Civilization VI: Ottoman Reveal

After an underwhelming reveal in the form of the Swedish civilization, Firaxis have turned things up a notch with the announcement of the Ottoman empire who will be joining Gathering Storm. The Ottomans have made frequent appearances in the Civilization series and have always been one of the more popular civilizations to play with due to their aggressive play style.

Civilization VI: Ottoman Reveal
There are a few of the major civilizations in history which are still notably absent from Civilization VI's roster but today one of those can be ticked off the list. The Ottomans are finally back and they look more awesome than ever. Be ready to conquer the world many times over when playing as this mighty civilization.

Leader: Suleiman

Suleiman the Magnificent is no stranger to the Civilization series and I'm sure you'll stand alongside me as we welcome him back. Suleiman was the driving force behind this great nation during the height of their existence, ruling over an estimate of 25 million people.

Leader Ability: Grand Visier

Suleiman's unique ability adds a new governor, Ibrahim, to the game which is only available to the Ottomans and the only governor which can be deployed in a foreign city. Ibrahim comes with some fantastic abilities which will contribute to both diplomacy and conquest. You can have a look at his full skill tree below.

In addition to the new governor, this ability unlocks the Janissary unique Unit. The Janissary replaces the Musketman but is stronger and cheaper to build. It also comes with a free promotion out of the gates but comes at the cost of population from its origin city, unless the origin city used to belong to a foreign nation.

Unique Unit: Barbary Corsair

In addition to the Janissary, the Ottomans also have the Barbary Corsair naval unit at their disposal which replaces the Privateer but is available earlier. This stealthy ship can only be seen when moving up next to it and can perform coastal raids at no movement cost.

Unique Building: Grand Bazaar

The Ottomans have a replacement for the traditional Bank called the Grand Bazaar. For every strategic resource available in the origin city, this building provides 1 additional amount of that resource. The origin city will also receive +1 amenities for each luxury resource improved within its borders.

Unique Ability: Great Turkish Bombard

The Ottomans excelled at building siege equipment so it's only fitting that they receive a 50% production bonus when training siege units and their siege units are stronger than normal. Even more impressive is that cities conquered by the Ottomans do not lose population and immediately benefit from additional amenities and loyalty.


The Ottomans have always been a force to be reckoned with in the Civilization games but I don't think they've ever been this terrifying. They will be the perfect civilization to choose when you are looking to be a warmonger due to their strong unique units, buffs to siege units, new governor, and their unique ability which takes away many of the penalties incurred when conquering cities.

Everything about the Ottoman civilization screams conquest, which is one of my favorite victory conditions to pursue and so I'm extremely excited to try them out once Gathering Storm is launched. Along with Mali and the Maori, I suspect the Ottomans will be among the favorites to play in the coming weeks.