Civilization 6: Rise And Fall’s Georgia Civ Revealed

In just under a month, the new DLC for Civilization 6, titled Rise and Fall, will be released. The games developers, Firaxis, officially revealed another new playable civ - Georgia - which will be part of the Rise and Fall DLC. As with all civs, Georgia will have a unique unit, structure, and set of abilities.

Civilisation 6: Rise And Fall's Georgia Civ Revealed
Georgia's leader is called Tamar, who reigned as Queen of Georgia in the late 12th and early 13th century. In reality, she helped unify a divided kingdom and strengthened a national culture. In Civ 6, she has the Glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith ability, which allows her to declare a Protectorate War after the Theology Civic is attained. In addition, Georgian troops gain a Faith bonus after such a Protectorate War is declared, and the entire civilization gains bonuses as they spread the religion – giving players a strategic advantage when going for the religion victory. Moreover, envoys sent to a city-state of the majority religion have double the effect.

Georgia's unique unit is the Khevsureti, a warrior dressed in chainmail and wielding sword, axe, and buckler. The Khevsureti has a combat bonus and does not have a movement penalty when on hills. Furthermore, Georgia have a unique building which is called the Tsikhe, and acts as a replacement for Renaissance Walls granting additional defence, faith bonuses, and a lower production cost.

The Rise and Fall DLC officially launches on February 8th for PC, and it comes with seven other Civilizations. Other civs that will be available in the new expansion will include: Cree, Mongolia and the Netherlands, while India will gain Chandragupta as an alternate leader to Gandhi. A trailer stating the details of Georgia can be viewed below:

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – First Look: Georgia