Rocket League Is Teaming Up With The WWE

It seems that Rocket League and the WWE have decided to team up. First up will be WWE Backlash, but this seems like the first of many events planned. This is certainly an interesting match up and is a huge opportunity for Psyonix.
Rocket League Is Teaming Up With The WWE

Rocket League Is Teaming Up With The WWE

Psyonix has officially announced that they have partnered with the WWE. So far, we know that Rocket League will be involved with this Sunday’s Backlash event as well as The Great Ball of Fire event, which is set to happen July 9th. Rocket League is also going to be a promotional partner for WWE’s SummerSlam. With this new partnership, fans will have the opportunity to play Rocket League at upcoming live WWE events.Psyonix and the WWE both see this as a fantastic way to increase visibility.


John Brody, WWE Executive Vice President, Global Sales & Partnerships, had this to say about the partnership:

The integrated partnership with Psyonix will provide Rocket League with an opportunity to utilize WWE’s global platforms and reach our passionate fan base, many of whom are avid gamers. We look forward to working with Rocket League as we collectively build customized one-stop shopping programs to reach their consumers.
As WWE fans ourselves, we are well aware of WWE’s strong capabilities as a strategic marketing partner. WWE has proven time and again that they know how to execute fantastic integrated programming, and with an audience that has similar interests to our own, it was only natural that we team up to see what we could do together.

Jeremy Dunham, Vice President of publishing at Psyonix has similar thoughts. Some other aspects of the deal include the YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown, hosted by WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, is dedicating six episodes to Rocket League. Rocket League will also be the presenting partner for the newly announced WWE’s Women Tournament.

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