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Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Releases June 27

Only months away from the next Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare Remastered seems to be getting a standalone release. It seems to have a strange price point but probably won't stop fans from reliving their Call of Duty 4 memories. Modern Wa...

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Rumor: Call of Duty: MW Remastered To Get Standalone Release

If a listing on Amazon Japan is any indication, Modern Warfare Remastered may be getting the standalone treatment. Better yet, the title is set to release late next month. Today Amazon Japan put up a listing on their website for Call of Dut...

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Modern Warfare Remastered adds the best new game mode yet

Raven Software has added their take on the classic Michael Myers game type in Call of Duty 4 called Slasher for the new Weekend Warfare. You'll have to either work as a team or on your own to hide from the vicious Slasher. A new Weekend War...

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Variety map pack coming to Modern Warfare Remastered

Activision have announced that a new map pack is coming to Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered, adding four new maps to the game. Four new maps are releasing for the remastered edition of Modern Warfare. The maps are Broadcast, Chinat...

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Double XP Weekend for MWR Starts Tomorrow

Double XP will be live throughout MWR starting tomorrow throughout January 30. During this period you'll be able to rank up faster with more XP earnings.  It's time soldiers. Double XP is returning to Modern Warfare Remastered tom...

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Double XP Live on Modern Warfare Remastered

The holidays are coming and Double XP is live on Modern Warfare Remastered to celebrate. The Winter Crash 24/7 playlist is also still live and offers two new camos. Double XP is back to celebrate the holidays in Modern Warfare Remastered. I...

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New Maps Available Now in Modern Warfare Remastered

The highly anticipated map update is finally here for Modern Warfare Remastered. It adds seven maps as well as two new game-types. A 24/7 Winter Crash playlist is also now in the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Version 1.06 is...

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Modern Warfare Remastered Map Update Coming December 13

The remaining Modern Warfare Remastered maps will finally be released on December 13. Hardpoint and Gun game will also be available as well as the remastered Winter Crash map to celebrate the holidays.As promised, the six remaining Mode...

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Modern Warfare Remastered Search and Destroy Update Coming

Search and Destroy on Modern Warfare Remastered will finally being getting a HUD update that will show the amount of players alive. This is a highly requested feature that fans of the game have been waiting for. A date has not been given fo...

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Modern Warfare Remastered Double XP Starts Later Today

You asked for it, and the developers listened! Double XP will be live on Modern Warfare Remastered in a few hours until November 28th. You'll be able to level a lot faster and speed through prestiges. Modern Warfare Remastered will finally ...

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