5 Amazing Classes for MWR Search and Destroy

Looking to step your game up in Modern Warfare Remastered? Here are 5 amazing classes to help you dominate in public or even private matches. Each class here fits a different play style.

Top Weapon Classes for MWR
Modern Warfare Remastered's Search and Destroy is a very fun game mode to play once you've decided you're used to the game enough to handle one life per round. While hard at first, it's extremely satisfying to win a match or even clutch a round by yourself. Here you'll find 5 great classes to help you out online.

1. The Iron Man

Best Weapon in Modern Warfare Remastered
As the title implies, this is what I like to call the Iron Man. Mostly because of the colors, but this gun as most Modern Warfare Remastered players know, is extremely deadly. Known to be the most overpowered gun, the M16A4 is no joke. Honestly though it's sometimes inconsistent when it comes to getting 1 burst kills so I don't really see it as that overpowered but its usually no more than 2-3 bursts for a kill.

I personally use the Commander Desert Eagle as my secondary and a stun grenade because I like them better than flash grenades. For my perks I use Bomb Squad so I can see enemy Claymore's and get an idea of an enemies position. Stopping Power for more gun power of course, and Dead Silence so I don't have to hear my footsteps. The weapon kit I'm running for the Iron Man look would be the Challenger Weapon Kit with the Gold Camo.

Overall this is a class that you can't go wrong with and will always be a great choice for both sides in a match. 

2. The Silent Assassin

Best SMG in MWR, Modern Warfare Remastered

This class setup is great for people who like to approach their targets silently but with a handy weapon that can beat an M16A4 in a gun fight easily. The AK-74U is a great gun, it's not too bad with a silencer but for more damage and range, I'd definitely recommend running a red dot sight or just using the standard iron sights. I personally like to use the Synapse camo on the 74-U but you can use whatever you like.

As with most of my classes, I use a Desert Eagle (sometimes swapped with the .44 Magnum, but that's a DLC weapon) and a smoke grenade to get me through large openings with no cover. For perks I use Bomb Squad to detect enemy electronics, Stopping Power for more gun power, and Dead Silence to remain silent of course.

This class overall works best for smaller maps and can suffer on bigger maps such as Overgrown but is still useful if you remain cautious.

3. The Rusher

Best rushing class in Modern Warfare Remastered

The P90 in my opinion is one of the most underrated guns as of this recent patch. Nobody really seems to use it anymore. It's a great gun with some kick to it but can really do serious damage when you're rushing to a bomb site. For optimal use, I'd recommend using a silencer on it, but a red dot sight will work too. I run a Desert Eagle with a stun grenade on this class but a flash grenade will also work well. 
For perks I use Bandolier for more ammo, Stopping Power for more gun power, and Extreme Conditioning for a longer spring when it comes to rushing. As I said, the P90 has some kick to it but once you're used to it, it's a very powerful gun.

4. greenie

Best Weapons in Modern Warfare SND

I was actually gonna call this the Incredible Hulk, but I thought that would be taking it too far. The M4 Carbine is a gun I've been using a lot more lately and is one of the coolest looking weapons in the game in my opinion. I have a red dot sight on mine with the Challenger Weapon Kit and any green camo will look awesome with this setup. This even may work well hiding in the grass and not standing out like a sore thumb!

For perks I use Bomb Squad, Stopping Power, and Dead Silence, for similar reasons to my Silent Assassin class. The only difference is that I don't run a silencer because I find that it really messes with the damage on this gun and I don't really like the iron sights. Overall this is a great gun for playing all other game modes. It's a very comfortable and fun gun to use for just about any situation. 

5. Papa 74

Best Search and Destroy classes for Modern Warfare Remastered

The AK-47 is a classic gun in the Call of Duty series. In almost every game it's appeared in, it does serious work. In MWR it's a fantastic choice for Search and Destroy. I personally use the Battleworn Weapon Kit, but there are so many others that look great on this gun. Battleworn gives it a very well..battle-worn look.

I usually use this gun on bigger maps to pick people off from a distance. Just like before, I like to use my standard Desert Eagle with a stun grenade. For perks I use Claymore x2 to cover any spots that an enemy might try to sneak around to flank me. Believe me, players still fall for Claymore lasers sometimes. I use Stopping Power for more gun power and Dead Silent to not have to deal with hearing my super loud foot steps. Overall this is a great weapon for rushing and defending bomb sites and does really well from a long distance.

So what do you think about these classes? Let me know if you use them and how you liked them in the comments below! As always be sure to hit the Follow icon above to stay up to date with all things Modern Warfare Remastered!

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