Warming up on MWR: A Simple Guide

Its time to sink your teeth into Modern Warfare Remastered, but we all need a good warm up. Sometimes jumping straight into a game can do nothing but harm your performance at the start of a new day, so here is a quick guide on how to get yourself warmed up quickly and easily!

Warming up on MWR: A Simple Guide
Lets face it, as much as we'd like to think it, we're not Call of Duty gods first thing in the morning. It takes a while for the glorious 'xXiRekNoobz2k16Xx' to awaken within us, and sometimes it can be an arduous task to wake him up and invoke his wrath on your enemies.I particularly have this problem, and looked around the game into something that could help me warm up quickly and easily. Alas, there is actually a great way to warm up built straight into the game, allowing you to practice your aim, shot discipline, and reload management all at the same time. There is something here for all levels of players!

If you're not too sure what I'm talking about here, I am talking about the Firing Range. This feature is extremely useful, and easy to access. First thing you want to do is make sure the class you intend to use, or the weapon you wish to try, is equipped onto a class you would like to use in the public games. Then, on the Create A Class screen, hit the Options button (PS4) to access the firing range, or your respective button according to platform (prompt found bottom right)

Hit the button prompt in the bottom right to enter the Firing Range
From here, you'll be in the Firing Range seen in the first mission of the campaign. Whilst there is a distinct lack of people telling you to stab watermelons, the firing range itself is intact in all of its glory. Depending on your weapon type, green lights will illuminate a certain booth which will be tailored to the weapon type you are using. Enter into this booth with your primary weapon equipped and you will begin a test in which you are challenged to shoot cutouts of enemies and moving targets, all whilst being timed by a stopwatch, and your bullets counted.

Whilst the targets are always in the same position on repeated test playthroughs, trying your best to beat the clock whilst also keeping bullet waste to a minimum is a great way to warm up your aiming muscles in preparation for a long day of Team Deathmatch.

Entering the green illuminated booth triggers a time trial
A personal favourite thing of mine to do is to take my first run at a leisurely pace, then push myself for the next few runs to beat my first time, whilst also trying to waste absolutely no bullets. The variety of test courses allow for a decent amount of varied warm ups for different weapons, with the Sniper Rifle section testing your long range and moving target acquisition, the Assault Rifle and SMG section testing your snap aiming and reflex play, and the Shotgun section testing your ability to manage ammunition effectively whilst also learning engagement distances, and when you should aim down your sights vs hipfire.

Completing a trial will give you a synopsis of shots fired, shots hit, and your final completion time as a target to beat.
In closing, the Firing Range is a great place to warm up and engage your already built up muscle memory, try out weapons and attachments you haven't used before, or to learn a completely new class of weapon that you never even dreamed of touching. If you need to warm up, forget about that game of Team Deathmatch, jump into the Firing Range and get the best start possible.

Now you're warmed up, get out there soldier. There are killstreaks to be earned!