Rocket League Introducing Challenges for Next Rocket Pass

Rocket League is getting Rocket Pass 3 later this month. With it comes all new items available to both free and premium players. The all-new weekly challenge system will be available for free and premium players to take advantage of to tier-up even quicker.

Rocket League introducing challenges for next Rocket Pass
Rocket Pass 3 is coming to Rocket League later this month and will offer a new weekly challenge system to help players tier-up faster.

Rocket Pass 3 will run from April 17 to July 29, with a free and Premium option available for players who wish to participate. Weekly challenges will be available for both free and Premium players to take advantage of, and will allow players to gain tiers even quicker.

Non-Premium players will have the ability to unlock some items, including a decal, topper, and wheels. Premium pass holders, on the other hand, will be able to unlock more than 50 in-game items from new beams for your vehicles to new titles and cars, or XP boosts for you or your entire party. Premium players will also be able to progress beyond tier 70 in order to earn special edition versions of Rocket Pass rewards, which will be tradable.

Rocket League® - Rocket Pass 3 Trailer

Premium players will also get an initial bonus of 50% extra XP. Rocket Pass 3 Premium will cost 10 keys to unlock, with players able to use keys they have already acquired. If you don’t have enough keys, you can purchase more for $1.49 a piece or $4.99 for five.

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