Modern Warfare Remastered adds the best new game mode yet

Raven Software has added their take on the classic Michael Myers game type in Call of Duty 4 called Slasher for the new Weekend Warfare. You'll have to either work as a team or on your own to hide from the vicious Slasher.

Slasher game mode Modern Warfare Remastered
A new Weekend Warfare has been added to Modern Warfare Remastered. This time we're getting a take on the classic Michael Myers custom game type from Call of Duty 4. If you never played Call of Duty 4, basically it was the original CoD infected game mode where one player would pretend to be Michael Myers and try to kill all of the survivors. The survivors weren't allowed powerful weapons so they would have to resort to smart tactics and hiding.

The new game mode Slasher plays very similar to it. At the beginning of the match one player is picked to be the Slasher and is given a melee weapon to kill all other players. The survivors are given a pistol which can stun the Slasher to slow his movement temporarily. However the Slasher cannot be killed till only one survivor remains.

How to play infected in Modern Warfare Remastered
This game mode plays pretty great on most maps. However it can get frustrating for those that aren't familiar with a lot of the old school exploit spots as old school mode jumping is enabled. This allows you to jump higher than normal and reach spots that are impossible to reach normally. So if you are a Slasher and see someone in an exploit spot, it can be a little tough if you don't know how to get there.

As of this weekend, Double XP is enabled and this game mode gives pretty decent payout. During the match, while you're alive you'll get 100XP every couple of seconds. Which really isn't bad for just hiding.
So overall this is a great game type for taking a break from the brutal battlefield. The only downside is that you can't play with a party. So if you wanna play with a friend you'll have to invite them into a lobby before it fills up.

Modern Warfare Remastered Weekend Warfare Guide
If you're playing Modern Warfare Remastered, I highly suggest you try this game mode out! Let me know in the comments below what you think about it! Also be sure to hit the Follow icon above to stay up to date with all things Modern Warfare Remastered!

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