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Best Fortnite PC Settings and Keybinds Guide from Faze Tfue

Author: Limarc Ambalina

Category: Guide

Looking to dominate Fortnite: Battle Royale lobbies? Want to improve your game and compete at the highest levels of Fortnite like Faze Cloakzy and Liquid Vivid? Tfue is one of the best Fortnite players in North America and possibly the world. Try using Tfue’s settings to help boost your game.

Best Fortnite PC Settings and Keybinds Guide from Faze Tfue - Cover

Looking for Tfue’s Settings and keybinds? In the past, we've covered tons of settings from console gamers, Timthetatman’s settings and Ninja’s settings. Now it’s time to cover one of the best competitive Fortnite players in the game, Tfue from the Faze clan. The internationally popular Twitch streamer has made millions streaming on Twitch and providing content on Youtube. On top of that, Tfue is a frequent competitor at the largest Fortnite tournaments.

Tfue is a streamer who receives a lot of bad press and negative comments for his so-called toxicity. Whether or not these allegations are true, the fact is Tfue boasts over 9.7 million subscribers on Youtube and over 5.3 million followers on Twitch. Tfue is getting views and has millions of fans around the world. While he doesn’t have the most charming personality among streamers, he retains such a high following based on his high caliber of skill alone. While you won’t get better over night, you can learn to improve by following the settings of top-class players. Everyone has different preferences and styles, so mimicking a variety of streamers settings and seeing which works best for you is the way to go.

Tfue's Fortnite Settings Guide

Want to get better at Fortnite? Try following Tfue’s Fortnite settings and keybinds to help improve your game. 


Display Resolution - 1920x1080 16:9

Frame Rate Limit - 240 FPS

View Distance - epic
Shadows - off
Anti-Aliasing - off
Textures - epic

Effects - low
Post Processing - low

Vsync - off
Motion Blur - off

Show FPS - on


Mouse Sensitivity X - 0.100
Mouse Sensitivity Y - 0.100
Mouse Targeting Sensitivity - 0.700
Mouse Scope Sensitivity - 0.550


Sprint by Default – on
Sprint Cancels Reloading - off 
Tap to Search / Interact - off 
Toggle Targeting – off
Reset Building Choice – on
Turbo Building – on
Auto Material Change - on
Auto Open Doors - off
Auto Pick Up Weapons - off
Auto Sort Consumables to Right - on
Builder Pro: Build Immediately - on
Vibration - off



Wall -  C
Floor - E

Stairs – Q

Roof – Mouse Button 5

Trap – Mouse Button 4


Harvesting Tool - 1
Weapon Slot 1 - 2

Weapon Slot 2 – 3

Weapon Slot 3 – 4

Weapon Slot 4 – 5

Weapon Slot 5 – 6


Use/Activate - F
Edit Build - V

Open Inventory – Tab

Crouch – Left Shift

Open Map – M

Reload - R
Repair – Left Control

Rotate – R

Emote – B

Auto Run – Caps Lock

Push to Talk – Y

Jump – Mouse Wheel Down / Space bar

Place Marker – Middle Mouse Button

Reset Edit – Mouse Wheel Up

Exit Vehicle - F

Change Seat - Z


DPI Setting - 400
Polling Rate – 500 hz

While Tfue's settings will be optimal for him and for other players, don’t forget that everyone's playing style and preferences are different. Streamers change their settings all the time and so should you. Please be sure to follow suit and adjust these settings as you see fit. Gradually raise or lower your sensitivity to whatever level works best for you and get that victory royale. 

Faze Tfue and Cloakzy win $1.5 M TwitchCon Duos Tournament

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