charge when created, advantageous for extra industrial potential. Each builder can reduce your wonder completions by upwards to 45% without civics or science bonuses. When adding additional civics cards that can bring about extra charges. Extra charges can also reduce wonder building times. China will quickly find itself at the forefront for influential places to visit in Civilization VI. As one of the easiest nations to exploit builders with, having uses with a unique structure, and extra charges.  You’ll find that they become just as useful to you as your army will be. Allowing you to watch your forces grow as you increase the industrial might of your empire!

Crouching Tigers are a powerful specialty unit of the Chinese!

Crouching Tigers are a powerful specialty unit of the Chinese!

Overall Thoughts

Qin Shi Huang is a perfect military leader for quick victories, as he can easily exploit barbarian camps. By not destroying them, and by increasing your pressure on other nations by constantly expanding. Few will be able to stop you on the way to a domination victory! Your armies keep the hordes of the world at bay, while taking it for your own domination victory! China is one of the best leaders for the Zombie Apocalypse game mode with their advantages. Mostly due to their use of great walls, and having pretty efficient internal trade.

Simon Bolivar – Gran Colombia

Simon Bolivar of Gran Colombia is by far one of the best military leaders in Civilization VI. His ability to promote troops, and utilize them in the same turn. Simon Bolivar is a powerful military asset in alliances and world events due to the sheer mobility of his units. When it comes to wars, he can easily achieve victory with his aggressive combat ability. From his seat in South America, he holds the ability to wage war from continents away. His use of specialized generals for great people make him a potent military even outside of its sheer combat strength. There’s very few other leaders who are able to deal with the sheer might of Simon’s military power. 

Military Advantages

Simon Bolivar’s greatest military asset is his sheer ability to promote and utilize troops on the same turn. This extra action economy in the midst of a battle means you can strategically heal your forces. Healing, and improving your troops in battle to give a visage of being virtually immortal. Promoting troops can be an excellent way for any army to gain the upper hand. Usually requires that promotions take the troops’ entire movement away. Simon’s ability to field large professional armies in an exploitative manner opts him greatly for constant military campaigns! Defensive structures provide additional troop bonuses when it comes to promotions, making well rounded militaries more elite than specialized ones!

One of the greatest perks of the Gran Colombian military is their enhanced movement speed! All military units are provided with an additional movement space per turn, effective for rapid deployment around your empire. Additionally, you’ll be able to rapidly explore the region or get to your allies. Speed bonuses are exceedingly good on early troops; allowing for trailblazing effectivity. Speed advantages are able to make cavalry units into full on scouts when need be. The added movement speed can help you reposition your units into strategic strong points. Additionally, rest easy knowing retreating, or swelling them with the added bonus that forces’re well trained. No matter what, your armies will be ready to fight under Simon Bolivar’s firm banner!

Simon Bolivar of Gran Colombia's Abilities make him powerful for building up elite fighting forces with rapid deployment capabilities!

Simon Bolivar of Gran Colombia’s Abilities make him powerful for building up elite fighting forces with rapid deployment capabilities!

The Llanero is Gran Colombia’s specialty unit, being a particularly formidable cavalry unit on the battlefield. Llaneros succeed better when placed in large military formations, gaining a plus two bonus when next to another Llanero. Low maintenance, Llanero have the ability to overwhelm your opponents with siege warfare, or entrapments of enemy forces. You’re capable of unlocking these units in the industrial era by the Military Science skill in the science tree. They have an extraordinary movement speed with their nations bonuses, and have exceptional attack prowess on their own. When Comandante Generals retires in the presence of Llanero forces, they will be fully healed! 

Comandante Generals are powerful unique great people only available to Simon Bolivar. Awarded from new era, Comandante Generals are free to Simon Bolivar, granting him a unique advantage in leadership. Additionally, Comandante Generals have the ability to grant enhanced attack power to land units within two spaces of them. Comandante Generals have a movement speed of four, and are able to stack with Great Generals for even grander bonuses! These forces are able to beef up your military, granting Simon Bolivar the chance to defeat his enemies ruthlessly. Comandante Generals are why Gran Colombia is one of the best military leaders in the game. Unique to Simon, and unable to be replicated by other nations. In essence, being the niche that makes Gran Colombia so powerful for domination victories!

Alternative Advantages

Haciendas are consistently one of the better buildings that can be constructed in Civilization VI. Simple structures produced via builders when you acquire the Mercantilism civic, and are a massive production asset. Haciendas grant housing, food, production, and gold. With the ability to build food and production bonuses when adjacent to plantations and other Haciendas. The Replaceable Parts Science grants extra food when near plantations, making city growth exceptionally easy. Rapid Production civics grant Haciendas near each other additional industrial bonuses to help in the procuring of military assets. Said bonuses also being ideal for wonders or building your cities! 

Gran Colombia’s greatest advantage’s the ability to be surrounded by natural jungle and valuable resources. These resources allowing Simon to dig himself deep! Use jungles to your advantage like a form of natural shielding. Additionally forests be cleared in patches to help develop your nation. Thick jungles are excellent for delaying forces from reaching your doorstep, working like the Canadian Shield would against historical invaders. Gran Colombia’s beautiful locations help as a tourist or cultural hub you can easily find yourself dominating the game.

Llanero are powerful specialty units offered to Gran Colombia

Llanero are powerful specialty units offered to Gran Colombia

Overall Thoughts

Simon Bolivar of Gran Colombia is one of the best military leaders you can go with in Civilization VI. Suited to constant conflict, has enhanced deployment; from his position, Bolivar remains well protected naturally from foreign invaders. His specialized Comandante Generals, and powerful Llaneros make him one of the most potent leaders in the game. Crushing your enemies through overwhelming elite forces is his primary motivation in a domination victory. Simon Bolivar’s bound to be a heap of fun, no matter the circumstance you throw yourself into! If land based armies are your calling; Simon Bolivar is for you!

The World Awaits

Domination through military power isn’t difficult if you’re ready to be ruthless, and cunning! Strategy will be your favorable no matter how you deal with your enemies, brushing up on history always helps! No matter how you choose to play Civilization VI, never lose sight of the ultimate point of the game. Enjoy yourself, sometimes the wackiest options are the best ones. You can have a lot of fun running your militaries through a simulated world! There are definitely more potent military leaders than others, given their unique bonuses. Given patience, you can beat them if you’re willing to be observant, and learn by trial and error! Mistakes happen, units die, but at the end of the day, its all a learning experience. Domination victories can come as quickly, or as slowly as you need it to! Have fun, and enjoy conquering the world by the sword!

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