Rocket League Update Brings New Options For Switch Owners

Rocket League is keeping up it's popularity with an all new update. This update brings many welcome changes to the game such as optimization options for Switch owners plus more gameplay options. The update will also add new music and other additions to the game.
New Rocket League Update Adds New Music, Switch Graphical Options Plus Tournaments!

New Rocket League Update Adds New Music, Switch Graphical Options Plus Tournaments!

Rocket League has been quite successful since it’s launch in 2015. The vehicle-based soccer multiplayer game has been a smash hit for the developers and multiple updates have helped propel the game to all new heights. The most recent v1.43 update adds even more to the game overall.

One major highlight of the update is the addition of new graphical options for Nintendo Switch owners. There is now both a performance and a quality mode for the game. Performance mode runs the game at 60 FPS while quality mode runs the game at 30 FPS. Quality mode also allows for more graphical effects such as lens flare. Another major addition is Spotify music integration for Steam users. Players will be able to click a “listen on Spotify” button which will minimize the game and take them to Spotify to hear their favorite tracks from the game. One final major addition to the game is Tournament mode. Players can now organize their own tournaments in game that can have up to 128 brackets maximum. There’s a minimum of 8 teams allowed for this mode and cross-platform tournaments are available for players also.

Other smaller additions are more realistic audio for crowds and notifications for internet connections. The game will notify players if their connections is too weak to continue playing. These updates will surely help keep Rocket League at the top for a while to come.

Rocket League® - Tournaments Update (Inside Look)

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