6 of the Best Unique Units in Civilization VI

This game guide tells you about some of the best unique units in Civilization VI to go to war with. The best unique units can have a big impact in Civilization VI games. If you want to play with a civilization that has a great unique unit, check out the units below.

6 of the Best Unique Units in Civilization VI

Civilization VI includes a variety of special unique units that are exclusive to single civilizations. Those unique units are better than the standard ones they replace for their civilizations. The best unique units are among the very best in the game that can give players a decisive advantage during their historical eras. Therefore, it’s good to play with a civilization that has a strong unique unit. These are a few of the best unique units in Civilization VI to bonk some heads with.

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1. Legion (Rome)

The Roman Empire dominated Europe thanks to this Legion unit. The Legion has the highest melee attack rating (40) of any Classical era unit. It is further strengthened by a +5 combat bonus versus anti-cavalry units. So, this is the strongest melee unit of its time, which can also put up a good fight against many Medieval units.

CIVILIZATION VI - How to Use Your Army

The Legion also has one build charge. With that, you can establish a Roman fort or clear one terrain for a city. Alternatively, you can utilize a Legion’s build charge to repair a tile.

2. Eagle Warrior (Aztec)

The Aztec Eagle Warrior is a formidable early game unit that’s vastly superior to the Warrior it replaces. This unit can blow most Ancient era units away with a melee attack of 28. Eagle Warrior is very strong against early-era anti-cavalry enemies thanks to the +5 combat bonus it has against them.

Eagle Warrior can also get you more Builder units by capturing enemy units. It turns units captured into Builder ones. Then you can utilize those Builders to upgrade terrain tiles around your cities.

An Eagle Warrior unit

3. War-Cart (Sumerian)

The Sumerian War-Cart is another great unique unit from the Ancient era. This is an early cavalry unit that has a melee attack of 30, which makes it a bit stronger than Eagle Warrior. Furthermore, anti-cavalry units aren’t much of an obstacle for War-Cart as it doesn’t have any combat penalty against them. It’s both a very strong and fast-moving unit for the early game that doesn’t have any maintenance cost. You can trample over enemy civilizations with this unit throughout the Ancient and Classical eras.

4. Redcoat (England)

When the Industrial era kicks in, the Redcoat unit is an indispensable one for England. Redcoat’s melee attack rating of 65 is only marginally bettered by a few cavalry units of its era. This unit’s +10 combat bonus when fighting on overseas continents, combined with its +5 combat bonus against anti-cavalry foes, makes it the toughest melee unit of its time. The Redcoat is even a match for the Tank when it’s not fighting on the continent that includes its civilization’s capital.

A Redcoat unit

A Redcoat unit

Another great thing about Redcoat is that you can get it for free. You’ll get a free Redcoat whenever you establish a city on a continent that doesn’t include your capital. So, it’s worth bringing a few Settler units with you when mounting an invasion with Redcoats.

5. Minas Geraes (Brazil)

Minas Geraes is the best unique naval unit in Civilization VI. This special unit has better combat, ranged, and anti-aircraft strength than the Battleship it replaces. Furthermore, this unit becomes available a whole era sooner than Battleship as the Nationalism Industrial era civic unlocks it. So, you can rule the waves in the Industrial and Modern eras with this warship. Minas Geraes is a terrific unit to have for attacking coastal cities on maps with lots of sea.

A Minas Geraes unit

A Minas Geraes unit

6. Cossack (Russia)

The Cossack is the pride of the Russian army that will serve you very well from the Industrial era up to the Atomic period. Its melee attack rating of 67 is the highest of any land-based Industrial era unit. Cossack’s +5 home territory combat bonus makes it even tougher when fighting within Russia’s borders. This is also a very fast unit and one of the few in Civilization VI that can move after attacking. So, this is a great unit for hit-and-run attack tactics.

The best unique units in Civilization VI mentioned above give their civilizations a decisive advantage in wars fought during their respective eras. Make the most of those units when you’re playing with England, Russia, Brazil, Sumerian, Aztec, or Rome.

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