Civilization 6: Rise And Fall Expansion Free Civ Announced

Among other additions in the Civilization 6 expansion, titled Rise and Fall, are eight new civilizations and nine new leaders. The developers of the hit strategy game, Firaxis, have now officially announced the details about another of these: Cree, a group of indigenous Canadians.

Civilisation 6: Rise And Fall Expansion Free Civ Announced
Cree will be led by the Poundmaker, and are are a trade-alliance oriented civ. Their unique ability is Nihithaw, which grants a free trade route after researching Pottery – which is great for the early game. Moreover, the first time a Trader moves into an unclaimed tile that is within three tiles of a Cree city, it's claimed for that civ. That'll make your decision about where to send your Traders even more important than usual. The Mekewap is Cree's unique improvement, and it provides production and housing; it also offers gold if it's adjacent to a luxury resource or food if it's next to a bonus resource. In addition, Cree have a unique unit called the Okihtcitaw, which replaces the scout and has a much better combat bonus than an ordinary scout unit.

The Rise and Fall expansion is set to release February 8th 2018. Other civs that will be available in the new expansion will include: Mongolia and the Netherlands, while India will gain Chandragupta as an alternate leader to Gandhi. A trailer stating the details of Cree can be watched below. In addition, please be sure to check out our article about the upcoming games this year.

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