Content added to Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition

Civilization VI's Digital Deluxe Edition was to be the ultimate game pack for die-hard fans and soon, thanks to Firaxis and 2K Games it will be even more so.

Content added to Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition
The highly anticipated follow-up to Sid Meier's Civilization V has done much to live up to the hype and in many respects, it has both disappointed fans of the series and exceeded their expectations.

It is these die-hard fans who have played the Civilization games since its inception in 1991 who not just pre-ordered the game but also purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition at an added premium. Apart from offering the full base game, this special edition also included the 25th anniversary digital soundtrack along with free access to the first 4 DLC's to be released later on. These DLC's have since been launched and included additional civilizations like Australia and Poland among others as well as new leaders and missions packs.

However, due to the exchange rates for certain currencies, the savings gained from purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition turned out not to be as impressive for everyone, leaving players from certain countries rather disappointed.

Luckily the powers that be have decided that this cannot stand and no Civilization supporter must be left unsatisfied. It is thus that Firaxis and 2K Games have decided to extend the value of the Digital Deluxe Edition by adding access to an additional 3 DLC packs that will include leaders from both Africa and Asia.

Personally, I'm still having a ball with the civilizations available in the base game and it will be quite some time before I'm wanting for a new challenge but there are those who push the "One More Turn" mentality a step further and who will be overjoyed by this scrap of news.

Steam is currently offering a significant discount on Civilization VI purchases with up to 33% off. 

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