Rocket League players get new mode in March

Rocket League's latest game mode brings destruction to the forefront, replacing the traditional goalposts with a smashable floor. Once the floor is opened up, players will have to send the ball into the depths below, hence the name - Dropshot.
Rocket League players get new mode in March

Rocket League players get new mode in March

Psyonix continue to push the boundaries of what a car football game can be with this latest update that kickstarts the ever-popular Rocket League‘s fourth season. Arriving on March 22nd, the latest update will include a new game mode called ‘Dropshot’ that converts the arena’s destructible floor into one big goal.

As the ball hits a floor panel, it becomes active. Hitting that floor panel again will break it, leaving a nice open hole which acts as a goal. The longer the ball is in it the air, the more destructive power it possesses. With the most powerful charge being able to destroy as many as nineteen panels in one hit, Dropshot is set to be a frantic battle not only to score, but to survive.

The update will also include new achievements/trophies, cosmetics, an Esports content button, a new Skill Tier hierarchy, and more. A full trailer can be found below.

Rocket League® - Dropshot Trailer

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