5 Civilization VI Tips for Score Victory Conditions

This game guide includes some Civilization VI tips for Score Victory conditions to win games with the highest scores. Civilization VI's Score Victory condition is the best one to get your civilization ranked highly in that game's Hall of Fame.

5 Civilization VI Tips for Score Victory Conditions Cover

Civilization VI’s Score Victory condition is one you can fulfill by having the highest scores at the end of games (by 2050 AD). Some players might prefer to go for the Score Victory as they can play through entire games to get the highest possible scores they can. The other victory conditions can cut games short by hundreds of turns when reached, which reduces players’ positions in Civ 6’s Hall of Fame score table. Here are a few Civilization VI tips for Score Victory conditions.

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1. Adopt an aggressive game plan for wars

The standard ruleset allocates five points for each city you own and one point for each citizen within your empire. Thus, civilization size is the most important factor for the Score Victory condition. More cities amount to more citizens within your civilization. Therefore, you need to establish one of the largest two or three civilizations in a game to have a chance of winning a Score Victory.

To establish one of the largest civilizations, you’ll need to pursue a more aggressive game plan to capture lots of cities. In that respect, you’ll need to play a little like you’re going for a Domination Victory by building a big military for wars. Of course, you don’t need to capture all the other civilizations’ capitals; but some victorious wars will certainly give your score a notable boost.

CIVILIZATION VI - How to Prepare for War

You can go for both a Domination Victory and Score Victory within the same game! Save your game just before you’re about to capture the final capital to seal a Domination Victory. After you’ve taken the final capital to win, you can go back to your saved game and continue playing it up to 2050 AD without capturing the remaining capital city.

2. Give science output a priority

Civilization VI allocates two points for each technology that you unlock (including Future Tech). Therefore, science output is another important factor for your overall score. Unlocking technologies quickly is also very important for your military. You can capture cities from rival civilizations much more easily when you’ve got a more advanced military than them.

So, boosting your science output will give you a much better chance of winning a Score Victory. Build Campus districts and their buildings within all your cities. Send your envoys to scientific city-states to further boost science output. Also, establish trade routes and select Policy Cards (such as Rationalism) that will increase science output. Do all you can to make your civilization the most advanced in the world!

Campus districts

Campus districts

3. Build wonders for points and a population boost

You’ll get five points for every wonder you build. So, building wonders will also give your score a bit of boost. For example, 10 wonders will give you 50 more points.

Wonders also provide some great bonus effects that will help you during games. Wonders like the Maracana, Colosseum, and Alhambra boost amenities, which can increase population growth. The Hanging Gardens is also a good wonder for the Score Victory as that boosts population growth by 15 percent in all your cities for more citizen points.

The Eiffel Tower wonder

The Eiffel Tower wonder

4. Build lots of districts in cities

Building more districts in cities is also a good way to boost your score. Each city district you build will add three points to your score. Of course, you’ll always build districts during games; but they’re even more important for the Score Victory. So, try building less essential districts that you don’t need so much during the late game just for the sake of boosting score.

5. Keep an eye on other civilizations’ victory condition progress

Even when you’re a long way ahead of the rest in scoring terms, another civilization might still be able to beat you by fulfilling one of the alternative victory conditions. So, keep an eye on the victory condition progress from the mid-game onward. Then you can see if another civilization might potentially fulfill a victory condition before 2050.

Victory condition progress on the World Rankings sidebar

Victory condition progress on the World Rankings sidebar

If another civilization looks as though it could fulfill a science, religious, or cultural victory condition, you might need to take some action. You can try stopping them from fulfilling one of those victories with spies, cultural great persons, and apostle units. Failing that, be prepared to go to war as a last resort. You might not necessarily need to wipe a civilization off the map, but capturing most of its cities will seriously undermine its victory prospects (and boost your score too).

Civilizations' scores on the World Rankings sidebar

Civilizations’ scores on the World Rankings sidebar

Those Civilization VI tips for Score Victory conditions will give you a better chance of securing that win type. Even when you’re not playing for that victory, the above tips will still boost your game scores.

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