5 Tips on Becoming a Rocket League Pro

Rocket League is one of those games that falls under the moniker of easy to play, difficult to master. It looks immensely fun to play, but actually playing it can be difficult to get to grips with, so here are a few handy tips to get you started on your way with the indie sensation from Psyonix.
5 Tips on Becoming a Rocket League Pro

5 Tips on Becoming a Rocket League Pro

Make the Most of Tutorials

This first step is going to seem blatantly obvious, but there are many players out there that will want to get stuck in straight away. I’d advise that you strongly resist this urge and take a look at the tutorials first. Featuring both basic and advanced tutorials to play through, you’ll want to put some time in to learn the mechanics, particularly mastering boosting in the air and how to use the walls to your advantage.


Rocket League video tutorial – Advanced Car Control:


Advanced Aerial Car Control | Rocket League Tutorial Pt. 2

Treat it Like a Game of Football

With all that’s going on around you with your team mates and opponents, things can get pretty frantic, and you’ll want to dive in for the ball straight away and make your mark. However, this is another area in which you should exercise some caution. Remember that this is a game of football (or soccer) after all, and you should treat it as such. There is an entire pitch to utilize, so wait for your moment, collect as much boost as possible and take your shot.

Teamwork is Key

Which leads us onto the next key trait of becoming a Rocket League whiz. Teamwork is an absolutely vital part of the game, which can be a challenge if you aren’t playing with your friends. Set up your team as you would a sports team in real life, with someone covering defence, and others getting themselves into the relevent positions for attack.

Crossing the Ball

You’ll have noticed early on that you are rewarded for scoring goals, getting the first touch from kick off, making saves, and what leads us nicely onto the next point; crossing the ball. You might not realize it compared to the other features you are rewarded for, but crossing the ball is a very important aspect if you’re to be successful in Rocket League. There is much more to the game than the popular Rocket League items and trade auctions that a certain side of the experience is known for, and tactics such as these make a huge difference.


When you consider how hectic goal line scrambles get, any car could knock the ball into the desired goal, whether they mean to or not, so it’s important than you create that particular opportunity. If the ball is lingering to the side, don’t try to take the brunt of the responsibility yourself and go solo. Simply make the most of the walls around you and create chances that could potentially see your team to victory.

Keep Your Eye on The Ball

What makes Rocket League great is just how crazy things can get. With a huge ball bouncing around, colorful cars exploding all over the place, and just the general chaos that ensues when you have a potent cocktail of battle cars and soccer.


Therefore, given the speed of it, one of the most difficult tasks presented to you is keeping the ball under control, and if you aren’t in possession then keeping track of where it is. With the arena surrounded by walls, this again can be hard to do. Thankfully, there’s a ball cam for you to switch to which is most likely going to become your primary camera of choice.


So, rather than actually constantly chasing the ball, you’re best bet is to anticipate where it’s going to land and make your move. This way, it puts you in more control of the situation, instead of aimlessly chasing the ball with the rest of them. You’ll notice this in particular if you play 1v1. If you are playing against someone who is constantly chasing the ball, odds are they aren’t going to get very far with it. Wait for your moment, keep an eye on where the ball is going, and take control from there.

These five tips will set you well on your way to becoming a Rocket League pro. It takes a lot of time to perfect, but you’re sure to have a lot of fun along the way whilst doing so. It’s a hectic experience, so don’t beat yourself up when things do go wrong. There is a lot of aspects that will come down to chance, so use this to your advantage, or learn from it if it punishes you.

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